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2021 White 850xi BMW

The Best Time to Buy Your Next Luxury Vehicle Is Now

If you’re shopping for a vehicle, you may wonder exactly when is the best time to buy a car. It’s a tough call, especially if you’re interested in upgrading to your next luxury vehicle. There actually are good and bad times to buy a vehicle, though, and understanding the best time to buy a car is key before you make a purchase.

Why Does Timing Matter?

Wondering why it matters when you buy a car? Entire brands and dealerships alike offer deals that benefit customers when they shop at certain times of the year. Incentives are developed around certain times of the year. Sometimes you’ll find brands offering bonuses like 0% APR or no payments for a few months to help push customers to buy. Being aware of those incentives means an incredible bonus when you get ready to make a purchase. 

Time of the year also matters because of dealer inventory. Many dealers have to make room for upcoming models as they approach the end of the year, and once the year turns over, they really want to get rid of those previous year models, as they need physical space for new models

It’s not just the time of the year, though. Instead, the time of the month matters too. Dealerships often have quotas they want to meet on a month by month basis, making that final day of the month incredibly important. Even the day of the week matters. A recent study found that Monday proves to typically be the best day of the week to shop because it offers great savings to customers who didn’t quite make it in over the weekend to reap the weekend deals. 

This Year Has Changed Everything

While there have always been conventional “good times” to buy a car, this year has changed absolutely everything thanks to the pandemic. Auto sales fell incredibly during the shutdowns, and consumer confidence is very low. Fortunately, low interest and zero-percent APR deals, though, remain plentiful, so brands and dealerships alike are doing what they can to entice customers like you to purchase now. Special offers are likely to continue as the pandemic does so that individuals who are ready to purchase should do so absolutely immediately. Moreover, dealerships are offering added ways to shop so that pandemic precautions can still be taken while shopping for the luxury car of your choice. 

The best time to buy your next luxury vehicle is right now. Don’t miss this opportunity. 

BMW Hybrid Vehicles

Does BMW Make a Hybrid?

Electric vehicles may be the future of cars, but hybrid vehicles are the king of now. It’s true for every brand on the market today, including BMW.

Not sure this iconic brand is hip enough to be part of this trend? Think again. BMW hybrid cars are leading the industry with speed, power, and performance in some pretty amazing packages.

Check out this list of BMW hybrid cars if you’re thinking your next vehicle should be a little green-friendlier. 

  • 330e: Easily the least expensive vehicle on this list, the 330e comes in at $40,750. You can expect to see 25 MPG from this model. 
  • X5 XDrive 40e: An SUV, this model costs a bit more than the 330e, coming in at $42,994, but you’ll get exactly the same fuel economy rating with it – 25 MPG. It also has some pretty sweet features like added cargo space (73 cubic feet).
  • X3 XDrive30e: A Sport Activity Vehicle, this one comes in at $48,550, and the release is more anticipated than you might imagine. Fuel economy numbers haven’t been released yet, but there are numbers floating around that suggest it will be as high as 128.4 MG.
  • i3: This is perhaps the most efficient hybrid BMW makes. With a combined fuel economy rating of 31 MPG and a starting price of $49,295, this is an attractive entry-level model. 
  • 530 ie: The combined fuel economy on this one comes in pretty high, as you can expect 29 MPG. The starting price with this model is $54,395. 
  • 740ie: This hybrid produces a combined fuel economy of 22 MPG. It has a starting price of $96,545. It’s a large, luxurious sedan that offers the aggressive Sport+ setting when you drive and a beautiful interior.
  • i8: The combined fuel economy on this one isn’t quite as good as others on this list, but it’s literally the future of what’s to come from this company. Coming in at just 27 MPG, it’s a beautiful vehicle that’s fun to drive. With a starting price of $164,295, you’ll get power that you’ve never seen with a hybrid in the past, as well as unmatched beauty.

With so many available options, there’s a hybrid that’s right for you!

Contact Braman BMW Jupiter today.

What You Can Expect from the 2020 BMW i8

The BMW i8 in 2020

The 2020 BMW i8

We’re supposed to keep it together and act professionally when we think about a new car coming down the pike, but the future of the BMW i8 deserves some screaming groupies and fainting fans. The anticipated 2020 iteration isn’t here yet, of course, but the models that are have to be some of the most stunning cars to have ever touched tire to road.


The BMW i8 is already a hybrid with quite a few fans. It’s a sleek, futuristic looking vehicle that looks like it’s seconds from taking flight and hovering. The next generation model will doubtlessly increase the power, but will it simultaneously go all-electric. The technology’s here to make an all-electric coupe that’s kicking at 750 hp.

