BMW Connected Keeps your Ultimate Driving Journey Safe

August 12, 2016


BMW Technology | Braman BMW Jupiter

When you’re on a drive, you need to stay connected to every part of your life. Being in command of a car means you can leave your cares behind for a little while – or you can keep on engaging even at 65 mph. The choice is yours, and with BMW, the control is always in your hands.

When you’re looking for a new BMW for sale, check out the brand new BMW Connected app. It’s like having your own personal secret agent on the ground ahead of you. Wherever you’re going, enter your destination into the app and it’ll recommend departure times, forward ETAs to family/friends, and find the closest parking when you get there. You can even designate vehicle functions such as locking doors to a remote.

Driver assistance apps can assist you when you’re lost and help you navigate when you forgot to get directions beforehand. Many BMWs also have innovations that let driver assistance help you view the road better at night, or parallel park safely and efficiently.

The ConnectedDrive store itself can help you order your apps and get them working together to give you the best and smoothest experience. Organizing everything at your destination before you even get there is a breeze and can create the impossible: a relaxing drive that’s also incredibly productive.

These apps can even learn your habits and make recommendations surrounding your destination based on what you may like when you get there. Contacts, playlists, whatever information it might be – ConnectedDrive has an app to help you seamlessly integrate it into your driving experience.
Come to Braman BMW and we’ll show you everything you need to know to get the most out of your BMW ConnectedDrive app. Braman BMW is also the best place to find a new BMW for sale, equipped with every latest innovation that can give you even more command and control over your own journeys.

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