How to Optimize Your BMW M Setup

April 25, 2023
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Nothing says “let’s go for a spin” like taking your BMW M out on the track. On any open road, throwing it in Sport and putting it through its paces will bring your driving experience to a whole new level. The BMW M setup feature provides granular controls over various high-performance settings, and in this article, we’ll show you how to optimize it.

Best BMW M Settings on the Track

Your BMW M will feel like a whole new car when you set it for racing. First, turn off dynamic stability control (hold DSC for four seconds). Some M cars also allow selecting RWD or a rear-heavy 4WD Sport mode, for greater load transfer and weight distribution. The M Traction Control System can be set to 10 levels, depending on how wet the roads are. BMW’s recommendations are 9–10 for fully wet roads, 7–8 for damp, and on down according to taste (beware: 0 is risky for even highly experienced drivers).

Select S3 or D3 (sequential and automatic, respectively) for the fastest shifting speeds. When M Mode Track is active, your console adjusts to enhance focus, and the screen turns off for reduced distraction. Assistance systems connected to steering wheel buttons are also unavailable. It’s nothing but you and the road, from here.

Street-Level BMW M Setup Options

Whether on the tracks or buzzing around town, set the engine to Sport or Sport Plus for your preferred accelerator pedal progression. It will be indicated on the instrument cluster. Note that uneven surfaces require Sport, while flat gravel requires Sport Plus. Some find Sport too harsh, but you can leave steering and brake in Comfort mode damping. In either Sport mode, the exhaust flaps open wider for increased engine output, and suspension and steering characteristics also change.

Braman BMW | Fast and Convenient

Found the best BMW M settings for your driving style? Store your settings in the iDrive system by pressing and holding the red M1 or M2 button on the steering wheel until you hear audio confirmation that your settings are saved.

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