BMW Wants Half of Global Sales to Be Electric by 2030

August 08, 2022
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The electric vehicle revolution is raging, and automakers are making impressive strides toward an all-electric era. The BMW Group is in the thick of it. Currently, the most recent plans are to electrify half of the new fleet by 2030.

BMW Electric Vehicles by 2030

In a recent press release to report on the company’s global sales, the company revealed its plans to make its global sales for EVs 50% by 2030. In the first phase of implementing this plan, BMW will deliver to the market over two million EVs by 2025. Existing EVs, like the BMW i4 and iX, will form a significant portion of these vehicles in addition to new models like the Mini Countryman EV and the BMW i7, i5, and iX1.

Reasons for Shifting to EVS

Regarding internal combustion vehicles, BMW plans to produce what customers demand. However, the majority of these gas-powered cars won’t still be in production by 2025.

The shift to EVs is driven by the goal of reducing the CO2 footprint by manufacturing vehicles that use green energy. EV battery manufacturers will play a crucial role by improving cell chemistry and energy storage systems. On its part, BMW will promote the use of recycled materials to manufacture their EVs in a move to combat the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions. The company is embracing a “secondary first” policy meaning recycled materials will be used wherever possible.

BMW’s Future Plans

According to the company’s chief executive officer (CEO), Oliver Zipse, BMW may accelerate its shift to all-electric vehicles faster than planned in response to customer demands. The company hasn’t sent a specific date to end production of internal combustion engine vehicles.

BMWs global sales in the first half of 2022 were 75,891 fully electric MINI and BMW vehicles. These figures are double the company’s all-electric sales in the same period last year.   This impressive growth emphasizes the rise in demand for the company’s pure electric new cars and the need to focus on electromobility to attain BMW’s  50% all-electric vehicles by 2030

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