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The Future of BMW

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit all car manufacturers equally hard. There was work stoppage for most of 2020 and this also caused a delay in receiving needed parts and supplies; leaving a large question mark on the path of BMW future cars. But now that businesses are getting back on pace, people are reflecting on what they’ve learned. The pandemic has taught BMW two important lessons: the luxury car industry can be finicky, and the world is going green. The public is slowly moving away from gas-powered cars and the demand for electric vehicles (EV) is on the rise. So, it’s no surprise that BMW future vehicles will be exceedingly electric.

BMW electric vehicles

BMW is going all-electric by 2030. BMW has already started to build or expand factories in Mexico, Hungary, China, and the United States to meet the EV demand.

More importantly, its vision for BMW future cars is to release newer models that will shape its path into the next decade. BMW future vehicles will not only be family-oriented, but also be more sporty and compact.


The newest model for the BMW M series will be the G87 M2. While much remains unknown about this car, it will be electric and most likely a coupe. In addition, the G87 M2 will be rear-wheel drive. The company does not plan to make significant changes to the interior aspects of BMW future vehicles, but the exterior will have a modified sporty look.

The second generation of the BMW M4 (G82 coupe and G83 convertible) has just started to appear in Europe and should be available in the U.S. early next year. This high-performance version of the older G22 4 series comes with more HP but has the same twin-kidney grille. The convertible version with a folding soft top will be available as a Competition model with the M xDrive. Rest assured this luxury sports car is fast, reaching 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds, with a top speed of 220 mph. At the moment, only the manual transmission will be available in the standard M4. By 2025, BMW will eventually release other versions, namely CS, CSL, and GTS.

In 2020, BMW announced an improved 5 series Touring with similar upgrades for the M5, M5 Competition, and M5CS. These luxury models will be leaner, and trimmer compared to the previous models, but much remains unknown about the exact specs or when they will appear. 

BMW will be offering an all-wheel drive SUV in the X2 range, which will be powered by a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. Minor facelifts are planned for 2022 but the Covid-19 pandemic may slow down this venture. 

Several other derivatives of the X5 have also been announced, which will be more powerful and faster than previous models. There are also plans for the X6 M and X6 M Competition versions of each. They may appear in several years, providing there are fewer supply chain hiccups.


The long-term BMW future cars is for all-electric models. BMW is trying to cut down on gas-powered vehicles and putting more effort into making plug-in hybrids and full EVs over the next few years. In early 2022, the BMW i4, an all-new electric sedan, will appear in the showrooms and is expected to compete against other mid-size EVs and the Tesla Model 3.

BMW has acknowledged that the market for EVs is very competitive, and it will need to compete with the cheaper and more efficient EVs already on the market. Its primary focus, however, will be on making eco-friendly luxury cars that will be lighter, smaller, and have stronger batteries. 

To learn more about BMW future vehicles, visit Braman Motorcars or call them at (561) 609-0144 to speak to a knowledgeable representative.

BMW i Hydrogen NEXT | Fuel Cell Vehicles | Braman BMW in Jupiter, Florida

BMW i Hydrogen NEXT Unveiled

The BMW i Hydrogen NEXT marks the brand’s continued commitment to the “future of mobility.” The theory is that various types of drive systems will exist side-by-side; there is no one single solution to mobility needs, but BMW is placing increasing focus on fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen, they propose, is a critical alternative and complement to battery-electric drive systems.

With the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT, the brand gives us a look into the future. BMW may be able to offer fuel cell vehicles to consumers by 2025. What we know now, though, is that the NEXT is apparently modeled after the dynamic X5. Design details, such as the distinctive BMW i Blue patterning on the bonnet, which is repeated in 3D form on the air intakes, make it instantly recognizable as a BMW.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like the NEXT will deliver unrestricted zero-emissions mobility and refueling times of less than four minutes. In other respects, it will perform much like a conventional car in terms of range, comfort, handling in various conditions, and more. 

