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Top 5 Fastest BMWs

The Fastest BMWs of All Time

The BMW brand is known for its luxury, performance, and reliability. But many people don’t know that they have some of the best performance cars on the road. With a history of racing and making high-performance cars since the early 1900s, BMW has been building vehicles that are fast and fun to drive for almost a century. But what are the fastest BMWs? We’ve compiled our list of five of the fastest BMWs you can find on the road today as determined by 0-60 mph in seconds (or less).

BMW M3 Competition -xDrive Sedan

BMW’s 3-series is one of the best-selling cars in its segment and a favorite among enthusiasts. It offers a nice balance between performance and everyday usability, making it an excellent choice if you want to drive something fast without sacrificing your daily commute.

The BMW M3 Competition is the fastest variant of the 3-series available today. It produces a peak power of 473 hp from its twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter straight six engines, which also comes with 479 lb-ft of torque. Thank this power to upgrades unavailable on non-M variants, such as a carbon fiber roof and underbody panels made from aluminum instead of steel.

The xDrive sedan versions are much heavier than their RWD counterparts by almost 100lbs. This, in turn, aids in their performance but does not affect their ability to handle corners or high speeds, which is why they are so popular among drivers looking for comfort and speed!

BMW M5 Competition (2021)

The BMW M5 Competition is one of the fastest BMW models in the range, attributed to its lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) roof panel and bonnet. The CFRP allows for reduced weight and, therefore, more incredible performance on the road.

With a 0-60 mph time of just 3.3 seconds, this car can take you from standstill to speed in no time at all. It also boasts a top speed of 192 mph, making it one of the fastest BMW variants of the F90 generation M5.

The engine is based on the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 as before but now produces 650 horsepower. It still features an eight-speed automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive (AWD), but with tweaks to provide more rear-axle bias for better handling characteristics when you want them—You can switch the car between AWD and rear-axle biased with a button flick.


The BMW M4 GTS is the fastest BMW ever to be made. It has a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, which produces 493bhp and 443lb-ft of torque.

That makes for a 0-62mph time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 196mph – that’s pretty quick! The car also has cutting-edge motorsport technology, but it’s also street legal, so you can drive it on public roads if you want to (though we’re not sure if your insurance would cover you).

It weighs 30kgs lower than the standard M4, meaning that despite its performance capabilities, it will still feel very manageable when driven, usually on the road.

BMW M8 Competition (2022)

If you want one of the fastest BMWs ever made, then the M8 Competition is. It lives up to its name with a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine that puts out 617 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque.

The transmission is an eight-speed M Steptronic, and it can switch to rear-axle drive when needed (for example, when cornering). And if that wasn’t enough for them already, a test drive on them indicated that they could reach 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds!

BMW M5 CS (2022)

The BMW M5 CS is the most powerful car in BMW’s racing division’s history. It packs a 4.4-liter V8 engine that produces 635 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, making it capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and reaching a top speed of 189 mph.

It has an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with a Drivelogic feature that allows drivers to customize their driving experience based on their preferences or the conditions they find themselves in. It also includes the M xDrive all-wheel drive system for extra traction.


There are many BMWs on the market. The cars are available in various styles and sizes, from sports cars to sedans and SUVs. Many owners customize their BMWs with aftermarket parts, improving performance and efficiency significantly.

While this list is in no particular order, it is subject to change. It is important to note that these are some of the fastest BMWs on the market, but more models are also coming out soon. BMW has invested heavily in their future, which shows through these fantastic vehicles!

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2022 BMW M240i

Looking at the 2022 BMW M240i? Here are Some Cool Features

The 2022 BMW M240i may look similar to the 2019 M2 Competition model but rest assured it is different.  A review of the BMW M240i shows that it has an optional turbocharged 3.0 liter inline 6 with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which will generate 382 hp, a slight increase over the previous model. And the M240i is hellish fast reaching from 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. The short wheelbase means that the 2022 BMW M240i is a stable and agile car. 


The 8-speed sports automatic transmission is standard and offers a smooth drive but has insane acceleration. There is also the manual mode available. On the road, the 2022 BMW M240i has excellent handling and tackles sharp corners like the breeze. 


The best feature of the 2022 BMW M240i is the exterior. The exterior elements include the painted brake caliper, bigger wheels, LED headlights integrated with LED DRLs, and a blacked-out kidney grille. The design is new, trendy, and stands out. It will be available in several youthful colors, but perhaps the best is the metallic color palette.

On the exterior, the BMW M240i review states that it is not only a few inches longer but also wider than the previous model. The buyer will have the option of installing high-performance 19-inch Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires. Because of the improved front-to-rear weight distribution, the car has excellent road handling, stability, and traction, especially around corners and sharp bends. Despite being a slightly larger coupe, the M240i also scores well with fuel efficiency, averaging 26 mpg combined (23 mpg city; 32 mpg highway).


The cabin shares the basic layout with the 3- and 4 series, including many of the touchpoints and buttons. Unfortunately, the one minor negative is that the wide body and longer wheelbase do not add more interior space. The front sports seats are comfortable but small; however, there is ample legroom. The cargo space is not much different than the previous model. Even though the seats are small, they do roll back and there is plenty of adjustment available. The one downside of the 240i is that it is not a comfortable four-seater; it is not the ideal car for long-distance driving with rear passengers because of the cramped space. It is only ideal for two front-seat passengers.


Despite the limited interior space, the 2022 BMW M240i is overall an exceptional luxury car in terms of quality and performance. The car looks and feels premium when it comes to the finish. The interior is covered in aluminum and leather inserts, and the silver accents on the dashboard make the car feel upscale.

