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LAPD Just Added 100 BMW i3 to Their Squad

BMW i3 | Braman BMW

LA’s boys (and girls) in blue are going green. Thanks to BMW of North America, the Los Angeles Police Department will add 100 BMW i3 electric cars to its stable. The electric/gas Bimmer hybrid will become a fuel-saving – and community-building – member of the force.

LA’s Finest

In field tests for the LAPD, BMW outmanned the competition by offering exceptional drivetrain efficiency, reliability, a tight turning radius, and connectability. This last feature will enable the police department to run a connected, integrated fleet – a must for their critical work. In addition, the short wheelbase will allow for maximum maneuverability – a must for narrow, congested LA streets.

The rookie on the force, the BMW i3 will not be out in hot pursuit or capturing the bad guys. Instead, it will be used to transport officers (for training, meeting, court appearances, etc.) and for community outreach. It’s distinct shape is sure to become a prominent fixture in the surrounding communities.

The city will see great cost savings: Greenlots, a company specializing in vehicle charging solutions, will supply 100 level 2 chargers and four DC fast chargers. Since the i3 can achieve a remarkable 137 highway miles per gallon, refueling costs will be quite low.

Mayor Eric Garcetti says, “We should be thinking green in everything we do – and these new EVs show how local government can lead. Our sustainability plan pushes LA to speed adoption of greener practices and technologies, which also save money and resources.”

Many police forces throughout the country are deploying electric vehicles to conserve resources and expand the functionality of their departments. LAPD chose the i3 over the Tesla (though they’re not ruling the latter out completely) for its remarkable efficiency and stellar performance in urban landscapes. Score one for the good guys!
You don’t have to have a badge to experience the efficiency of an i3. Head to your favorite dealer with BMW cars for sale and take a test drive.

New BMW i3 and i8 Electric Cars For Sale in Jupiter, FL

If you’ve been looking for a way to help the environment, your chance to get a jump on one has just arrived.

2015 BMW i3 | Braman BMW Jupiter

The new BMW i3 and i8 electric cars are here at BMW Jupiter, finally allowing you the ability to drive around town with little to no emissions whatsoever. The new BMW i3 and i8 allow you to run entirely on electricity, utilizing various charging stations around the city in order to recharge your battery and continue driving. The i3 is all electric for complete and utter emissions-free driving. The i8 gives you a little more room if you need it, acting as a hybrid so you can utilize the small gas tank for extra miles when you need them.

The cars are both sleek and fun, with an almost futuristic look to them. The aluminum chassis and body structure are crafted from carbon-reinforced plastic; this is the stuff used for Formula One cars and stealth fighters. So maybe it isn’t too far off to say these are the cars of the future!

The cooling system inside the car ensures that the battery remains at an ideal operating temperature. This means improved performance for the car, as well as a longer life for the battery itself. Both cars are quite exciting, with the i3 acting as the urban commuter vehicle and the i8 as the sexy sports car. BMW Jupiter has them both, and they’re waiting for you to come and see which electric car is more your style.

Check out the new BMW i3 and i8 for yourself. Examine every inch of these stunning cars, discover the internal systems, take a peek at the inner workings, and talk with the experts at BMW Jupiter to discover much more. A test drive is definitely a must so you can find out just what it’s like to drive a car that runs on nothing more than pure electric power. You might be surprised.

BMW’s i Remote App for the BMW i3 and i8

BMW i Remote Smartwatch App

If there’s one thing that BMW loves to play with, it’s new, innovative ideas. If you’ve been looking for a BMW i8 for sale or a BMW i3 for sale, now might be the perfect time to pick one of them up as BMW has recently released a smartphone app that pairs up with the i8 and i3 vehicles.

This app, which has been in development for a while, gives BMW owners a range of useful information about their vehicle. This can give them the ability to do things such as improve driving styles, maximize the car’s driving range, and overall boosting the efficiency of the vehicle. When you make the most out of your i3 or i8, you save time, money, and electricity.

Features Within the BMW i Remote App

Not sure if your car will have enough power to reach the next charging station? Your phone will let you know. Want to schedule a charge? Start one? End one? You can handle those on the app as well. You can also connect with the rest of the BMW i community so you can share the statistics of your car and look at the stats of others, such as CO2 output and overall fuel usage. You can find out the efficiency of your car and maybe find out how others are utilizing their driving style to their advantage in order to make their efficiency even better.

