BMW X7 vs Range Rover

April 13, 2023
bmw x7

When it comes to luxury SUVs, BMW and Range Rover are up there at the top. But how does Range Rover’s new fifth-generation model compare to the highest-grade 2023 BMW X7? We’ve taken a look at the BMW x7 vs Range Rover showdown, and needless to say, they’re each remarkable machines. Read on to see which deluxe SUV comes out on top for what you’re looking for.

Range Rover vs BMW X7

Interestingly, the new Range Rovers run off the same 4.4L twin-turbo V8 and eight-speed manual transition as the high-end X7. They both clock less than 4.5 seconds in a 0–60 test, which is almost way too much fun for a full-sized SUV. With the X7, the well over 500 hp is probably more sensibly applied to its 7,500 lb-towing capacity (but whatever floats your boat).

Stylistically, the Range Rover played its cards pretty close, donning a simple, nothing-to-prove exterior that nonetheless leaves a memorable impression. Yet its soft, subdued colors are anything but eye-catching, while the BMW X7 practically drips with technicolor. The X7’s front fascia went through a big update in 2023, with split headlights and an illuminated grille, plus a fresh, ultra-sporty interior.

The interior of the Range Rover, vs BMW X7’s immersive inner space, is a bit more classy. If it weren’t so luxuriously classy, it would almost be dull — but in fact, nothing is dull about either. They both ride tall, with standard 21-inch wheels (tradable for 22-inch alloys), and they come with comparable touchscreen displays and other tech, comfort, and safety upgrades you’d expect from two of the world’s leading luxury manufacturers.

Deciding Between the BMW X7 vs Range Rover

So which luxury SUV titan has your name on it, Range Rover vs BMW X7? It’s a tough call — and while we can’t answer for you, we can definitely say fandom comes into it. If we had to play favorites, we’d have to hand it to BMW. In a fun-loving place like Jupiter, we’d feel much more at home pulling up to the beach with the X7 (however tempting Range’s mini-fridge upgrade is).

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