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Red 2020 M4

M3 vs M4: What’s the Difference?

What’s not to like about either of these beauties?  Nothing.  These BMW models are two of the most iconic in the manufacturer’s lineup.  The design engineers headed both cars into a daring and courageous new direction for 2021.  The biggest difference is that one is a sedan and the other is a couple.  There are a few subtle differences, as well, but not many.

2020 BMW M3

The 2020 BMW M3 sedan was proudly unveiled alongside the M4 coupe in the fall of 2020.  Both have BMW’s straight-six, twin-turbo, 3.0-liter engine that comes online with a horsepower of 473 for the regular model and 503 hp (375 kW) in the Competition series.  The Competition model can go from 0 to 60 in four seconds.  Starting prices for the 2020 M3 sedan is $69,900, while the Competition M3 model starts at $72,800.


It might be hard to tell the difference between the M3 and the M4 – they are very nearly identical.  The M3 is a sedan and would probably serve a family better than the M4 coupe.  If you don’t have kids you need to transport from place to place, the M4 might suit your style a little bit better as it’s a tad more like a sports car.  The difference between the M3 and the M4 also includes a hairline difference in suspension settings with the M3 having an extra 23kg.  The coupe is also 80mm wider than the sedan.


Nearly everything.  The sixth generation of these models with their striking looks added large dual “kidney” grills get your attention right away, being upfront and center in their aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Both versions of the car have chasses that are nearly identical (F80/F82).  Cost between the two is very similar as are the interior, components in the cars, safety features, and mechanics.  Both cars have a carbon fiber roof (you can get an optional moonroof at no additional cost), front and side-splitters that are M-specific, and wheels that are staggered (front 18s; back 19s).  The Competition model has 19-inch front wheels, while the back wheels are 20 inches.

The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with either version of the stunning car.  Check them out in person today.

2021 BMW 4 Series M440i xDrive

BMW M440i 2021 Price, Review, and More

The 2021 BMW M44Oi is the complete sports package. This first-ever M sports Pro package completely redesigned model comes with numerous features including M sports brakes, an eight-speed Steptronic Sports transmission, Harman Kardon sound system, and M seatbelts. However, it won’t be available to potential buyers in the USA till mid-2021 at the earliest. 

The 2021 BMW M44Oi with its all-wheel-drive system will be powered by a 382 hp turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. In addition, it comes with a 48-volt hybrid system that will provide additional bursts of power even at low RPM.

The 2021 BMW M44Oi has been in the works for a few years and has been completely redesigned. The elegant high-performance car is already available in Europe and comes with all the traditional BMW luxury features and electronics.

The new Pro comes with all the extravagant M bits in addition to the eight-speed Steptronic sports transmission that is only available in the M sports model. During testing, the 2021 BMW M44Oi has been shown to have superb acceleration and the classic engine sounds of a sports car roaring away. 

Other options that will be available include a carbon-fiber grille, 20-inch black M performance light-alloy wheel, side skirts, frontal splitter, and M performance stainless steel tailpipes. To make the sports Pro package standout, one can also get a carbon-fiber interior trim, carbon fiber and suede-wrapped M performance steering wheel, and door sill plates.

Despite having a sporting design, the M440i offers more than just elegance. Inside there is adequate room in the rear for two adults. Extra cup holders and large pockets can be found on both doors and the glove compartment is of decent size. For an extra $500, one can install a wireless charger at the back of the console’s cup holders. The 12 cubic foot cargo hold has ample room for two small suitcases.

Like most BMW series the M440i is a speedy roadworthy car, with excellent handling. The BMW M440i 2021 price starts at $59,495. To determine its arrival in the USA, contact or visit Braman BMW Jupiter.

2021 Blue M4

2021 M3 and M4: What to Expect

The Most Powerful Letter In the World. A bold statement – but one that the BMW M models more than deliver on. They are saturated with power and built to drive. This class-leading lineup offers track-level performance, combined with the ease of everyday driving. So, what can we expect from the 2021 M3 and M4? Let’s find out.

The 2021 M3 and M4 will be powered by the powerful S58 twin turbo 3.0 liter inline-six. To start, you’ll get 473 horses (plus 30 in the Competition model), as well as an exciting six speed manual gearbox, ZF sourced eight speed automatic transmission, and performance exhaust system. 

BMW M models also have a plethora of settings. For example, you can opt for a loud exhaust setting when the urge strikes, or you can choose low-effort steering, medium suspension, and aggressive powertrain with stability control in Sport… see, you can configure your drive to suit your needs, your driving style, and your mood. In any case, you’ll get 0 to 60 speeds that are sub-four seconds and a top speed of 150 – 180, depending on the configuration. 