The app itself is free, though you do need to sign up at BMW Assist for it to work in the car. It’s only available for the i3 and i8 as of right now, but as BMW extends its electric car family, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if that changed in the future. The i Remote is also available through both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store.

So the next time you’re in the mood to seek out a BMW i8 for sale or a BMW i3 for sale, don’t forget to download the app as well and have fun!

BMW i3 May Communicate with iPhone and Apple Watches

BMW i3 App on the Apple Watch

Technology is an amazing thing. These days we have so many different ways of not only communicating with each other, but allowing all of our devices to connect with one another, allowing for seamless transitions from one technological area to the next. Now the BMW i3 might have the capability of communicating with your iPhone or the new and upcoming Apple watch.

Reports have indicated that BMW is in talks with Apple over the iPhone about “connected car vehicles.” There were already some rumors circulating about Apple considering its own electric car, as well as rumors about Apple and BMW collaborating to create one. However, BMW has denied those rumors. Which in many cases makes sense – why develop a separate electric car when they’ve already been working so hard on the i3? Especially if they intend to integrate Apple technology into the onboard tech.

Including Apple could be rather handy, as Apple is so prevalent in today’s world, as well as giving the combination of car and Apple product owners to allow data to be exchanged. Integration of the car’s fuel use and movement data could also be transmitted to one’s iPhone, thus making it easier to note irregularities or track mileage. Similarly, the Apple Watch is already designed to have the capability to replace car keys and key fobs. So the combination of Apple tech and a BMW electric vehicle makes plenty of sense.

This may be something to take into consideration if you’ve been wondering about buying a BMW i3 at some point. You could wait until rumors are finally revealed as true or debunked completely – or you could get your hands on a hot new BMW right now from Braman BMW Jupiter. A little something to enjoy while you wait for the final details to settle. You can always upgrade, after all.

BMW i3 Video

Already the BMW i3 is making a name for itself. For people just interested in primarily city driving, it’s an excellent choice because it helps save on gas. This also means fewer emissions and less reliance upon oil. The i3 is, in a historical sense, a rather important car, racing right alongside other electrics and hybrids that stand upon the brink of changing things across the globe.

But until then, we have to satisfy ourselves with simply enjoying the i3. It does offer a great deal, from spacious designs to its assistance services. You can use the eNavigation to find your way throughout the city or the country depending upon where you’re going. The BMW “i” remote app that allows you to monitor your car’s battery charge can also help you find the nearest charging station in case power is low. These are only a few of the great services that make the i3 even more appealing than it already is.

If you happen to be looking for a BMW i3 for sale in South Florida and come upon Braman BMW dealership in Jupiter, you should also ask about the BMW Ultimate Service plan. This 8-year, 100,000-mile high-voltage battery warranty is an excellent addition to your i3, making sure that you’ll always be in shape and ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

The i3 is part of an exciting time in our technological history as we seek out new ways to shift further from our reliance upon fossil fuels and more on renewable resources. You can always request the Range Extender version from Braman BMW Jupiter, though that means the i3 essentially turns into a hybrid rather than a fully electric vehicle. Still, history hasn’t changed yet, so invest in the car that suits your lifestyle the most and discover all the ways that the BMW assistance services can make your life just a little bit easier.

Merging Two Passions: BMW i3 the Top Car for Cyclists

White BMW i3 for sale

It isn’t often that one object can represent multiple interests, but in the case of the BMW Electric Vehicle (EV), that seems to be the case. After all, many people who share both interests do so for very similar reasons. But the BMW i3 is not just any EV. For those who have a passion for cycling, the BMW i3 is the answer to many needs. So what do they have in common and why is the BMW i3 different? Read on.

Fresh Air, Open Road. With our weather and location, cycling is a big passion. Why? Because of the thrill of being on the open road and in the fresh air. Some test drivers have reported that driving the BMW i3 is not unlike biking. There is no fuel smell. There is no engine sound. There is no commute using fossil fuels, and the gas station is a thing of the past.C

Green Technology

yclists share more than just a passion for the sport. They also share a desire to make sure the environment in which they cycle remains clean and pristine. Here again, the BMW i3 steps in. Its electric battery allows 81 miles on a single charge with a very competitive price compared to similar models. The engine isn’t the only technological improvement, though. The carbon fiber frame reflects an idea made specifically for an urban environment, much like cycling, and helps keep the weight slim so that handling is more efficient. But it isn’t just a city car. The i3 can handle country driving just fine, with enough room for baggage and comfort to spare.

