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BMW Wants Half of Global Sales to Be Electric by 2030

The electric vehicle revolution is raging, and automakers are making impressive strides toward an all-electric era. The BMW Group is in the thick of it. Currently, the most recent plans are to electrify half of the new fleet by 2030.

BMW Electric Vehicles by 2030

In a recent press release to report on the company’s global sales, the company revealed its plans to make its global sales for EVs 50% by 2030. In the first phase of implementing this plan, BMW will deliver to the market over two million EVs by 2025. Existing EVs, like the BMW i4 and iX, will form a significant portion of these vehicles in addition to new models like the Mini Countryman EV and the BMW i7, i5, and iX1.

Reasons for Shifting to EVS

Regarding internal combustion vehicles, BMW plans to produce what customers demand. However, the majority of these gas-powered cars won’t still be in production by 2025.

The shift to EVs is driven by the goal of reducing the CO2 footprint by manufacturing vehicles that use green energy. EV battery manufacturers will play a crucial role by improving cell chemistry and energy storage systems. On its part, BMW will promote the use of recycled materials to manufacture their EVs in a move to combat the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions. The company is embracing a “secondary first” policy meaning recycled materials will be used wherever possible.

BMW’s Future Plans

According to the company’s chief executive officer (CEO), Oliver Zipse, BMW may accelerate its shift to all-electric vehicles faster than planned in response to customer demands. The company hasn’t sent a specific date to end production of internal combustion engine vehicles.

BMWs global sales in the first half of 2022 were 75,891 fully electric MINI and BMW vehicles. These figures are double the company’s all-electric sales in the same period last year.   This impressive growth emphasizes the rise in demand for the company’s pure electric new cars and the need to focus on electromobility to attain BMW’s  50% all-electric vehicles by 2030

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America’s First BMW Future Lab

BMW has long been considered to be the premier luxury vehicle manufacturer across the world, and throughout the company’s history, innovation and creativity have been at the forefront of everything they do. That’s as true as it ever was as they’ve just announced the opening of the BMW Future Lab. 

A Real Need for Innovation

Creating a solid innovation process is more important than ever. With the future of vehicles clearly moving toward EVs, BMW has realized just how important plowing forward is. To that end, in 2016, the company opened its first innovation lab at its Financial Services’ UK headquarters. At that time the lab was primarily developed to draw in start-ups that were just beginning with fresh ideas, talent, and new technologies to hasten the development of products and push them to market faster. The final aim was to enhance customer satisfaction, dismantle barriers that young drivers face when wanting to purchase new vehicles, and revolutionize ways in which customers can insure their vehicles.

After the progress in 2016, BMW worked to grow the program in 2017 and revealed more options across the globe. In 2018, Tokyo was the site of the Japan Innovation Lab. A Collaboration Lab was held in Columbus, Ohio, the same year. COVID-19, though, pushed much of that to a virtual lab setting. 

On Friday, June 3, BMW opened another piece of this puzzle in Chicago – the “BMW Future Lab.” It was a pop-up, but the goal was to show how sustainable this brand has become and where it’s headed. There were a number of different stations with which visitors could interact on display at the Chicago Yacht Club. 

The current Future Lab will play a critical role in the company.  Over the past 5 years, the innovation Lab has become a key feature of advances for BMW. The lab has continued to make developments in product offering, technology, service design, and improved car financing. BMW has continued to set the pace for innovation in the automotive industry but it wants to do more and embrace the next wave of mobility for its customers. 

Some of the contributions from previous labs include the following:

  • Wrisk: An app that offers real-time control for vehicle, home, and travel insurance. 
  • CONCIERGE: A chat-bot creator that enables one-to-one marketing to simplify business and customer interaction. 
  • Drover: A platform that helps to bridge the gaps that so often occur between longer lease providers and short-term car rental companies. It means flexibility and easy access for customers. 

These innovations speak to the many needs of BMW customers, and thanks to the new Future lab, it’s possible that so much more will come out of this unique approach, particularly with BMW electric production goals of having more than 7 million EVs on the road in the next seven years.

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The Future of BMW

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit all car manufacturers equally hard. There was work stoppage for most of 2020 and this also caused a delay in receiving needed parts and supplies; leaving a large question mark on the path of BMW future cars. But now that businesses are getting back on pace, people are reflecting on what they’ve learned. The pandemic has taught BMW two important lessons: the luxury car industry can be finicky, and the world is going green. The public is slowly moving away from gas-powered cars and the demand for electric vehicles (EV) is on the rise. So, it’s no surprise that BMW future vehicles will be exceedingly electric.

BMW electric vehicles

BMW is going all-electric by 2030. BMW has already started to build or expand factories in Mexico, Hungary, China, and the United States to meet the EV demand.

More importantly, its vision for BMW future cars is to release newer models that will shape its path into the next decade. BMW future vehicles will not only be family-oriented, but also be more sporty and compact.


The newest model for the BMW M series will be the G87 M2. While much remains unknown about this car, it will be electric and most likely a coupe. In addition, the G87 M2 will be rear-wheel drive. The company does not plan to make significant changes to the interior aspects of BMW future vehicles, but the exterior will have a modified sporty look.

The second generation of the BMW M4 (G82 coupe and G83 convertible) has just started to appear in Europe and should be available in the U.S. early next year. This high-performance version of the older G22 4 series comes with more HP but has the same twin-kidney grille. The convertible version with a folding soft top will be available as a Competition model with the M xDrive. Rest assured this luxury sports car is fast, reaching 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds, with a top speed of 220 mph. At the moment, only the manual transmission will be available in the standard M4. By 2025, BMW will eventually release other versions, namely CS, CSL, and GTS.

