BMW $1.7 Billion Investment to Build EVs in the US

December 16, 2022
bmw building evs in the us

BMW Building Evs in the US

If you ask BMW purists, they’ll say that the release of new BMW models is always something to look forward to. The BMW Group has committed $1.7 billion to two separate electric vehicle-related initiatives at the plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The investment will be used to retrofit the company’s current manufacturing facilities in South Carolina to produce EVs. Today, we look at BMW building EVs in the US and the efforts made by the company toward establishing the BMW battery assembly factory.

Why Is the Automobile Industry Going Electric?

The car industry is transitioning to electric vehicles, and manufacturers are preparing for the future by filling their showrooms with new battery-powered vehicles. BMW building EVs in the US is key not only to the company’s green pledge, but also to the company’s bottom line. The BMW Group will follow suit in 2025 at the brand-new Debrecen factory with the Neue Klasse platform’s introduction; in 2026, the Munich plant will do the same.

An enormous $1.7 billion investment was announced here in the US to move the manufacturing of NE-based cars to North America.

BMW Building EVs in the US: Battery Assembly Factory

BMW has so far announced the formation of four additional battery cell factories in Europe and China to meet the company’s need for battery cells of the next generation. The establishment of these BMW battery assembly factories is essential to its success.

The BMW Group is working with Envision AESC on the battery facility construction. Round lithium-ion battery cells similar to this will be manufactured by the Automotive Energy Supply Corporation, which plans to produce 30 GWh annually. It’s estimated that 300 new jobs will be created due to this new facility, occupying more than a million square feet.

Braman BMW: Jupiter

Due to stricter pollution laws and legislation to promote local manufacturing, these announcements are the latest in a series of multibillion-dollar investments in the US production of EVs and batteries.

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