Peter Frey: BMW i3 Test Drive

January 06, 2015

BMW i3 Test Drive with Peter Frey

Meet Peter Frey, the test drive guy. He loves smart cars and knows how to handle any vehicle thrown at him. But it’s always a delight to discover just how he might work with something new and fresh, such as the BMW i3. And if you’re looking for an honest review about a car you’re curious about, you won’t be disappointed with his BMW i3 review.

Economy Before Power

Braman BMW supplied Mr. Frey with one of their new BMW i3 vehicles. This is the car of the future – the i3 is almost completely silent and produces no pollution whatsoever because it is all electric. The i3 is a five-door, four-passenger vehicle that looks like a quick little vehicle from the future. While you’ll never hear that the i3 is a sports car, you will realize that it is one of the most luxurious ways to get into the electric car market. That’s because the i3 isn’t meant to be a fast, sporty-styled car like others in the BMW family. Rather, it’s meant to be capable, practical, and environmentally friendly, while still having some kick that BMW knows how to provide. Because after all, even if you don’t claim it as a sports car, you’ll definitely claim it as a BMW.

Driving Experience

According to Mr. Frey, it’s a rather unique experience. The newly styled controls may take some getting used to, but after owning the car for a few days, you’ll quickly grow accustomed to the style. Acceleration is silky smooth and powerful. 0-60 in just 7 seconds is what the i3 can offer, and that’s just one great aspect of it. Combined with the sensible price tag, even people who may have never considered a BMW car before may very well take a second and third look at the i3 for all that it can do, especially due to its zero-carbon footprint.

Range Extender

If you’re worried about a lack of charging stations, you can always go for the range extender option, which includes a small gas powered engine that is also a generator that keeps the batteries from losing all power. Smart, sensible, and enjoyable, Peter Frey had a good time in his i3 – are you ready for yours?

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