BMW i3 May Communicate with iPhone and Apple Watches

April 18, 2015

BMW i3 App on the Apple Watch

Technology is an amazing thing. These days we have so many different ways of not only communicating with each other, but allowing all of our devices to connect with one another, allowing for seamless transitions from one technological area to the next. Now the BMW i3 might have the capability of communicating with your iPhone or the new and upcoming Apple watch.

Reports have indicated that BMW is in talks with Apple over the iPhone about “connected car vehicles.” There were already some rumors circulating about Apple considering its own electric car, as well as rumors about Apple and BMW collaborating to create one. However, BMW has denied those rumors. Which in many cases makes sense – why develop a separate electric car when they’ve already been working so hard on the i3? Especially if they intend to integrate Apple technology into the onboard tech.

Including Apple could be rather handy, as Apple is so prevalent in today’s world, as well as giving the combination of car and Apple product owners to allow data to be exchanged. Integration of the car’s fuel use and movement data could also be transmitted to one’s iPhone, thus making it easier to note irregularities or track mileage. Similarly, the Apple Watch is already designed to have the capability to replace car keys and key fobs. So the combination of Apple tech and a BMW electric vehicle makes plenty of sense.

This may be something to take into consideration if you’ve been wondering about buying a BMW i3 at some point. You could wait until rumors are finally revealed as true or debunked completely – or you could get your hands on a hot new BMW right now from Braman BMW Jupiter. A little something to enjoy while you wait for the final details to settle. You can always upgrade, after all.

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