In 2013, the BMW Group partnered with Toyota Motor Corporation to co-develop a hydrogen fuel cell drive system. Since 2015, they have been testing a small number of prototype BMW 5 Series hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and the two automakers continue to work on developing next gen fuel cell drive systems that are scalable for consumer needs. They also established the Hydrogen Council, an initiative in which they team up with leading energy, transport, and industrial companies to push forward with the “hydrogen-fuelled energy revolution.” To date, the Council has 60 member companies.

BMW is putting a great deal of resources – and innovation – into developing hydrogen-based technology and viable fuel cell vehicles. The future is coming – and the team at Braman BMW Jupiter, FL can’t wait!

BMW Vision | Intelligent Vehicles | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

What Is the BMW Vision iNEXT Project?

You’ve probably heard a lot of news about driverless cars. These intelligent vehicles are capable of being fully automated. Yet where are they? Are they on the road yet, or are we still talking about the future? The BMW Vision iNEXT may be on the road in the sense that a prototype is being tested, but it won’t go into production until 2021.

One Giant Leap

Why such a long delay between prototype and production? Intelligent vehicles are a big step forward in the way we drive. There’s a great deal of attention that must be given to making driverless operation as safe as possible. That means an incredible amount of development and testing, more so than has gone into any other vehicle in BMW’s history.

Chauffeured Driving for All

The goal of the BMW Vision iNEXT and other intelligent vehicles is that the cars should be able to take over driving in any situation. This chauffeured mode gives you more time back in the day. Instead of a daily slog to and from work, you can let Vision drive and focus on some phone calls, watch a sports show, do a crossword – whatever helps you relax and de-stress. Instead of a traffic jam, you get some you-time. Text with a friend or check your social media while the Vision drives.

Take Over When You Want

At the same time, you should be able to take over driving when you wish. Even in an automatic car, you may still want to enjoy the thrill of driving on the open highway now and again. In Vision’s case, this delivers BMW sport activity vehicle performance.

Giving Us Back Our Drive Time

Essentially, drive the BMW Vision when you want. Stop driving and let the Vision drive when you want. You can pick and choose when you choose to drive and still get where you’re going on-time. No more yelling at other drivers making a bad choice, or getting angry at a red light. You’re too busy enjoying some other part of your day. Intelligent vehicles offer the possibility for all of us to be chauffeured.

We can’t wait either!

BMW Car News | BMW Z4 | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

BMW Car News: The 2019 G29 Z4

BMW car news is always exciting, and the 2019 G29 Z4 may be one of the most anticipated models yet. Exceptionally low to the ground, the BMW Z4 gallops through corners without losing a step, all while maintaining a composure you might describe as gliding.

From the Ground Up

The BMW Z4 is designed essentially from scratch with a renewed focus on sports performance. This isn’t just a luxurious cruiser, it’s an agile sports car that reflects M-level sharpness in its handling. A number of elements that are featured in the M3 and M4 are present in the BMW Z4, including actively controlled limited slip differential for added traction.

The BMW Z4 M40i is powered by a 360 hp six-cylinder. Now this is the same engine as the BMW X3 M40i, a crossover with some height and athletic heft to it. It can easily power the smaller roadster design of the Z4.

Precise Handling

A number of details give the driver utmost control over the road. There’s a real sense of connection to the drive – the seat is low so you can really feel every move, but maintains good overview so you can anticipate. The center of gravity is similarly low, so that you feel on level with it every moment. This lends a remarkable sense of control through corners. There’s zero sense of roll or lost traction.

The different performance modes are well thought out, tightening or loosening up the steering as you need it. The handling is tight enough to start, and when you really have a nice stretch of curving road, the precise response of the Sport Plus mode lends superb road feel. There’s an incredible zone where it feels like you barely need to think of what you want to do before the BMW Z4 is doing it. The Z4’s responsiveness in Sport Plus is rare and exceptional.

Pushing New Territory

Where the previous Z4 generation could sometimes have some difficulty on bad roads, the Comfort mode and rethought suspension gives the BMW Z4 a smooth ride on rough surfaces while maintaining its precise handling.

