BMW Car News: The 2019 G29 Z4

October 05, 2018
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BMW car news is always exciting, and the 2019 G29 Z4 may be one of the most anticipated models yet. Exceptionally low to the ground, the BMW Z4 gallops through corners without losing a step, all while maintaining a composure you might describe as gliding.

From the Ground Up

The BMW Z4 is designed essentially from scratch with a renewed focus on sports performance. This isn’t just a luxurious cruiser, it’s an agile sports car that reflects M-level sharpness in its handling. A number of elements that are featured in the M3 and M4 are present in the BMW Z4, including actively controlled limited slip differential for added traction.

The BMW Z4 M40i is powered by a 360 hp six-cylinder. Now this is the same engine as the BMW X3 M40i, a crossover with some height and athletic heft to it. It can easily power the smaller roadster design of the Z4.

Precise Handling

A number of details give the driver utmost control over the road. There’s a real sense of connection to the drive – the seat is low so you can really feel every move, but maintains good overview so you can anticipate. The center of gravity is similarly low, so that you feel on level with it every moment. This lends a remarkable sense of control through corners. There’s zero sense of roll or lost traction.

The different performance modes are well thought out, tightening or loosening up the steering as you need it. The handling is tight enough to start, and when you really have a nice stretch of curving road, the precise response of the Sport Plus mode lends superb road feel. There’s an incredible zone where it feels like you barely need to think of what you want to do before the BMW Z4 is doing it. The Z4’s responsiveness in Sport Plus is rare and exceptional.

Pushing New Territory

Where the previous Z4 generation could sometimes have some difficulty on bad roads, the Comfort mode and rethought suspension gives the BMW Z4 a smooth ride on rough surfaces while maintaining its precise handling.

There’s something special about an open-top roadster that performs like the best BMWs in history while simultaneously pushing the envelope even further into new territory.

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