With a predicted zero to 60 mph time of just 3 seconds, the only thing we wonder about is what it’s going to feel like getting that much punch with a noiseless engine. There are a few scenes from science-fiction movies we can point to, but beyond that it’s a mystery we’re eager to experience.

BMW’s been previewing the I Vision Dynamics concept and this leads us to believe an all-electric is a real possibility.

Look & Feel

We imagine that regardless of engine, the future of the BMW i8 will reflect BMW’s recent re-focusing on luxury interiors. BMW doesn’t skimp on interior construction and the aesthetic should reflect the shining, sleek exterior. We appreciate how new BMWs are focused on practically implementing technology in ways that are easy for a driver to manage. Too many makers just took scattershot approaches to slapping technology inside wherever it could fit, forgetting about focusing on how the driver will use it.

We’re excited to see how the transmission is employed with this kind of power. Smooth shifting has always been one of the best features of BMWs. We’re also eager to see what BMW’s active suspension will feel like by the 2020 model. It already gives the driver a feel of power over the road, accentuating grip and feel.

By 2020, we only expect refinements in the BMW i8‘s already great driving feel. Let the countdown begin!

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2018 BMW 5 Series Wins Motor Trend Car of the Year

2018 BMW 5 Series Wins Motor Trend Car Of The Year

BMW 5 Series Is The Motor Trend Car of the Year

BMW’s in a constant battle for honors like the Motor Trend Car of the Year. With makers like Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Jaguar constantly breathing down their necks, it’s impressive that BMW can stay a step ahead. The award-winning BMW 5 series features incredible luxury that’s a bit of a new focus for the already powerful sports car.


The BMW 5 Series features start with the 4.4 liter, twin-turbo V8 produces 456 hp. At 480 lb-ft of torque, the acceleration feels like butter. Zero to 60 takes a mere 3.8 seconds. It sounds good, too. There’s a real snarl to the engine hidden beneath a pretty sleek exterior.


The ZF 8-speed automatic transmission has a manual shifting mode as well. As usual, the shifting’s mapped beautifully and seems to anticipate the driver’s intentions. A quick pass on the road is really a quick pass with mid-speed acceleration that feels like a rocket. It’s a wonder that it all feels as comfortable as it does, even when zooming to race track speeds.

Driving Feel

Combined with BMW’s legendary driving feel, you’ve got a powerful, smooth car that grips into turns and settles you in comfortably. The interior’s absolutely beautiful. Unlike some makers, BMW doesn’t throw an overly busy dashboard or center console at you. The tools are spaced obviously and intelligently but without ever getting in your face. BMW’s always had a mind for building everything around the driver, and it shows.


Outside, the 5-Series looks like an olympic athlete poised moments before the sprint. That makes it look like it’s moving even when it’s standing still. It’s smart design that leads the eye across the body without ever feeling ostentatious.

A BMW dealership in Florida can offer you a spin in the Motor Trend car of the year. A test drive really gives you a different perspective on what driving can feel like. Experience the difference.

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2018 BMW Six Series Gran Turismo Review

2018 BMW Six Series

Reviewing The 2018 BMW Six Series Gran Turismo

Winter is swiftly taking over the land and while we may live in the warm Sunshine state, sometimes it’s nice to just get away when the winter blues hit. Go somewhere that you’ve never been before – somewhere even warmer than where we are, more maybe somewhere a lot colder, where you can slide down the slopes and warm up by the fire with some hot cocoa. If you’re dreaming of a road trip, the 2018 BMW Six Series is ready to take you on one.

This sleek head-turner is the replacement for the well-loved 4 Series Gran Turismo, with some updates and improvements. For starters, you’re 2.4 inches higher with this ride, giving you a whole new – and sporty – perspective as you are hugging mountain curves or navigating twisty city streets.

As you would expect from this iconic brand, the Six Series’ interior is ultra comfortable with multi-way power-adjustable seating and lumbar support, all standard! Visit your 2018 BMW dealership to see the difference this makes when you slip behind the wheel.

But let’s talk about the power this car has. And boy, does she have power. The 640i xDrive GT starts driving sleek and smooth once you hit some high two digit numbers thanks to the 3.0 liter turbocharged inline 6-cylinder. The 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission spreads the 335 horsepower to all of the wheels as needed, which is why it’s an x-Drive.

No matter what the weather is, warm and sunny or cold and bitter, your 2018 BMW Six Series will be able to adapt to any terrain that you may happen to come across. Visit Braman BMW to learn more about the Six Series and test drive this exciting addition to the family.