There’s something special about an open-top roadster that performs like the best BMWs in history while simultaneously pushing the envelope even further into new territory.

BMW X Models | New BMW SAVs | Braman BMW Jupiter, FL

BMW X Models Mark the Spot for New BMW SAVs

BMW X models hit that sweet spot that every crossover and SUV seeks. You need the room of an SUV and the performance of a sports car. The SAV, or Sports Activity Vehicle, is designed for those who want to adventure but still enjoy the feel of the road. The drive is part of the adventure, so why not enjoy a car that takes that seriously?

BMW X Models: The X2

The X2 is a crossover with unique, rally-inspired styling. The turbocharged engine gives you 228 hp and a 0 to 60 mph time of about six seconds. Family-driven, it’s chock full of safety and assisted driving features. With lane-departure warning, auto high-beams, forward collision warning, and automated emergency braking for low speeds, it ensures you and yours are as safe as can be.

It also boasts a range of technology that keep everyone entertained and connected on the drive.

BMW X Models: The X5

The X5 is true SUV size, blended with the power and performance of a strong sports car. Built from the 7 Series dynamic modular platform, it’s lightweight and nimble while still seating seven. The engine choice is yours. You can start out with the 300 hp model or go straight to the 445 hp V8. The hybrid’s combined powertrain will give you a meaty 308 hp.

Even more importantly, the X5’s all-wheel drive means serious off-road ability and stellar sure-footedness in bad weather. With the raging storms we’ve had in recent years, this kind of handling offers tremendous peace of mind.

BMW X Models: The X7

The X7 dwarfs some SUVs, but it drives beautifully. The response is tactile and smooth, and your engine options lend you power to spare. Imagine a sports car that can perform in severe off-road conditions, and you begin to get an idea of what the X7 can handle.

Luxury isn’t spared either. The X7 is BMW’s newest flagship. It performs like an angry beast, yet lets you relax as if it’s your sanctuary. That’s the goal of the new BMW SAVs.

The BMW X models are built to excel and impress, so that you push forward on your adventures knowing your ride is always spacious, safe, comfortable, and up to any task you give it.

BMW 8 Series Coupe Dealer | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

The New BMW 8 Series

Excited about the new BMW 8 Series? You should be! It’s a beautiful beast of a car. Its classic lines complement a mean look. The appealing 8 looks like it’s leaning into a curve even when it’s parked.

There’s nothing better than being a BMW 8 Series coupe dealer. Unless it’s being an 8 Series owner!

Power to Spare

The TwinPower Turbo V8 in the BMW 8 Series coupe is made for acceleration, whether it’s growling out of a full stop or taking that opening at speed in traffic that any other car couldn’t make.

The handling is superb. This is a high point in BMW’s already considerable engineering history. The BMW 8 Series clearly has racing roots, and it’s just as fun on the open road as it is on the track. No other car quite matches the feeling the the 8 Series gives you, and it’s a thrill.

Stunning Looks

The interior is well sculpted, with some of BMW’s best lines and most comfortable detailing yet. Tearing up the road has rarely been so inviting. The interior is lush with technology that’s presented in a simple, elegant, easy-to-use manner. If there’s one thing BMW is pioneering, it’s implementing technology in ways that don’t overwhelm or confuse the way other makers often do. Everything you need is there, but it’s built so use is second nature.

The interior design itself is an entire feature list of surprises: Merino leather, precise stitching, perforated designs. It’s a masterpiece of clean lines mixed with subtle detail. The exterior echoes this, with shapely contours that all lean into the 8 Series’ sporty performance, and a mean look from the front. It gives other drivers warning that they should prepare to marvel as you pass them by.

Visit a BMW 8 Series coupe dealer to get a taste of stellar performance. And if you really want to stun every driver you pass, yes, we do expect an M8 version (the concept M8 is nothing short of stunning).

New BMW X2 Convertible

BMW X2 Convertible on the Way?

A new BMW X2 may be on the way – and expect this one to be different. And just as exciting as you’d hope.