Now is the perfect time to come and investigate what the BMW i3 is all about. There has been a high volume of interest since its debut commercial during the Super Bowl. Maybe it is time you came in to see what the hype is really all about! Visit Braman BMW Jupiter and become part of our family.

What is the “Internet” Anyway? Meet the BMW i3!

BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel

One of the best and most talked about commercials during this year’s Super Bowl was for the BMW i3. It was a fantastic way to showcase the cutting edge technology, as well as the beauty of this new vehicle. And who doesn’t like a great punchline, anyway? Here are some of the details.

If you missed the commercial, you can watch it below. Using high profile newscasters – Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric – and an old school clip about the Internet, the audience is treated to a good laugh by seeing the two discuss, with much confusion, what on earth the “Internet” was. Flash forward and we see our two stars driving in the new BMW i3 “with nothing under the hood” and running entirely on “wind.” The implication, of course, is that just as the Internet is everywhere now and a critical part of our lives, so, too, will the BMW i3 become.

“Newfangled Idea”

So what is behind this new technology? There are lots of innovative features with this vehicle, and the carbon-fiber/aluminum structure is just one of them. Its best feature, of course, is its innovative motor, quiet and smooth with energy efficiency and green tech to boot. The motor is near silent. But don’t think you’re sacrificing power for a bunch of new ideas. You can still get the BMW i3 from zero to 60 miles an hour in 6.5 seconds. With 81 miles per charge, this vehicle can go anywhere you need it to. For the dead-battery anxiety, you can also purchase an optional range-extending gas engine.

Driving the BMW i3 is literally driving The Future. If you haven’t had the pleasure of testing a BMW, why not take this opportunity to see what you have been missing? Come find out what the BMW Super Bowl commercial was all about for yourself! Braman BMW Jupiter can hook you up with the best of our “newfangled ideas.”

Peter Frey: BMW i3 Test Drive

BMW i3 Test Drive with Peter Frey

Meet Peter Frey, the test drive guy. He loves smart cars and knows how to handle any vehicle thrown at him. But it’s always a delight to discover just how he might work with something new and fresh, such as the BMW i3. And if you’re looking for an honest review about a car you’re curious about, you won’t be disappointed with his BMW i3 review.

Economy Before Power

Braman BMW supplied Mr. Frey with one of their new BMW i3 vehicles. This is the car of the future – the i3 is almost completely silent and produces no pollution whatsoever because it is all electric. The i3 is a five-door, four-passenger vehicle that looks like a quick little vehicle from the future. While you’ll never hear that the i3 is a sports car, you will realize that it is one of the most luxurious ways to get into the electric car market. That’s because the i3 isn’t meant to be a fast, sporty-styled car like others in the BMW family. Rather, it’s meant to be capable, practical, and environmentally friendly, while still having some kick that BMW knows how to provide. Because after all, even if you don’t claim it as a sports car, you’ll definitely claim it as a BMW.

Driving Experience

According to Mr. Frey, it’s a rather unique experience. The newly styled controls may take some getting used to, but after owning the car for a few days, you’ll quickly grow accustomed to the style. Acceleration is silky smooth and powerful. 0-60 in just 7 seconds is what the i3 can offer, and that’s just one great aspect of it. Combined with the sensible price tag, even people who may have never considered a BMW car before may very well take a second and third look at the i3 for all that it can do, especially due to its zero-carbon footprint.

Range Extender

If you’re worried about a lack of charging stations, you can always go for the range extender option, which includes a small gas powered engine that is also a generator that keeps the batteries from losing all power. Smart, sensible, and enjoyable, Peter Frey had a good time in his i3 – are you ready for yours?

2014 BMW i3 Electric Car – Economical, Practical and Fun to Drive

The 2014 BMW i3 Costs Much Less to Operate than Gas-Powered Cars

Congratulations!  It takes courage and insight to consider a car as different from everything else on the road as the new BMW i3 electric car.  Hopefully it’s that very difference that you find attractive; the high technology, zero pollution, sustainable manufacturing, and the uniqueness of virtually every aspect from the styling to how it drives.

Reduce The Cost of Your Morning Commute with the Electric BMW i3 in Jupiter and West Palm Beach

If, however, what you’re looking for is a way to dramatically cut the amount of money you spend getting to and from work, you’re still looking at the right car.  According to a study by the Northeast Group focusing on 25 utilities in 14 states, if electricity was gasoline, it would cost 75 cents a gallon.  Or, if you look at it the way the EPA does, the i3 delivers fuel economy equivalent to 134 miles per gallon.