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What Are The New 2018 BMW’s

The New 2018 BMW’s

The New 2018 BMW’s

Every year new BMW’s roll into the BMW dealership, shiny, bright, and ready to move into the garage of their new owners. Which model from the gorgeous 2018 BMW inventory is right for you? Let’s look at some vital stats to help you make your decision.

8 Series

  • New turbocharged inline-six and V8 engines
  • Opulent interior
  • New on-board tech
  • New exterior design

6 Series

  • Four-door hatchback being added into the 6 Series
  • Similar in size to the 6 GT but quite a bit lighter
  • Updated chassis

5 Series

  • New M550i xDrive, which features a 456-HP twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8
  • Larger wheels
  • Adaptive dampers
  • Darkened exterior
  • 530i iPerformance plug-in hybrid also offered, which features rear or all-wheel drive with a turbo 2.0-liter four and a 95 hp electric motor

Z4 and Z5

  • Still not much talk on these models — the better to entice us, BMW!
  • Rear-drive convertible likely to be lighter than last year’s version
  • Z3 likely to feature four and six cylinder engines
  • Likely to be a 2019 model


  • X7 set to premiere with a huge amount of grandeur and three rows of seats.
  • Both inline-six and V8 engines will be available
  • Not likely to have a hybrid version
  • Interior will likely be much like the 7-series limo


  • Two inches more in the wheelbase and length
  • More legroom for rear passengers
  • Standard all-wheel drive and 8 speed
  • Sportier suspension and larger brakes


  • Sportier body than the X1
  • 228 hp turbo 2.0 liter both four and eight speed automatic


  • 600-plus-hp twin-turbo V8
  • Lighter than last year’s version
  • Pumped-up bodywork
  • Adaptive sport suspension
  • Customizable chassis


  • Additional CS model
  • Dual-clutch only 454 horsepower turbo inline six
  • Aggressive suspension


  • Introduction of a topless i8
  • Stronger battery pack and electric motor
  • Turbocharged 1.5-liter inline three


  • Revised aesthetics
  • Latest BMW interior
  • Larger capacity 22.0-kWh battery

The best way to decide is to visit your favorite BMW dealership for a test drive or two (or 12)!


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A Closer Look at the All New BMW 2 Series

New BMW 2 Series

2018 BMW 2 Series Review

The new BMW 2 Series is a sight to see. BMW is renowned for creating high quality luxury vehicles that have as much substance as they have style, and this iteration does not disappoint.


The new BMW 2 Series will ignite the passion in drivers. Last year, BMW introduced rehauled engines. This means that very few tweaks were necessary to improve performance in the new models. But this is BMW: incremental improvements empower the brand to keep raising the bar. For example, the M240i, which was known as the m235i, received a new 335-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. Don’t let the power go to your head!


The technology package was also updated; now, not only do you have a high quality GPS system, you can enjoy an on-the-go wi-fi hotspot and wireless charing pad. Your South Florida BMW dealer will be happy to walk you through all of the changes and all of the exciting features.


If we got to pick our perfect option from a South Florida BMW dealer we’d likely go for the 230i. This gorgeous beast has a lower starting price, which is great for those on a budget. At the same time, it is a performance champion. Or, if we were looking for a family car, the M240i is what we’d chose, with the all-wheel drive option addition so that we could ensure that we could drive anywhere, and everywhere, at any time.

The truth is that no matter which trims or options you choose, you can’t lose with the new BMW 2 Series.

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BMW I Vision Dynamics: A Peak into the Future

BMW i Vision Dynamics

What is the BMW i Vision Dynamics & Its Future

Concept cars are fun. That’s it – they’re just plain fun. They allow us to indulge our imaginations and ask our favorite questions: What if? and What next? The BMW iVision Dynamics concept offers an enticing glimpse into an eco- and performance-friendly future. A future that is coming to a BMW dealership near you sooner than you might think.


Soon, among the sleek new BMWs for sale, you will see an electric model that is poised to fight the mighty Tesla. Since its founding in 2003, Tesla has made a name for itself as the brand of innovation. BMW, though, has over a century of engineering marvels and continual improvement on its side. The iVision puts this ingenuity on full display, from the smooth space-age metal and glass exterior to the recessed door handles to the barely visible joints to the more-than-respectable 160mph top speed.


BMW describes this as a “trailblazer for electric vehicles.” It certainly looks the part: the glass roof runs from windshield to rear. Perfectly proportioned windows add to the sense of airy possibility. Not only that, they are forerunners of fully connected and autonomous driving. The Ultimate Driving Machine will transition into the Ultimate Self-Driving Machine in our lifetimes.


