What Is the BMW Vision iNEXT Project?

October 30, 2018
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You’ve probably heard a lot of news about driverless cars. These intelligent vehicles are capable of being fully automated. Yet where are they? Are they on the road yet, or are we still talking about the future? The BMW Vision iNEXT may be on the road in the sense that a prototype is being tested, but it won’t go into production until 2021.

One Giant Leap

Why such a long delay between prototype and production? Intelligent vehicles are a big step forward in the way we drive. There’s a great deal of attention that must be given to making driverless operation as safe as possible. That means an incredible amount of development and testing, more so than has gone into any other vehicle in BMW’s history.

Chauffeured Driving for All

The goal of the BMW Vision iNEXT and other intelligent vehicles is that the cars should be able to take over driving in any situation. This chauffeured mode gives you more time back in the day. Instead of a daily slog to and from work, you can let Vision drive and focus on some phone calls, watch a sports show, do a crossword – whatever helps you relax and de-stress. Instead of a traffic jam, you get some you-time. Text with a friend or check your social media while the Vision drives.

Take Over When You Want

At the same time, you should be able to take over driving when you wish. Even in an automatic car, you may still want to enjoy the thrill of driving on the open highway now and again. In Vision’s case, this delivers BMW sport activity vehicle performance.

Giving Us Back Our Drive Time

Essentially, drive the BMW Vision when you want. Stop driving and let the Vision drive when you want. You can pick and choose when you choose to drive and still get where you’re going on-time. No more yelling at other drivers making a bad choice, or getting angry at a red light. You’re too busy enjoying some other part of your day. Intelligent vehicles offer the possibility for all of us to be chauffeured.

We can’t wait either!

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