BMW Baby Racer: For the Next Generation

May 08, 2023
bmw baby racer

BMW has long tread the line between serious driving performance and the thrills of the open road. But the open road isn’t for everyone, because many young enthusiasts, years away from their first driver’s test, stick to the sidewalk. The fourth-gen BMW Baby Racer is here, and it’s perfect for your young ones. Not your average Hot Wheels, the flashy BMW sit-on rider can be had for much less than mom or dad’s real-life model–sticker price is $129. It’s the perfect way to ensure your littlest Beamer enthusiast gets a good Flintstones-style workout while imagining life in the fast lane.

BMW Baby Racer

The first thing BMW enthusiasts will notice is the in-your-face kidney grills copied from the M3 and M4. The split headlights seem like a clear allusion to the 7 Series G70, and the taillights are near-perfect knock-offs of the X6. Of course, none of that will matter much to your pride and joy, who will undoubtedly imbue their driving experience with the carefree, forever-young sensibility BMW has always been known for.

Built with noise-canceling rubber tires (built from recycled materials) and a functioning steering wheel, the BMW Baby Racer is only suitable for ages 1–3. After that, they’ll be running on 100% pure imagination. Until then, the busy parent has nothing to worry about, as the charming 0-horsepower BMW toy also features a fully functional horn — and, depending on how you look at it, either 0 or unlimited MPG.

The ultimate entry-level BMW comes in three trim packages (black, sky blue, and white with magenta interior), and all feature an exceptionally soft seat for hours of living room or park-side fun.

A New Spin on an Old Classic

It’s hard to deny that our love for BMW verges on play, and with the BMW Baby Racer, a whole new demographic gets to experience the joy of owning their very own BMW (even if just in spirit).

You can order your BMW Baby Racer from BMW online, but if you’re looking for a new model yourself, stop by Braman BMW of Jupiter. We carry the latest BMWs, and our incredibly friendly staff is eager to assist you in finding the most suitable BMW for those of legal driving age. Contact us with any questions, or bring your family to our showroom.

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