BMW Connected Drive Upgrade

September 15, 2020
BMW 5 Series Overview Design

The New BMW 5 Series comes with an upgrade that was first released in 2020. BMW Connected Drive is a comprehensive vehicle software upgrade that improves all features for connectivity and navigation in the 5 Series. 

BMW Connected Drive now comes standard on every BMW running Operating System 7, which of course, includes the BMW 5 Series. The software upgrade can even be added to older, compatible BMWs, meaning customers can get Connected Drive on vehicles they’ve purchased that were built before July, 2020. 

Here are some of the reasons we love BMW Connected Drive for the new BMW 5 Series:

  • Completely new navigation system that’s both intuitive and accurate with cloud-based route calculation. Connected Parking also helps you find parking spaces easily.
  • Google Android AutoTM wireless support to keep you safe and on the road. 
  • BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant that can actually distinguish a passenger versus a driver and turns to address the correct person. 
  • Availability of Remote Software Upgrades to stay up-to-date easily and quickly. Even the most extensive upgrades take only about twenty minutes to complete. 
  • And last, but not least, BMW Connected Drive allows for optional extras to be added at a later date – even if the vehicle is used. 

The new BMW 5 Series certainly lives up to the expectations to which we hold this iconic brand. But it also adds some exciting “extras” designed to enhance our driving experience. What’s not to love? Visit Braman BMW in Jupiter to learn more about this sexy performance vehicle, as well as BMW Connected Drive options. Is this the car you’ve always dreamed of? Quite possibly! Come in and find out.

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