The BMW 530e iPerformance

January 15, 2018

2018 BMW 530e iPerformance | Braman BMW Jupiter

BMW’s plug-in hybrids are becoming powerful cars. No longer are they like this or that BMW, “except a hybrid.” They have an identity and capabilities all their own. Take the BMW iPerformance series; they’re environmentally friendly, well engineered to leave a very small footprint for local driving. At the same time, they’re powerful cars with substantial torque and control.


Environmentally Friendly & Capable

The 530e iPerformance is a great place to enter the series. It carries a turbocharged inline-4 at 180 hp and a synchronous AC motor at 111 hp. Together, they can turn 310 lb-ft of torque out of a combined 248 hp. That’s great torque at this range.


Superb forethought means that the famous ZF 8-speed transmission can be utilized in all-electric mode. This gives the 530e iPerformance unique feel for all-electric performance. All electric offers a 30-mile range at up to 87 mph. Kick in the gas and the range is 400 miles, along with a top speed of 146 mph. This makes it ideal for environmentally friendly errand- running and longer road trips.


Safe & Futuristic

What’s especially impressive about this example of the BMW iPerformance series is its handling in bad weather. It doesn’t lose its sense of grip, feel, or control. After the weather we’ve had these last few years, we find that’s a detail we look at earlier and earlier in our evaluations.

The electric motor is nearly silent underneath air conditioning or the radio, which lends it local driving a futuristic feel. Charging takes 3 hours via a 240-volt outlet or 5 hours on standard. What we’re really excited about is the coming wireless charging system. By parking on an inductive charging pad (that’s still safe to walk on), the 530e iPerformance will recharge without having to plug a single thing in. That’s very nearly magic, which fits how the rest of the car feels. If you are in the market for pre-owned vehicle, browse South Florida luxury used vehicles.Get out of the dealership quicker


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