Don’t worry, Bimmer fans: the iVision Dynamics also has those classic BMW touches, like the iconic kidney grilles. You’ll feel right at home. But at the same time, when the iVision becomes a fully realized vehicle, you’ll feel something else: exhilaration. If the iVision is a trailblazer in the EV class, then you are a trailblazer when it comes to seeking adventures that make a big impact — while treading softly on the earth.

Until the iVision Dynamics concept becomes a reality, there are plenty of amazing new BMW’s for sale. Learn more about purchasing or leasing a Bimmer from South Florida’s most trusted dealership.

Need more information? Check out this ivision article from BMW

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BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe

BMW X4 | Braman BMW

No, it’s not an SUV. But it is a BMW.

The BMW X4, along with the rest of the X series, breaks the mold. When BMW branched into crossover territory, they didn’t build just another – in a long line, we might add – sports utility vehicle. They invented the Sports Activity Vehicle, thus “fusing ample space with dynamic power and sleek design.” The result: a stunning coupe that’s fully-equipped to make your next adventure not only possible, but unforgettable.


X Marks the Spot

It’s like a crossover. It’s like a sports car. You might expect the BMW X4 to have an identity crisis – until you get to know it. Yes, it does have the ample cargo capacity and profile of a crossover. And yes, it does have the gutsy performance of a sport-oriented vehicle. But no, there’s no identity crisis here: it’s a BMW from bumper to bumper.

Let’s take a look at some vital statistics so you can get  a sense of how the X4 performs:

Engine 2.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder
Horsepower 240 hp
Torque 260 lb-ft
0-60 Acceleration 6.0 seconds
Top Speed 130 mph
Transmission 8-speed Sport Automatic with Sport and Manual shift modes and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters
Drivetrain xDrive all-wheel-drive
Seating 5
Fuel Economy 20 city / 28 highway
Cargo Capacity 17.7–49.4 cubic feet

(Specifications given for the X4 xDrive28i. The performance model, X4 M40i boosts the horsepower, torque, and top speeds for a sports-oriented experience.)

The X4 has the power and handling capabiltiy you need to tackle any road. The inline 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine releases 240 horses and generates 260 lb-ft of torque. It is gutsy right out of the gate, and the thrust will get your own heart racing. Thanks to BMW innovations such as High Precision Direct Injection, Valvetronic and Double VANOS technologies, the engine is smooth, quiet, and lightweight (that last quality helps boost fuel efficiency as well).

With an 8-speed STEPTRONIC transmission, you’ll be able to acheive incredibly nuanced driving and ultimate control- all with seamless, quick transitions. The ability to operate the X4 as a manual adds yet another layer of enjoyment to every ride, especially with the sporty steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

BMW pours a host of other performance-enhancing feature into this Sports Activity Coupe, including:

  • xDrive. This is the brand’s “intelligent” all-wheel drive system. It continually monitors road conditions. If it detects slippage, it diverts power to the wheel with the best traction for added stability and control even in less-than-ideal situations.
  • Performance Control. While all-wheel, you can still enjoy the sporty character of BMW’s classic rear-wheel design. Performance Control distributes  power between the rear wheels. This boosts agility and handling capability. Find the twistiest road you can, and you’ll see the difference that this makes.
  • Variable Sport Steering. This feature adjusts the steering ratio and force to adapt to various driving conditions. For example, if you are racing along that winding road, it allows for more agility. If you’re pulling into a parking lot, you have increased flexibility to fit into your spot.

These systems, as well as BMW’s array of advanced safety and technological features, combine to create a unique sports coupe that is ready to go when you are and willing to take you places other cars fear to tread. And do so in exemplary style!


Aesthetic Appeal of BMW M4

When it comes to appearance, the BMW X4 is in a class by itself. It features a coupe-inspired roofline, an agressive front bumper, and a lowered center of gravity. The muscular vehicle simply looks powerful. Given the engine it’s packing and the platform on which it is built, this is one time that you can accurately “judge a book by its cover.”

Designers were inspired by the sporty exterior  and created a cabin that features low seating positions, 8-way power adjustable seats or optional 10-way power adjustable front Sport seats (M Sport), a high gloss black instrument panel, burl walnut wood trim with pearl gloss chrome accent, comfortable SensaTec upholstery, a 3-spoke leather-wrapped sport steering wheel with paddle shifters and controls for cruise, audio, and Bluetooth wireless for hands-free communication.

