BMW Design Visions for the Future

December 15, 2016

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Part of the fun of being a BMW enthusiast is looking to the future. Progress is being made all the time. BMW has a habit of looking to the past for lessons, but always stepping forward into the future. You have to be brave to let go of some of the things that once made you successful; BMW understands how to incorporate its proud accomplishments into a modern world with modern demands.

If you’re searching for an electric BMW for sale, you’ll see more to choose from today. With wing doors, sweeping forms, wide tires, and engineering that hugs the ground, performance electric cars like the BMW i8 are futuristic, beautiful, and inspire envy wherever they’re seen. Its brave choices in form and highlights of color will lead to cars that look and act even more different than what we see today.

In particular, BMW technology has advanced phenomenally. Infotainment systems like BMW ConnectedDrive can now learn our habits and make recommendations as we travel. They can analyze our driving techniques and tendencies. They can serve as entire app platforms that make engaging and staying connected seamless.

Furthermore, advances in safety technology such as laser-driven headlights, headlights that anticipate turns, and camera-assisted exterior vision and warning systems can help you be more in control on the road.

Heads-up-displays for nighttime driving will be en vogue, keeping you safer while also making you feel like you’re in the cockpit of a jet fighter. Even night vision will continue being improved and made even more practical.

There’s also a conceptual design for a car that changes form as you drive. The BMW GINA’s flexible skin stretches over a movable frame. Need a spoiler for high-speeds? GINA will develop one. That’s what the future for BMW technology may hold.

From aesthetics to performance to form and technology, BMW is evolving all the time. It’s exciting to be able to step into the future with such a performance-engineered brand.

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