Introducing The New 2016 BMW Models At Braman BMW Jupiter

January 11, 2016

The all-new Braman BMW Jupiter, your prestige BMW new and used car dealership in Jupiter, Florida proudly introduces the exciting new 2016 BMWs in South Florida. Once again, BMW sets the standard and blazes new trails of innovation, performance, luxury, and sheer driving pleasure with these exceptional race-bred sports luxury vehicles. Today, we showcase two new 2016 BMWs that are emblematic of the marque’s German-engineered heritage of crafting some of the most remarkable and fun-to-drive vehicles on the road.


2016 BMW 2 Series 228i Sports Coupe

Once again, the stunning new 2016 BMW 2 Series 228i Sports Coupe at Braman BMW epitomizes the essence of BMW at a surprisingly affordable price point. Every bit a BMW in its demeanor; the 2 Series excels at achieving a new level of pure driving pleasure. From its classic styling that conveys a purposeful dimension to every bend in the road and its superb road manners to its legendary performance and impeccable interior, the BMW 2 Series is in a class by itself.

The New Art Of Driving Excellence

As Bengt Halvorson, editor of automotive experts,, states, “The 2016 BMW 2-Series is occupying a place of great import for longtime fans of the BMW brand. That’s because while the BMW 3-Series—yes, the car line that stemmed from the BMW 2002, the Holy Grail to a generation of automotive enthusiasts—has evolved to become a much bigger, more comfortable and refined family of family vehicles—it’s the 2-Series Coupe, and not the much larger 4-Series, that carries the torch for the brand.” According to Halvorson, the 2 Series is “smoother, sleeker, and better proportioned.” The 2 Series is truly a new art form in motion, with a wide stance, athletic aesthetics, and fluid and graceful lines.

A Superbly Crafted Interior

Form does indeed follow function as the 2106 BMW’s interior’s classic sports pedigree shine through. The intuitive driver-centric cockpit is a case study in crafting the ultimate sports-minded interior. The Coupe’s surprisingly roomy interior features the finest quality and meticulous attention to detail that one would expect from BMW.’s Bengt Halvorson observes, “Inside, the 2016 BMW 2-Series has a design that’s clearly driver-centric. Instruments and controls are oriented for easy access, and there’s a little less of the horizontal, shelf-like layout of BMW’s larger cars. You can, of course, add a wide range of trim and material upgrades, but the 2-Series is at its best in simpler, understated form inside to go along with the focused feel of the car.”

Extraordinary Power

Driving the new 2016 BMW 228i Coupe is an awesomely rewarding experience. The 228i’s turbocharged 4-cylinder produces 240-hp and 258 lb.-ft. of torque with a choice between a manual and an automatic. The turbo 4 accelerates to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds. Add the available Track Handling Package available on both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive models, and take it to the next level with Adaptive M Suspension, Variable Sport steering, M Sport Brakes, and a revised spring setup that reduces ride height by 10mm.

The 2016 BMW 228i Coupe is the perfect antidote to the boring daily commute or trip across town. The smile on your face will show it.


2016 BMW 7 Series

The magnificent 2016 BMW 7 Series at Braman BMW Jupiter transcends every possible superlative. This extraordinary full-sized luxury performance sedan inaugurates a new era of unbridled performance and astonishing handling. The 7 Series features a radical, lightweight Carbon Core design that lowers the center of gravity for a new dimension of driving pleasure for this class of luxury sports sedans.

A New Leap Of Innovation

As Kirk Bell of explains, “The BMW 7-Series makes a tremendous technological leap with every generation. And rather than keeping its transcendence to what’s under the hood or to technology on the dash, the sixth-generation 2016 BMW 7-Series learns a bit from BMW’s carbon-fiber ‘i’ cars inside and underneath.”

“The 2016 7-Series is about the same size as the outgoing car, yet it’s built on a new Carbon Core platform that uses a combination of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), ultra-tensile steels, and aluminum to cut up to 90 pounds there alone,” Bell states. “The 7-Series’ doors and hood are made of aluminum, lighter weight suspension components cut 15 percent of the un-sprung mass, and BMW notes that the 7-Series keeps a perfect 50/50 weight distribution.”

