BMW EV Popularity Is Rising

May 18, 2023
bmw ev charging

BMW’s 2023 sales figures are already impressive, with 12% first-quarter sales growth year over year. As 8% of those sales are fully electric, it’s clear that the BMW EV popularity is making the German manufacturer a major contender in the wider EV market.

What’s Driving BMW EV Popularity Up?

BMW’s gone to great lengths to provide a broad range of choices for electric or hybrid plug-in models. In fact, when you include plug-in hybrid vehicles, total BMW EV sales reached 17% of their total sales in early 2023. Currently, BMW and electric fans have well over a half-dozen choices:

  • i4*
  • iX*
  • i7*
  • i3* (retired)
  • X5 xDrive45e
  • BMW 33e
  • BMW 530e
  • XM

(*Fully electric)

With the incoming electric M series, the BMW Vision M Next, it’s clear that BMW is ambitious about its role in the electric vehicle market.

As you’d expect, BMW’s pulling no punches, ensuring that their contributions to electric vehicle innovations are impressive by both traditional and modern standards. The Vision M Next breaks the three-second threshold in 0–60 MPH tests — and BMW is equally accommodating of the needs of regular commuters. Their partnership with Electrify America provides owners of select models with complimentary charging sessions at over 3,000 fast-charging stations across the nation.

Whatever suits your driving style, BMW is making it clear that they’re fully invested in the needs of those making the switch to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Electrify Your Ride

Of course, gas-engine vehicles aren’t going anywhere any time soon; but all the same, you won’t need to skimp on performance or convenience if an electric BMW is the direction you choose for your next auto purchase.

BMW EV popularity is rising for good reason. Those interested in making the transition are best served by a dedicated BMW specialist with access to the most popular new BMWs, including their increasingly impressive line of electric and hybrid models.

Braman BMW Jupiter is proud to sell BMW EVs, so if you have any questions or would like to schedule a test drive, contact Braman BMW‘s exceptionally friendly and deeply knowledgeable staff.

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