The BMW XM Interior Will Blow You Away

January 11, 2023
bmw xm interior

M division has done it again with another completely unique model, the BMW XM. This road beast has set new standards with its sheik design, unique concept, and innovative drive technology. In this article, we want to focus on the BMW XM interior. Let’s take a look.

The BMW XM SUV has raised eyebrows and debuted amidst gasps due to its beveled highs, dips, and hint of chrome. But can you judge a car by its style alone? Absolutely not! So here are some other interesting tidbits about the BMW XM interior.

Unique Vintage Leather

Special highlights for this BMW XM interior are the Coffee Brown Vintage leather in parts of the door trim panels and instrument panel. This extremely soft Nappa leather was used deliberately in the interior finishing of the XM to emphasize its unique and natural characteristics and ensure maximum individuality.

M Lounge in the Rear

BMW paid close attention to seat comfort, even more so than normal in the rear seats in the XM. This gives an exclusive lounge atmosphere. With the luxurious materials and colors, generous space, and innovative design elements, passengers can comfortably sit back and enjoy the best ride of 2023 in this unique M Lounge.

Perfect Climate Control

The BMW XM interior features four-zone automatic climate control, regulating ventilation and temperature with utmost precision. Its cockpit has extremely slim integrated central vents and other outer air control panels that allow passengers to independently select their most conducive temperatures.

BMW XM Interior Sound

The BMW XM 2022 comes with a great surround sound system consisting of 16 speakers that deliver an audio power of 415 watts. The additional sound sources in its roof area and a digital seven-channel sound amplifier generate a clear and multilayered sound experience for all seats. All speakers have stainless steel trim elements that add exclusive visual appeal alongside unmatched durability.

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