Does BMW Make a Hybrid?

April 22, 2020
BMW Hybrid Vehicles

Electric vehicles may be the future of cars, but hybrid vehicles are the king of now. It’s true for every brand on the market today, including BMW.

Not sure this iconic brand is hip enough to be part of this trend? Think again. BMW hybrid cars are leading the industry with speed, power, and performance in some pretty amazing packages.

Check out this list of BMW hybrid cars if you’re thinking your next vehicle should be a little green-friendlier. 

  • 330e: Easily the least expensive vehicle on this list, the 330e comes in at $40,750. You can expect to see 25 MPG from this model. 
  • X5 XDrive 40e: An SUV, this model costs a bit more than the 330e, coming in at $42,994, but you’ll get exactly the same fuel economy rating with it – 25 MPG. It also has some pretty sweet features like added cargo space (73 cubic feet).
  • X3 XDrive30e: A Sport Activity Vehicle, this one comes in at $48,550, and the release is more anticipated than you might imagine. Fuel economy numbers haven’t been released yet, but there are numbers floating around that suggest it will be as high as 128.4 MG.
  • i3: This is perhaps the most efficient hybrid BMW makes. With a combined fuel economy rating of 31 MPG and a starting price of $49,295, this is an attractive entry-level model. 
  • 530 ie: The combined fuel economy on this one comes in pretty high, as you can expect 29 MPG. The starting price with this model is $54,395. 
  • 740ie: This hybrid produces a combined fuel economy of 22 MPG. It has a starting price of $96,545. It’s a large, luxurious sedan that offers the aggressive Sport+ setting when you drive and a beautiful interior.
  • i8: The combined fuel economy on this one isn’t quite as good as others on this list, but it’s literally the future of what’s to come from this company. Coming in at just 27 MPG, it’s a beautiful vehicle that’s fun to drive. With a starting price of $164,295, you’ll get power that you’ve never seen with a hybrid in the past, as well as unmatched beauty.

With so many available options, there’s a hybrid that’s right for you!

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