BMW i3 Video

March 24, 2015

Already the BMW i3 is making a name for itself. For people just interested in primarily city driving, it’s an excellent choice because it helps save on gas. This also means fewer emissions and less reliance upon oil. The i3 is, in a historical sense, a rather important car, racing right alongside other electrics and hybrids that stand upon the brink of changing things across the globe.

But until then, we have to satisfy ourselves with simply enjoying the i3. It does offer a great deal, from spacious designs to its assistance services. You can use the eNavigation to find your way throughout the city or the country depending upon where you’re going. The BMW “i” remote app that allows you to monitor your car’s battery charge can also help you find the nearest charging station in case power is low. These are only a few of the great services that make the i3 even more appealing than it already is.

If you happen to be looking for a BMW i3 for sale in South Florida and come upon Braman BMW dealership in Jupiter, you should also ask about the BMW Ultimate Service plan. This 8-year, 100,000-mile high-voltage battery warranty is an excellent addition to your i3, making sure that you’ll always be in shape and ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

The i3 is part of an exciting time in our technological history as we seek out new ways to shift further from our reliance upon fossil fuels and more on renewable resources. You can always request the Range Extender version from Braman BMW Jupiter, though that means the i3 essentially turns into a hybrid rather than a fully electric vehicle. Still, history hasn’t changed yet, so invest in the car that suits your lifestyle the most and discover all the ways that the BMW assistance services can make your life just a little bit easier.

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