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  • bmw baby racer
    BMW has long tread the line between serious driving performance and the thrills of the open road. But the open road isn’t for everyone, because many young enthusiasts, years away from their first driver’s test, stick to the sidewalk. The fourth-gen BMW Baby Racer is here, and it’s perfect for your young ones. Not your
  • bmw x7
    When it comes to luxury SUVs, BMW and Range Rover are up there at the top. But how does Range Rover’s new fifth-generation model compare to the highest-grade 2023 BMW X7? We’ve taken a look at the BMW x7 vs Range Rover showdown, and needless to say, they’re each remarkable machines. Read on to see
  • what is the my bmw app

    What is the My BMW App?

    • November 07, 2022
    As the world becomes increasingly digital, BWM automakers are taking huge strides to stay on top of the revolution. On March 31, 2021, the BMW Group announced the My BMW App to connect BMW users with their cars and other digital services even if they are not sitting in them. So, what is the My
  • best bmw colors
    When it comes to luxury cars, BMWs are some of the best out there. And with so many different models and colors to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. This blog post will look at some of the most unique and best BMW colors available. So if
  • BMW 3D printing parts
    For most of 2021, almost every car manufacturer was hampered by delays in the supply chain and, therefore, production delays were widely reported as well. The reliance on parts from other countries has revealed that this is the Achilles heel for many car manufacturers. This was made evident during the Covid-19 pandemic. In many cases,
  • 2021 BMW M4 MPG
    The 2021 BMW M4 coupe is a dramatically different car from its competitors. The 2021 model of this 2-door coupe comes with marked changes in bodywork, appearing more powerful and aggressive than its predecessors. Built for power and performance, it is a great car if you want a great driving experience. But the BMW M4
  • BMW G80 M3
    Even though the 2021 BMW G80 M3 has just been introduced to the U.S. market, it has garnered a lot of positive reviews. Like all previous BMWs, the M3 is considered to be the Ultimate Driving Beast. This 6th generation luxury sports vehicle looks fast and expensive, and it is.  WHAT’S THE G80 M3 LIKE?
  • 2021 White 850xi BMW
    If you’re shopping for a vehicle, you may wonder exactly when is the best time to buy a car. It’s a tough call, especially if you’re interested in upgrading to your next luxury vehicle. There actually are good and bad times to buy a vehicle, though, and understanding the best time to buy a car
  • BMW Hybrid Vehicles
    Electric vehicles may be the future of cars, but hybrid vehicles are the king of now. It’s true for every brand on the market today, including BMW. Not sure this iconic brand is hip enough to be part of this trend? Think again. BMW hybrid cars are leading the industry with speed, power, and performance
  • The 2020 BMW i8 We’re supposed to keep it together and act professionally when we think about a new car coming down the pike, but the future of the BMW i8 deserves some screaming groupies and fainting fans. The anticipated 2020 iteration isn’t here yet, of course, but the models that are have to be