The Pinnacle Of Interior Design

Enter the interior of one of the new 7 Series BMWs at Braman BMW Jupiter and you’ll immediately understand why the 7 Series is the ultimate expression of what a true luxury sports sedan should be. The 7’s interior is nothing less than exquisite down to the smallest detail. The luxuriant richness of the finest premium materials, the substantial roominess, and the unique innovations that you’ll find in abundance exemplify the 7 Series’ lofty aspirations. The unique Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package, for example, allows rear passengers to stretch out in superlative comfort while enjoying relaxing massage functionality, a fold-out table, two cup holders, and an array of entertainment options, including twin tablet-sized displays for enjoying movies and more. The exclusive Bowers & Wilkins surround sound audio system pumps out 1,400 watts of audiophile-quality sound through 16 perfectly matched speakers.’s Kirk Bell expounds on the 7 Series interior’s many preeminent virtues by saying,  “As part of the revamped instrument-panel design, the corners have been pushed farther outward, at least visually, creating a little more perceived cabin space for those in the front seats. U.S. models only get long-wheelbase versions with an additional inch of rear legroom. The back seat area, as it always has for the 7-Series, can be equipped for typical luxury-sedan accommodations or something far greater and chauffeur-worthy. New ambient lighting and a fragrance option help personalize the interior, while there’s a panoramic LED roof available. All doors now have a soft-close feature.”

“Now that heated rear seats are more common,” Bell adds, “the 7-Series takes it a step farther, with heated armrests, front and rear. A Luxury Rear Seating Package adds those plus rear ventilated and comfort seats, and a removable Touch Command Tablet, with wireless hotspot, for those in back.”

Creating The Future Of Automotive Technology

Since its inception as an automaker, BMW has always led and never followed. This forward-thinking philosophy takes center stage with a tour de force of imaginative technological innovation that takes the BMW 7 Series to the pinnacle of cutting-edge, high-tech achievement. BMW’s groundbreaking iDrive 5.0 system with the world’s first-ever Gesture Control capability is a case in point. Gesture Control, a standard feature on the 7 Series, is like an instinctual genie that allows you to control communication and entertainment functions with intuitive hand gestures. BMW doesn’t just predict the future; they create it.

Indescribable Driving Excitement

Get behind the wheel of the new 7 Series and experience a thrilling new dimension of performance. While words can describe the details, such as engine displacement, horsepower, and suspension, these words are simply inadequate to capture the essence of this astonishing automobile’s phenomenal handling and power. Nevertheless, we will endeavor to provide you with some of the vital statistics that make the 7 Series worthy of being called the flagship of the BMW line.

Let’s start with the 7 Series’ precision-engineered 3.0-liter Turbo V6 engine available on the 740i, 750i, and 750i xDrive models that deliver a potent 320 horsepower for smooth acceleration. But for the ultimate amusement park, adrenaline rush, there’s the amazing 4.4-liter TwinPower V8. This refined beast of an engine generates a stupendous 445-hp and 480 lb.-ft. of pavement-bending torque, rocketing it from 0-60 in a mere 4.3 seconds. An 8-speed transmission actually links to the car’s navigation system so it can anticipate changes in terrain and curves and adjust accordingly.

Putting all this power in your serene control requires a suspension system and chassis that was born on the race tracks of the world. As Kirk Bell explains, “The chassis controls that underpin the 7-Series become far more complex this year. A new feature called Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview adds anticipatory functions to the active-chassis system and air suspension (which has now been extended even to the base 740i) while the Integral Active Steering (rear-wheel steering) has been reengineered so it can now be offered in combination with all-wheel drive.”

If you believe that driving a car should be something more than just taking you from “point A to point B.” If you understand that the true value of luxury is not in the price tag but the fulfillment of your deepest desires. If you could craft a car that brings you a sense of profound joy, then we offer the new 2016 BMW 7 Series for your esteemed consideration. Is it the “Ultimate Driving Machine?” Yes, it is.

Experience The New 2016 BMWs At Braman BMW

The 2016 BMW 2 Series and 2016 BMW 7 Series described above are but two examples of the many exciting and superbly engineered new 2016 BMWs we have in stock here at your premier South Florida BMW dealership. We also have an excellent selection of 2015 BMWs and outstanding “like new” BMW Certified Pre-Owned vehicles in South Florida to choose from. We’re celebrating the New Year with exceptional offers that include dealer specials, year-end model closeouts, and money-saving BMW manufacturer incentives. Our BMW Pull-Ahead Program for current BMW owners lets you lease or finance a brand-new qualified BMW model, and we’ll waive up to 3 monthly payments.

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