Interested in the New BMW i3?

October 05, 2014

Interested In The New BMW i3?

Don’t worry – you’re not the only one.

The BMW i3 is highly sought-after because of the little (or no) use of gasoline, which saves the driver hundreds of dollars every year, quickly adding up into the thousands in just a few years. One of the many things people wonder about when it comes to brand new electric cars is the price. So if you’re interested in a BMW electric car, you might be wondering – what is the BMW i3 price?

The MSRP is around $43,000. Which, given what you may have seen of other electric cars, isn’t something unattainable. Especially since a lot of current cars that still run on gasoline can easily top that amount. Many luxury cars still have vehicles in their line-up that are far more expensive. But the i3 is very affordable, and consider that you’ll be spending nothing on gasoline (and if you choose the i3 REx, not even two gallons per fill-up), it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Even better, if you head on over to Braman, BMW, you’ll quickly discover that you can get the i3 into your driveway for a very affordable price. This is especially true if you decide to lease. In fact, when you lease the BMW i3, the price is just $299 per month. This option can be especially great if you consider that BMW is still working on more electric cars and smart car versions. Eventually, they will release the i8 – so by the time the lease runs out, you may decide to trade in your BMW i3 for an i8. Unless, of course, you enjoy your i3 so much that you opt for a brand new i3 to enjoy.

Not paying gas, enjoying a quiet ride, and only paying $299 per month to indulge in the luxury that only BMW can offer? Most definitely a fantastic deal worth looking into.

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