The 2021 M3 and M4 are still under wraps with cladding and tape, but we do expect a larger kidney grille and wider front and rear track for a different look from previous models. The aesthetic is sure to be striking, but it’s the power that is the story here. These are incredibly gutsy vehicles, and as the only options in their class with a manual gearbox (competitors Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Mercedes-AMG C63, Audi RS5, and Lexus RC F do not offer this option), it is a whole lot of fun to drive.

Visit Braman BMW to learn more about the most powerful letter in the world and inquire about the 2021 M3 and M4.


Will There Be a 2021 BMW M3?

In a year packed with hot new arrivals, we’re looking to the future to see what else our favorite brand delivers. Will there be a 2021 BMW M3? This model is a legend in terms of performance and power – and many are curious to see what, if anything, BMW will change. To end the suspense: yes, there will be a new BMW M3. What do we know about it at this point? 

The 2021 BMW M3 is expected to boast a 3.0 liter twin turbo inline six engine. It is not quite the same engine that powers the previous generation. Instead, the 2021 version will feature BMW M’s S58, which has a larger bore and shorter stroke (thus more revs). It looks like the M3 will churn out 473 horses and 442 lb-ft of torque (bumped to 503 hp with the Competition model).

BMW has reported that the new M3 will offer a “pure” manual gearbox option and rear wheel drive, though we expect high end versions with a fast-shifting auto transmission, dual clutch option, and all wheel drive. BMW has rolled out a “four tiered” structure for its models, and this will continue with the M3 to include the base M3, Competition, CL, and CSL versions – as well as sedan, coupe, and convertible body styles.

Like many luxury automakers, BMW is secretive about its new models. We’ve seen shots (and even audio) of the new M3. Though camouflaged, it looks like we will enjoy a sporty, athletic body, sleek lines, and possibly, oversized kidney grilles and design elements from the Concept 4. 

Any way you slice it, the 2021 BMW M3 will certainly live up to the power and prestige of the brand’s name. Visit Braman BMW in Jupiter to learn more. 

M Sports Car | BMW M Series | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

Is BMW Making a Standalone M Sports Car?

The world enjoyed the BMW M1 from 1978 – 1981, and the world has never been the same since. That M1 made Sports Car International’s  Top Ten list in 2004, and the homage concept model BMW revealed in 2008 certainly made some waves in the industry. It’s easy to see echoes of this vehicle almost everywhere, but BMW may just be making a standalone M sports car once more, and it could even be electric, news that has many practically squealing with glee. 

In a recent interview with BBC’s TopGear, Markus Flasch, M boss, hinted that they had plans for something new involving two seats and a mid-mounted engine just like the M1 had, but that there were many other design options on the table. 

He’s not wrong, either, with options abound for this brand today. There are so many power train choices available to this brand, and eventually, a fully electric model could be on the table, so it makes sense that it could be a hybrid release now to bridge the gap between the two. 

No one is sure when the electric market will impact BMW, though. In the same interview, Flasch suggested that while they’re working on electrified combustion and fully electric models, they don’t want to move too quickly. Instead, they’d rather wait to bring that technology to customers when they can do so in a way that means a performance or character advantage. As is typical of this brand, they won’t do it just to be the first one on the market with that power train option. Instead, they want to maintain their traditional level of sophistication. 

For now, though, what a standalone BMW M series model will look like in terms of performance and aesthetics will have to remain a mystery as this model continues to fascinate enthusiasts. 

BMW M8 Coupe | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

BMW M8 Family Reveal

New vehicles from BMW – could anything be more exciting? The BMW M8 family is nothing short of gorgeous, and the performance for each of these vehicles defines this brand more than anything else ever could. 

Perks Under the Hood

The BMW M5 made a splash with its engine, and the company has carried that over for this vehicle. Under the hood sits the same 4.4 liter V8 engine so many people were enamored with in the M5, even those great Grand Tour hosts. Expect 600 BHP at launch. A Competition variant should be available at launch, and it will come with 617 BHP. 

The BMW M8 Coupe should be able to hit 100 KMPH in just 3.1 seconds. The Competition model will do the same in 3.0 seconds. A ZF eight-speed Steptronic transmission and BMW’s xDrive AWD system should be standard throughout the family. The Competition variant comes with stiffer springs, harder components and 15.75 carbon ceramic brakes. It should have 600 HP and 750 Nm of torque on board.

The M Performance sport brake pads have gotten quite a bit of press lately, and for good reason. They’ll offer drivers a much shorter braking distance as well as improved response times. They may even mean a higher thermal resilience on the road. They were developed from the long distance racing pads, which could make even the average driver feel a racing-style steering shift. 

