What You Can Expect from the 2020 BMW i8

December 30, 2017

The BMW i8 in 2020

The 2020 BMW i8

We’re supposed to keep it together and act professionally when we think about a new car coming down the pike, but the future of the BMW i8 deserves some screaming groupies and fainting fans. The anticipated 2020 iteration isn’t here yet, of course, but the models that are have to be some of the most stunning cars to have ever touched tire to road.


The BMW i8 is already a hybrid with quite a few fans. It’s a sleek, futuristic looking vehicle that looks like it’s seconds from taking flight and hovering. The next generation model will doubtlessly increase the power, but will it simultaneously go all-electric. The technology’s here to make an all-electric coupe that’s kicking at 750 hp.

With a predicted zero to 60 mph time of just 3 seconds, the only thing we wonder about is what it’s going to feel like getting that much punch with a noiseless engine. There are a few scenes from science-fiction movies we can point to, but beyond that it’s a mystery we’re eager to experience.

BMW’s been previewing the I Vision Dynamics concept and this leads us to believe an all-electric is a real possibility.

Look & Feel

We imagine that regardless of engine, the future of the BMW i8 will reflect BMW’s recent re-focusing on luxury interiors. BMW doesn’t skimp on interior construction and the aesthetic should reflect the shining, sleek exterior. We appreciate how new BMWs are focused on practically implementing technology in ways that are easy for a driver to manage. Too many makers just took scattershot approaches to slapping technology inside wherever it could fit, forgetting about focusing on how the driver will use it.

We’re excited to see how the transmission is employed with this kind of power. Smooth shifting has always been one of the best features of BMWs. We’re also eager to see what BMW’s active suspension will feel like by the 2020 model. It already gives the driver a feel of power over the road, accentuating grip and feel.

By 2020, we only expect refinements in the BMW i8‘s already great driving feel. Let the countdown begin!

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