The iDrive infotainment system is standard. There are no unnecessary buttons or tags; everything is laid out in a simple and easy-to-use fashion, including a rotary controller for the center console. Apple CarPlay, Android auto, Wi-fi hotspot, and Sirius XM radio are standard features.

The starting MSRP in the BMW M240i review is $48,550, which is somewhat low for a high-performance luxury car. With all-weather capability, solid power, and performance the M240i will appeal to young people with small families. The 2022 BMW M240i offers an excellent balance between functionality and performance.

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BMW vs. Hellcat: BMW Takes It

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one damn good muscle car with lots of power. In the USA, it often leaves all the rest of the competitors in the dust. Even the police with their modified high-powered cars are frequently unable to catch up with the Hellcat. Recently, however, a YouTuber decided to race the BMW M4 F82 against the Dodge Hellcat.  So what happened in this BMW vs. Hellcat showdown? Let’s start with a little background.

BMW vs. Hellcat Specs

The Dodge Hellcat rocks a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine, providing it with 707 HP. The American car is also heavier, tipping the scales at 4,448 pounds, meaning it carries an extra 720 pounds over the BMW. The BMW M4 F82 comes with a straight 6, 3.0-liter engine, which provides 650HP.

At the Hellcat drag race, when it came to the launch, the Dodge Challenger was loud, but slower to accelerate, whereas the M4 F82 with the dual-clutch automatic had a great jump start. It would seem that, with its power, the Hellcat would be more likely to catch up and win the BMW vs. Hellcat race.

While both these are high-performance cars, on paper, it appears that the American Hellcat would best the BMW, however, that is not the end result. The M4 may look small, however, it comes with a mighty powerful engine that can give most cars on the planet a good run for their money.

The Results

The BMW was not tuned for the race, and it only ran on track tires. During the start of the standing drag race in Sport mode, the BMW shot like a rocket. The Dodge Hellcat had to be content with second place as the BMW’s rearview mirror showed it getting left behind. 

The Dodge did not fare any better in the second Hellcat drag race either. At the start, the Hellcat did edge the BMW, but the latter soon overtook it and scored an easy win. No matter what the Dodge tried to do, it was no match for the German car.

At this point, the German bested the American. Judging from the performance of the BMW, it appears that it could beat the Hellcat anytime in any race. What this shows is that a heavy car with a powerful engine is not everything when it comes to a flat-out drag race. Perhaps this is one reason why BMW has started to make lighter and more compact cars.

You can watch the video of the race here.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNpzWxIuQb4

To learn more about the BMW vs. Hellcat and the Hellcat drag race, visit Braman Motors or call 1-561-609-0131 to see what models they have on their showroom floor before you run by for a look-see.  As well, the staff at Braman Motors are extremely knowledgeable about all types of cars, and they would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Which BMW Best Suits your Style?

BMW LEase Specials | Braman BMW in Jupiter

In the past, BMW had only a small selection of cars to choose from. But time and innovation has drastically changed all of that. Now BMW offers an impressive range of cars, allowing people from all walks of life to find what they want. You can even choose a sports activity vehicle, if you like. BMW continues to listen to what their customer base asks for and create new concepts. So out of all the BMW lease specials and purchase deals available to you, which model should you choose?

Some cars are great – voluptuous even. These would include lineups such as the BMW 7 Series. If you need a lot of space, something that can handle mountain roads with aplomb, then one of the SUVs is likely what you’re looking for, which means the X series is more your style. But what if you need something small, sporty, and fun?

The BMW M Series for sale is what you should be looking at. Each M model is ready to rock the road in its own way, hugging curves and speeding up from 0-60 in mere seconds. Even within the M series, you can make choices based on which one is best for you. The M3 and M4 might have too much power for you – perhaps you want something sporty and enjoyable, but not something that’s going to slam you into your seat every time you touch the pedal. An M2 could be the ideal choice.

Check out all the BMW lease specials available when you go on your search for the ideal car. Check out some of the BMW M Series for sale if that’s the model you’re most interested in, but always ask about the car itself, as well as take it for a test drive. In the end, if the drive feels right, then that car was meant for you.

2016 BMW M4 | Braman BMW Jupiter

Check out the BMW M Series Vehicles For Sale at Braman BMW Jupiter

The BMW M Series is a thing of beauty. Suave and with a bit of muscle behind it, it’s the kind of car that’s easy to fall in love with. From the 2016 BMW M4 to any of the other cars in the lineup, it’s the kind of car that you’ll want to test drive for certain in order to discover what makes it so great.

2016 BMW M4 | Braman BMW Jupiter

From the rumble of the engine to the grip it has on the road, everything about the BMW M Series shouts smart engineering and precision in every detail. BMW works hard on each and every car they create, and the M Series definitely shows it. When you visit Braman BMW Jupiter, you can ask to see any one of the M Series. Ask for a 2016 BMW M4 and give it a test drive around the area. The handling, crystal clear sound system, soft leather, ergonomic controls, and much more will appeal to you in just a few minutes.

Ask about any of the other M Series as well. Test drive any one you want. The folks at Braman BMW in Jupiter, Florida are there to help you find the perfect car for your lifestyle. If one of the BMW M Series is it, then they’ll do everything they can to make sure you pick the right one.

You can also take your time and look at the possibilities online. Braman’s website allows you to peruse both new and used vehicles in order to narrow down your search. Have questions? Utilize their online chat option to speak with an expert in a matter of minutes. Braman is set and prepared to help you in every way possible – even if you’re not present at their leading BMW dealership!

Once you find the right M Series car, you’ll be content to take it home and know that you got an excellent deal and worked with some of the best luxury car representatives there are.