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  • bmw on social media
    Social media has been a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to connect with their customers. But some brands have been more successful than others when it comes to using social media. BMW is one of the most popular car brands on social media, and there are several reasons why. Let’s take a look
  • 2023 bmw 8 series competition
    The BMW 8 Series was first introduced four years ago and now the Bavarian automaker has introduced the 2023 models, which include the 8 Series Coupe, Gran Coupe Sedan, and the Cabriolet (Convertible). While there have not been many external changes, the 2023 BMW 8 Series have a few refreshing things on the inside that
  • What Does BMW Mean?

    • April 08, 2020
    BMW has long been an iconic brand. It’s the symbol of luxury for many car buyers, and for those up and coming, it’s often the first step toward true success. Few, though, know their BMW history. In fact, many search the term “What does BMW stand for” on a regular basis. How much do you
  • New BMW 8 Series Review | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida
    The Munich design team has outdone themselves – again. The new BMW 8 Series is refined and elegant with a powerful, aggressive twist. This is the car for people who love to drive. Or those who want to fall back in love with driving. Either way, the 8 is poised to meet your highest expectations. 
  • New BMW X3 | S58 Engine | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida
    The debut of the S58 engine in the new BMW X3 is a dramatic moment in the maker’s history. The S55 engine it improves upon has been a remarkable powerhouse, but the S58 will be the M Division’s flagship engine moving forward. What does that mean for you? The next BMW X3 M and X4
  • Latest BMW News | Purchase BMW | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida
    It’s always exciting when two competitors come together on a special project. The latest BMW news is that there may be talk with Mercedes about collaborating on a car series. This means you could purchase BMW and Mercedes in one vehicle. Sharing Expertise Handelsblatt is a German automotive magazine that broke the rumor. The idea
  • BMW Model | BMW Car Features | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida
    Which BMW model is your perfect match? Decide what features you want, what feel you want. BMW car features include a wide variety of top luxury and performance elements. It can be a tough choice. Get a feel for what each series can offer, and go to the dealership with a set of desires you
  • New BMW 8 Series Coupe | 2019 BMW 8 Series | Braman BMW Jupiter, FL
    The new BMW 8 Series coupe relaunches the grand tourer line after a 20-year hiatus. This fall, you can expect the 2019 BMW 8 Series to wow in showrooms across the U.S. Sculpted to Perfection The new BMW 8 Series coupe is long and sleek. The front and rear are uniquely sculpted to deliver a
  • BMW Collection | BMW Cars For Sale | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida
    Driving can be an escape. It can be stress relief. It can be a passion. The meaning of driving amounts to a collection of experiences, and when those experiences are shared with someone else they become even more special. So it is for Nicholas and Tanya, who share many things: passions for art and wine,