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  • LA’s boys (and girls) in blue are going green. Thanks to BMW of North America, the Los Angeles Police Department will add 100 BMW i3 electric cars to its stable. The electric/gas Bimmer hybrid will become a fuel-saving – and community-building – member of the force. LA’s Finest In field tests for the LAPD, BMW
  • If you’ve been looking for a way to help the environment, your chance to get a jump on one has just arrived. The new BMW i3 and i8 electric cars are here at BMW Jupiter, finally allowing you the ability to drive around town with little to no emissions whatsoever. The new BMW i3 and
  • If there’s one thing that BMW loves to play with, it’s new, innovative ideas. If you’ve been looking for a BMW i8 for sale or a BMW i3 for sale, now might be the perfect time to pick one of them up as BMW has recently released a smartphone app that pairs up with the
  • Technology is an amazing thing. These days we have so many different ways of not only communicating with each other, but allowing all of our devices to connect with one another, allowing for seamless transitions from one technological area to the next. Now the BMW i3 might have the capability of communicating with your iPhone
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    • March 24, 2015
    Already the BMW i3 is making a name for itself. For people just interested in primarily city driving, it’s an excellent choice because it helps save on gas. This also means fewer emissions and less reliance upon oil. The i3 is, in a historical sense, a rather important car, racing right alongside other electrics and
  • It isn’t often that one object can represent multiple interests, but in the case of the BMW Electric Vehicle (EV), that seems to be the case. After all, many people who share both interests do so for very similar reasons. But the BMW i3 is not just any EV. For those who have a passion
  • One of the best and most talked about commercials during this year’s Super Bowl was for the BMW i3. It was a fantastic way to showcase the cutting edge technology, as well as the beauty of this new vehicle. And who doesn’t like a great punchline, anyway? Here are some of the details. If you
  • BMW i3 Test Drive with Peter Frey Meet Peter Frey, the test drive guy. He loves smart cars and knows how to handle any vehicle thrown at him. But it’s always a delight to discover just how he might work with something new and fresh, such as the BMW i3. And if you’re looking for
  • The 2014 BMW i3 Costs Much Less to Operate than Gas-Powered Cars Congratulations!  It takes courage and insight to consider a car as different from everything else on the road as the new BMW i3 electric car.  Hopefully it’s that very difference that you find attractive; the high technology, zero pollution, sustainable manufacturing, and the
  • The BMW i3 Beats Tesla. See Why. The stakes are getting higher and higher these days when it comes to electric cars. The BMW i3 and the Tesla are going head to head in the race to make the best and most in demand electric car – whether they intend to or not. It may