What is the My BMW App?

November 07, 2022
what is the my bmw app

As the world becomes increasingly digital, BWM automakers are taking huge strides to stay on top of the revolution. On March 31, 2021, the BMW Group announced the My BMW App to connect BMW users with their cars and other digital services even if they are not sitting in them. So, what is the My BMW app?

The new app makes everyday life much easier; it allows you to send the next destination directly to BMW, lock your vehicle remotely, and check the range before you start the journey. It even helps you know when the vehicle requires servicing and enable you to book an appointment with the BWM Dealership.

The MY BMW App?

My BMW App is a digital partner that connects you to your BMW and the world outside, anytime, anywhere. It unlocks your world of possibilities for your car, from checking its health to planning your next destinations from the convenience of your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

The new BMW App features provide improved performance and enhanced user experience and allow plug-in electric and hybrid models alongside the latest technology like BMW Digital Key functionalities.

Enhanced Design

My BMW App employs a modern, fresh, intuitive design to increase user experience and feature different functionalities. Its layout is split into three core categories: MY CAR, MY LIFE, and MY JOURNEY. Each category stores various kinds of up-to-date information, as discussed below:

  • MY CAR-Stores information related to your car, such as BMW specifications, service appointments, physical car characteristics, and more.
  • MY JOURNEY-This category stores information related to individual mobility. It helps you find parking spots, trip planning, tracking traffic control, among others.
  • MY LIFE-A section that integrates your BMW lifestyle with mobility needs. It gives you information related to loyalty programs, smart home connections, and BMW events.

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