In 2020, BMW announced an improved 5 series Touring with similar upgrades for the M5, M5 Competition, and M5CS. These luxury models will be leaner, and trimmer compared to the previous models, but much remains unknown about the exact specs or when they will appear. 

BMW will be offering an all-wheel drive SUV in the X2 range, which will be powered by a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. Minor facelifts are planned for 2022 but the Covid-19 pandemic may slow down this venture. 

Several other derivatives of the X5 have also been announced, which will be more powerful and faster than previous models. There are also plans for the X6 M and X6 M Competition versions of each. They may appear in several years, providing there are fewer supply chain hiccups.


The long-term BMW future cars is for all-electric models. BMW is trying to cut down on gas-powered vehicles and putting more effort into making plug-in hybrids and full EVs over the next few years. In early 2022, the BMW i4, an all-new electric sedan, will appear in the showrooms and is expected to compete against other mid-size EVs and the Tesla Model 3.

BMW has acknowledged that the market for EVs is very competitive, and it will need to compete with the cheaper and more efficient EVs already on the market. Its primary focus, however, will be on making eco-friendly luxury cars that will be lighter, smaller, and have stronger batteries. 

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BMW Design Visions for the Future

BMW Teachnology | Braman BMW Jupiter

Part of the fun of being a BMW enthusiast is looking to the future. Progress is being made all the time. BMW has a habit of looking to the past for lessons, but always stepping forward into the future. You have to be brave to let go of some of the things that once made you successful; BMW understands how to incorporate its proud accomplishments into a modern world with modern demands.

If you’re searching for an electric BMW for sale, you’ll see more to choose from today. With wing doors, sweeping forms, wide tires, and engineering that hugs the ground, performance electric cars like the BMW i8 are futuristic, beautiful, and inspire envy wherever they’re seen. Its brave choices in form and highlights of color will lead to cars that look and act even more different than what we see today.

In particular, BMW technology has advanced phenomenally. Infotainment systems like BMW ConnectedDrive can now learn our habits and make recommendations as we travel. They can analyze our driving techniques and tendencies. They can serve as entire app platforms that make engaging and staying connected seamless.

Furthermore, advances in safety technology such as laser-driven headlights, headlights that anticipate turns, and camera-assisted exterior vision and warning systems can help you be more in control on the road.

Heads-up-displays for nighttime driving will be en vogue, keeping you safer while also making you feel like you’re in the cockpit of a jet fighter. Even night vision will continue being improved and made even more practical.

There’s also a conceptual design for a car that changes form as you drive. The BMW GINA’s flexible skin stretches over a movable frame. Need a spoiler for high-speeds? GINA will develop one. That’s what the future for BMW technology may hold.

From aesthetics to performance to form and technology, BMW is evolving all the time. It’s exciting to be able to step into the future with such a performance-engineered brand.

Interested in the New BMW i3?

Interested In The New BMW i3?

Don’t worry – you’re not the only one.

The BMW i3 is highly sought-after because of the little (or no) use of gasoline, which saves the driver hundreds of dollars every year, quickly adding up into the thousands in just a few years. One of the many things people wonder about when it comes to brand new electric cars is the price. So if you’re interested in a BMW electric car, you might be wondering – what is the BMW i3 price?

The MSRP is around $43,000. Which, given what you may have seen of other electric cars, isn’t something unattainable. Especially since a lot of current cars that still run on gasoline can easily top that amount. Many luxury cars still have vehicles in their line-up that are far more expensive. But the i3 is very affordable, and consider that you’ll be spending nothing on gasoline (and if you choose the i3 REx, not even two gallons per fill-up), it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Even better, if you head on over to Braman, BMW, you’ll quickly discover that you can get the i3 into your driveway for a very affordable price. This is especially true if you decide to lease. In fact, when you lease the BMW i3, the price is just $299 per month. This option can be especially great if you consider that BMW is still working on more electric cars and smart car versions. Eventually, they will release the i8 – so by the time the lease runs out, you may decide to trade in your BMW i3 for an i8. Unless, of course, you enjoy your i3 so much that you opt for a brand new i3 to enjoy.

Not paying gas, enjoying a quiet ride, and only paying $299 per month to indulge in the luxury that only BMW can offer? Most definitely a fantastic deal worth looking into.

bmw i3 electric car

The New BMW i3 Electric Car

Check Out the New BMW Electric Car

There are many electric cars in the works these days, each one proclaiming to be the best. But how can you really be sure? Who can be the best at technology that is still relatively new? Especially when it seems as though some companies have done nothing more than attempt to jump on the eco-friendly low emissions bandwagon.

Some of the oldest car companies that have always focused on high quality and attention to detail are the ones that you should trust. BMW pays close attention to what its customers want, and has always made changes in order to appeal to them. People wanted better gas mileage, BMW gave it to them. People wanted SUV crossovers with smart designs, BMW delivered. Now the demand for a BMW electric car has risen, but rest assured that BMW has been working on their concepts for many years now, and finally they have unveiled the BMW i3.

This is a legacy car maker at its best. This BMW electric car is made with many options available so you can choose the kind of vehicle that you need for your driving habits. You can discover the BMW i3 BEV and i3 REx. The i3 BEV is a purely electric vehicle that runs only on an electric battery, getting anywhere from a 70-110 mile range. The i3 REx adds in a 1.9 gallon fuel tank in order to give people an even greater range before needing to recharge or fill up – as much as 120-185 miles.

Of course, in traditional BMW style, the benefits don’t stop there. Dozens of monitors let you know the intricate details of your car, such as the status of your battery, the PSI of your tires, and you can always use the infotainment system for even more information – such as getting the best route to utilize the power you have in the best way possible.

The BMW i3 is ready and waiting. In a world of smart cars and boasting, the BMW electric car is already prepared to give you the ride of a lifetime.

bmw i3 electric car