Merging Two Passions: BMW i3 the Top Car for Cyclists

February 08, 2015

White BMW i3 for sale

It isn’t often that one object can represent multiple interests, but in the case of the BMW Electric Vehicle (EV), that seems to be the case. After all, many people who share both interests do so for very similar reasons. But the BMW i3 is not just any EV. For those who have a passion for cycling, the BMW i3 is the answer to many needs. So what do they have in common and why is the BMW i3 different? Read on.

Fresh Air, Open Road. With our weather and location, cycling is a big passion. Why? Because of the thrill of being on the open road and in the fresh air. Some test drivers have reported that driving the BMW i3 is not unlike biking. There is no fuel smell. There is no engine sound. There is no commute using fossil fuels, and the gas station is a thing of the past.C

Green Technology

yclists share more than just a passion for the sport. They also share a desire to make sure the environment in which they cycle remains clean and pristine. Here again, the BMW i3 steps in. Its electric battery allows 81 miles on a single charge with a very competitive price compared to similar models. The engine isn’t the only technological improvement, though. The carbon fiber frame reflects an idea made specifically for an urban environment, much like cycling, and helps keep the weight slim so that handling is more efficient. But it isn’t just a city car. The i3 can handle country driving just fine, with enough room for baggage and comfort to spare.

Now is the perfect time to come and investigate what the BMW i3 is all about. There has been a high volume of interest since its debut commercial during the Super Bowl. Maybe it is time you came in to see what the hype is really all about! Visit Braman BMW Jupiter and become part of our family.

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