A BMW X2 convertible would feature two doors and a soft-top roof. The possibility of a rear hatch is being considered, but we’ll hold off on the predictions until we know more!

What We Know Now

The 2-Series convertible may see a hiatus going forward. This would make a new BMW X2 the maker’s only convertible option in the compact segment. We can hardly wait for 2019.

New BMW X2 Features

The BMW X2 is already a distinctive crossover with an affordable price range and nice performance specs. It features a number of forward-thinking and futuristic advances on a very practical platform. Cornering lights help light up the oncoming turn. Full LED rear lights help make backing up clearer. It also features a full range of safety technology, from lane-departure warning to automatic high-beams, and forward-collision warning paired with automated emergency braking.

A range of internal technology is also executed cleanly and simply to aid you in driving assertively and safely.

The low positioning of the BMW X2 evokes the feel of a coupe and gives it great road sense. One can only imagine that a new BMW X2 would handle just as cleanly in true Bimmer fashion as a quick and nimble car build to remove any lag between driver and road.

Bold Design

In true BMW brand fashion, the new BMW X2 will be beautiful, with an incredibly stylized look. It should appear agile, even when parked, like it wants to get up and thread its way down the highway. One thing’s for sure – the new BMW X2 will meld from a neat twist on BMW design into something altogether unexpected and unique. As your eye travels across the car, the design should speak to the dynamic nature of the brand’s tradition and the modern adaptability of BMW’s forward-thinking design.

The new BMW X2 convertible should be a fantastic drive. Both in feel and in showing off it’s look, it’ll be something special. While it looks likely, we’ll have to wait and see to be sure if the BMW X2 convertible becomes a reality. In the meantime, take a look at the existing BMW X2s for good-looking, practical and accessible feature-filled cars.

A Look at the New BMW i8 Battery

A Look at the New BMW i8 Battery

Maybe you’ve had a chance to look at the new BMW i8. Maybe you’ve held off because you need to know more about this iteration. Here’s your chance. The futuristic head turner is a hybrid with a design that stops people in their tracks.

The Battery

What gives the new BMW i8 its “heart”? The battery. The old battery pack topped at 7.1 kWh. That’s not bad, but to stay ahead of the curve, it can be improved upon. That’s why the next i8 features a battery at 11.6 kWh. This doesn’t change the weight, but it does update the technology. This should improve upon the i8’s range from about 18 miles to over 30.

That’s the difference between making a daily commute a hybrid affair vs. making it fully electric. That’s a big deal, and it can do a lot to help environmentally minded BMW drivers feel better about their drives.

The Motor

The electric motor’s also been improved. The 143 hp of the electric motor is up from 131 hp. Combine this with the combustion engine and you’re up to 369 hp. That’s a meaty amount for a speedy car that has the environmental footprint of a microcar.

The advantage of the updated BMW i8 is in its reduced environmental footprint. You can go 0 to 60 mph in under 4.2 seconds, but the footprint you leave behind is considerably less than a competitive car powered only by a combustion engine.

The Turned Heads

As long as the i8 keeps those astounding swing-up doors on its sleek frame, we’re glad to sit in the driver’s seat. You can take it for a spin to get a feel for it at your South Florida BMW dealership. Driving it is a unique experience that you deserve to feel for yourself.

As great as everything inside the car is, our favorite part is still what happens outside of it – the dropped jaws and amazed stares. For all the improvements on an already-capable battery and powertrain inside the car, it’s still the stunning exterior that gets the most notice.

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Introducing The New 2016 BMW Models At Braman BMW Jupiter

The all-new Braman BMW Jupiter, your prestige BMW new and used car dealership in Jupiter, Florida proudly introduces the exciting new 2016 BMWs in South Florida. Once again, BMW sets the standard and blazes new trails of innovation, performance, luxury, and sheer driving pleasure with these exceptional race-bred sports luxury vehicles. Today, we showcase two new 2016 BMWs that are emblematic of the marque’s German-engineered heritage of crafting some of the most remarkable and fun-to-drive vehicles on the road.

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