Your Next BMW 5 Series could be a Surveillance Device

October 24, 2016

New BMW 5 Series | Braman BMW Jupiter

As time marches on, gone will be the days of getting your car dinged in the parking lot and never knowing who – or what – did it. Gone will be the days of not knowing who may have stolen (or tried to steal) your car. Because BMW is bringing forth the next generation of car cams, as shown in a single released picture of their new BMW 5 Series.

BMW technology continues to progress at a fantastic rate, which makes for some truly interesting ideas that many of us may not have considered. In fact, some of these newest iterations mean that we will have the ability to look at – and in some cases, drive – a BMW while looking at it from a top-down perspective.

That’s almost like playing a video game with your own car. However, it also means that with this many cameras in the new BMW 5 Series you have eyes on your beauty at all times. Because of the capabilities the cars will offer, you can pull out your phone and take a look at your new purchase any time you want. It can help identify any hit-and-runs, deter theft, and really just provide you with peace of mind. There are endless possibilities, and it’s an exciting idea that also allows us to wonder – what wonders will BMW technology come up with next? For now, all we can do is wait with bated breath to see what the legendary brand unveils in the future regarding both their tech and the 5 Series itself.
Keep your eyes out for the new BMW 5 Series and get your list of questions ready. Once they appear, you’ll be able to ask the experts who work with BMWs on a constant basis at Braman BMW, as well as play with all the gadgets and toys in order to learn more. And once you buy one – that’s when the real fun begins.

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