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  • BMW 5 Series Overview Design
    The New BMW 5 Series comes with an upgrade that was first released in 2020. BMW Connected Drive is a comprehensive vehicle software upgrade that improves all features for connectivity and navigation in the 5 Series.  BMW Connected Drive now comes standard on every BMW running Operating System 7, which of course, includes the BMW
  • 2020 BMW 5 Series | 8 Series BMW | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida
    The BMW 5 Series is a much-loved group of driving machines. The M550i xDrive is so fast that it can hit 60 mph in just under 4 seconds. It’s hard to believe that BMW would make the 2020 BMW 5 Series even faster and more aggressive, but the rumors that we’ve been hearing for months
  • BMW’s plug-in hybrids are becoming powerful cars. No longer are they like this or that BMW, “except a hybrid.” They have an identity and capabilities all their own. Take the BMW iPerformance series; they’re environmentally friendly, well engineered to leave a very small footprint for local driving. At the same time, they’re powerful cars with
  • As time marches on, gone will be the days of getting your car dinged in the parking lot and never knowing who – or what – did it. Gone will be the days of not knowing who may have stolen (or tried to steal) your car. Because BMW is bringing forth the next generation of
  • Find the new BWM 5 Series at Braman BMW Jupter, FL
    Meet the new BMW 5 Series. The combination of elegance and performance have come together to make beautiful music. A quick glance at any member of the 5 Series tells you almost everything you need to know about this gorgeous BMW. A sleek concept, it may look simple enough, but it’s clear to see that
  • BMW 528i Lease Special in Jupiter, Florida
    A new BMW is in your future. You know it. You’ve been waiting for new BMW 5 Series lease specials before making your move. But if you haven’t checked Braman BMW yet in order to lease a new BMW, then start your search. They offer new deals all the time, and with their expertise and
  • Braman BMW 5 Series Lease Special - June 2015
    New BMW cars are always exciting. Bold colors. Powerful engines. Gorgeous interiors. Innovative technology. Crystal-clear sound. All of these elements and many more come together to create the kind of cars that people dream about. The new BMW 5 Series, for sale at Braman BMW, is no exception. Each car in that lineup is coveted