The New BMW i3 Electric Car

October 01, 2014

Check Out the New BMW Electric Car

There are many electric cars in the works these days, each one proclaiming to be the best. But how can you really be sure? Who can be the best at technology that is still relatively new? Especially when it seems as though some companies have done nothing more than attempt to jump on the eco-friendly low emissions bandwagon.

Some of the oldest car companies that have always focused on high quality and attention to detail are the ones that you should trust. BMW pays close attention to what its customers want, and has always made changes in order to appeal to them. People wanted better gas mileage, BMW gave it to them. People wanted SUV crossovers with smart designs, BMW delivered. Now the demand for a BMW electric car has risen, but rest assured that BMW has been working on their concepts for many years now, and finally they have unveiled the BMW i3.

This is a legacy car maker at its best. This BMW electric car is made with many options available so you can choose the kind of vehicle that you need for your driving habits. You can discover the BMW i3 BEV and i3 REx. The i3 BEV is a purely electric vehicle that runs only on an electric battery, getting anywhere from a 70-110 mile range. The i3 REx adds in a 1.9 gallon fuel tank in order to give people an even greater range before needing to recharge or fill up – as much as 120-185 miles.

Of course, in traditional BMW style, the benefits don’t stop there. Dozens of monitors let you know the intricate details of your car, such as the status of your battery, the PSI of your tires, and you can always use the infotainment system for even more information – such as getting the best route to utilize the power you have in the best way possible.

The BMW i3 is ready and waiting. In a world of smart cars and boasting, the BMW electric car is already prepared to give you the ride of a lifetime.

bmw i3 electric car

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