Performance Even Inside the Vehicle

Inside, you’ll find so much more than you expected. The steering wheel has carbon fiber shift paddles as well as a carbon fiber leather trim. The shift symbols stand out in bold red to help emphasize the need to push it every time you get into this vehicle. You can even get easy-grip M performance floor mats with this vehicle that are non-slip and made of velvet velour with a leather-style trim. 

Carbon Fiber Parts Designed For This Vehicle

The M Performance parts were designed specifically for this vehicle series. Carbon fiber is the name of the game here, and the line is dotted with options like carbon fiber mirror caps. The radiator grille and the side decorative grille are going to look amazing flying down the road thanks to the elaborate hand-crafting carbon fiber that pulls the look of the vehicle together. 

Vehicle Pricing

This vehicle should start at $133,000 for the M8 Standard, and that means a lot to those looking for a cheaper GT alternative. The Cabriolet will run $142,500 while the Competition model will begin at $146,500. You can expect to see them available in early 2020. 

M850i xDrive | BMW 8 Series | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

The 2019 BMW M850i xDrive Experience

The first generation BMW 8 Series holds a special place in every BMW enthusiast’s heart. These were cars with rare performance and luxury. Yet the line went quiet for two decades before BMW knew they had the perfect generation to act as a successor. The original 8 Series had been a pioneer in vehicle technology, so they knew the next generation had to be a technological leap forward in a similar way. No car demonstrates this better than the M850i xDrive.

The Exterior Is a Beast

We all know that a first impression is critical. The M850i xDrive understands this, with bold, muscular design and long, lean, angled highlights. The lines ripple with the suggestion of power while also communicating a streamlined ache for speed. On the aesthetics alone, BMW’s designers have knocked it out of the park.

The Interior’s a Beauty

The interior is one of BMW’s most refined and intentional designs yet. The materials and their tapered lines are exquisite. Where so many makers have obsessed over giving you 1,000 controls that make the interior look like an over-busy airplane cockpit, BMW has focused on simplifying things. This keeps your command over the M850i xDrive more immediate and less confusing without losing precision.

Tech for Power & Control

The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 delivers 530 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. That’s an improvement in power of nearly 20% over the last version of this engine. BMW’s xDrive technology has led the industry for years. When the road is slick or you run over a pothole or dip, a particular tire might lose some traction. The xDrive system monitors for this and lends power to the other wheels millisecond by millisecond. What might’ve been a slip in decades past is now barely noticeable.

Combined with the car’s integral steering, this is the forefront of returning control to the driver so that it doesn’t get lost due to bad weather or road conditions.

Built Around the Driver

The M850i xDrive takes advantage of its dimensions and technology to give you exceptional command over the road. Everything is built to give the purest experience possible. This is the BMW 8 Series model where design meets powerful technology in perfect unison, all built to serve the driver.

2019 BMW M8 | New V8 Engine | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

2019 BMW M8 to Get New V8 Engine

Anytime BMW develops a new model alongside its racing version, you know you’re in for a treat. Such is the case with the 2019 BMW M8, which has been developed in parallel with the M8 GTE racer. The advantage of this parallel development is that the M8 will see many of the design, powertrain, and technological refinements that contribute to the racer’s track capability. This has contributed to the M8’s choice of TwinPower Turbo new V8 engine.

Improvements Abound

The rear-wheel driven M8 will be able to take advantage of about 600 horsepower. Precision is designed hand-in-hand with the raw power of this new V8 engine. The double-wishbone suspension at the front works exquisitely with the multi-link configuration of the rear.

Many design elements have been re-thought to offer optimum performance. The track width of the front axle is wider, the anti-roll bars are firmer, and the rubber mounts add stiffness that allow better control.

Refinement for Performance

This isn’t just change for change’s sake, though. What works will still be utilized, albeit with some smart tweaks. The M Servotronic steering system of the M5 complements the M8 well, but it’s refined for the 2019 BMW M8’s performance.

There are multiple driving modes: Comfort, Sport, and Sport Plus. These modes adjust electronically controlled dampers that will soften or harden according to your preference. This level of control lets you cut right to the most enjoyable extremes of the BMW M8.

Safety & Aesthetic

Braking power is impressive with 395-mm, vented, drilled discs at the front and six-piston calipers. These are joined by single-piston calipers and 380mm discs in the rear. This can easily be upgraded to M carbon-ceramic discs of 400-mm and 380-mm, respectively.

Beyond this, it’s safe to say the 2019 BMW M8 might be the best looking BMW yet. Its sleek, low profile hugs the road and evokes both the best of classic BMW looks as well as an aggressive, muscled aesthetic. BMW often leans more toward the futuristic in its latest designs, and the M8 offers a balance between tradition and the future that should excite enthusiasts.