The last time you could buy a gallon of gasoline in the U.S. for 75 cents was in the late 1970s.  By comparison, the current average for gas prices in the U.S. is about $3.70 a gallon–almost five times as much.  So the BMW i3 is the car of tomorrow that you can drive today for yesterday’s prices.

Driving Range and Recharging the 2014 BMW i3

Aside from that, what else do you need 2014 BMW i3 Interior viewto know?  Well, many people are concerned about being stuck by the side of the road with no juice left in the batteries, so you should know that the on-board batteries are good for about 80 miles of driving with a full charge.  You can plug the i3 into wall current overnight or while you’re at work to re-charge, or use a public charging station for an even quicker dose of current.  For drivers who need more range, the i3 can be ordered with the optional ‘range extender,’ a small, 2-cylinder gasoline engine attached to a generator that keeps the car moving for another 80 miles.  If you need more than 160 miles, just fill up the 1.9-gallon gas tank and keep driving.

Unique Aspects of the 2014 BMW i3

As for the rest, a 5-door, 4-passenger urban commuter vehicle is hardly a job description that lends itself to swoopy styling, but however you feel about how the i3 looks, rest assured that it is both beautifully finished and solid as a rock.  And, because of how tall it is, and the way the rear doors are hinged, getting in and out is a breeze.

The interior is just as uniquely styled as the exterior, but it’s remarkably spacious, the seats are comfortable and if the instrument screens and unusual arrangement of the start/stop button and gearshift feel a bit odd at first, they’ll soon seem perfectly logical and easy to use.

Driving Impressions of the 2014 BMW i3

On the road, there2014 BMW i3 Profile view ’s one more extraordinary thing to get used to, but also something to enjoy.  The i3 is equipped with a ‘regenerative braking system’ that helps re-charge the battery.  The system will actually bring the car to a complete halt if you take your foot completely off the accelerator.  In practical terms, this means that you drive the i3 mainly with your right foot, using the brake pedal only if you need to stop suddenly.

Once you get used to this procedure, really no different than driving a golf cart, you can start enjoying the silky-smooth acceleration that’s typical of electric cars and especially true of the BMW i3.  The 125-kilowatt electric motor driving the rear wheels produces 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, which translates into 0 to 60 mph in seven seconds.  However, from 0 to 45 mph the i3 actually accelerates faster than the 560 horsepower BMW M5 sport sedan!

And that’s really the heart of the matter.  Not only is the BMW i3 high-tech enough to keep your inner space ranger happy, and economical enough to make your inner Scrooge smile, it’s also a gas to drive… so to speak.

A wide selection of 2014 BMW i3s are available at Braman BMW in West Palm Beach and Jupiter and you can lease one for as little as $399 per month. Come in today to drive the future of automobile engineering.

The BMW i3 vs Tesla – Who Wins?

The BMW i3 Beats Tesla. See Why.

the bmw i3 vs teslaThe stakes are getting higher and higher these days when it comes to electric cars. The BMW i3 and the Tesla are going head to head in the race to make the best and most in demand electric car – whether they intend to or not. It may not have been the intent of either company to create the clash of smart cars, but it’s here and now the question has become: which is better?

When it comes to the BMW i3 vs. Tesla, there are a lot of factors getting added in – including the production process itself. After all, it does seem a little counterproductive to make an electric car to help the environment all while crafting it in the traditional way. BMW is proud to use various eco-friendly processes, such as hydropower, wind power, and the use of recyclable materials as resources in order to make the i3. Tesla, however, still only has a claim to fame as one of the main producers of an impressive electric car – without eco-friendly car production.

That aside, both cars offer a lot to the consumer looking to drive one of the two smart cars. The BMW i3 currently runs at 80-100 miles, while the Tesla can do around 208. However, the BMW i3 is perfect for those who simply need a car for city driving. It recharges in about 3.5 hours, and it is also much cheaper than the Tesla. After the $7,500 federal tax credit, the i3 starts at $35,325 compared to the Tesla’s Model S at $63,570. Another huge difference? The BMW i3 is available now – and has been since December 2013. If you want a Tesla, you’ll have to get in line as the wait is currently around two months or longer.

So when it comes to needing a good electric car at an affordable price that you can buy today, the BMW i3 wins over the Tesla, hands down.