All of this lends to the feeling that you are in the cockpit of a racecar. From the sleek instrument panel to the high-tech gadgets (such as iDrive, BMW’s industry-leading infotainment system), you experience driving at its finest.

Learn more about the X4 from a trusted BMW dealer in Florida. One test drive, and you’ll be convinced: this Sports Activity Coupe is a mold-breaking vehicle. It’s time to break a few molds of your own. Explore new places, stop letting weather sidetrack your plans, seek adventure – and find it.

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BMW M6 vs Audi R8

BMW M6 | Braman BMW

The BMW M6 has gone head-to-head with some of the top cars in the world. Lamborghini. Ferrari. GT-R. And the aggressive go-get bested them in tests, on courses, and with drivers. How does it stack up next to another luxury superstar, the Audi R8? And, more importantly, will it best the competition when it comes to grabbing your attention and fulfilling your dream car fantasies?


Battle of the Luxury Titans

First, let’s see how the M6 and the R8 compare in several key areas:

The Car BMW M6 (Coupe) Audi R8
Engine 4.4-liter BMW M TwinPower Turbo V-8 5.2-liter FSI® dual-injection V10
Horsepower 560 hp 540 hp
Torque 500 lb-ft 398 lb-ft
0-60 Acceleration 4.1 seconds 3.2 seconds
Top Speed 155 mph 205 mph
Drivetrain Rear-wheel drive quattro(R) all-wheel drive
Transmission 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic 7-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode
Fuel Economy 14 mpg city / 20 mpg highway 14 mpg city / 23 mpg highway

At the first glance, the R8 appears to have the edge when it comes to speed. Zero to 60 acceleration is blisteringly fast, and the 205 mph top speed (achieved on closed track) is, frankly, much more than most drivers can handle. For its part, the M6 edges out the competition in horsepower and overpowers it in the torque department.

The need for speed is important, of course, but more critical still is how the vehicle handles at those speeds – and anywhere between 0 and 60. You need to be in complete control at all times, rather than feeling like you’re trapped in a runaway freight train. In this respect, both cars perform beautifully – if differently.

The Audi’s 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, with manual shifting mode, offers a sports-oriented experience and enables you to achieve greater control of your ride. BMW, though, takes it to the next level. Drivelogic has racecar-style shifting that is not only a thrill to use, but it adapts to your unique driving style.

You can shift gears using the steering-wheel mounted paddle or a selection lever located in the center console. If you accidentally shift, the car senses your mistake and represses it automatically. The transmission has several innovative features to enhance performance: Launch Control, for example, ensures that engine speed and de-clutch timing are perfectly aligned. This allows for maximum acceleration.

Another feature speeds shifting. When you downshift, the system automatically increases engine speed briefly to ensure the smoothest transitions. Add rear-axle slip recognition, mountain and slope assistant, and winter driving programme, Driving Dynamics Control, and you have a coupe that will take you anywhere, in any conditions, and will do so with ultimate style.

When it comes to driveability and pure exhilaration, the BMW edges out the Audi – though both are at the top of their class, discerning drivers will appreciate the precise handling and exquisite control of the M6.


Surrounded by Luxury

Both the BMW M6 and the Audi R8 offer exceptional comfort and luxury. The M6 is a bit larger, offering rear seating, while the R8 is a two-seater. Depending on your preferences and needs, this can be a big factor in your decision. Aesthetically, though, both are stunning head-turners, and, as luxury vehicles, they offer a host of amenities.

The R8 boasts 18-way power seats with pneumatic side and leg boosters, mobile hotspot internet access, leather/aluminum steering wheel, proximity key for doors, push button start, valet function, remote keyless entry, leather instrument panel, full floor console with storage, under seat storage, and more.

For its part, the M6 offers Comfort Access keyless entry, micro-filter ventilation system, Advanced Vehicle and Key Memory, automatic climate control, WiFi hotspot, three stage heated front seats, 20-way power front M Multi-contour seats with 4-way lumbar support, Merino leather upholstery and door trim, concierge service, 3-spoke leather-wrapped multi-function M sport steering wheel, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio with 1-year subscription, and much more.

Both vehicles offer a gorgeous ride; but it’s difficult to beat BMW’s legendary value-added features. From concierge service and roadside assistance to real-time navigation, it’s these details that elevate the M6 into a league of its own.

The Audi R8 is a worthy rival for the BMW M6; it is a solid performer. At the same time, the power and performance capability of the M6 makes it a winner in the book of any discerning driver. Visit Braman BMW to test drive this gorgeous piece of machinery and see for yourself.

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