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10 Reasons to Buy a Luxury Car

BMW for sale | Braman BMW in Jupiter

Do you have the ability to purchase a luxury car, but you’re still wondering if it’s really worth it? Consider the following – and maybe you’ll discover that once you purchase, you will never regret it.

  1. Individuality – Customizing a BMW for sale can be as simple as asking a Braman representative. BMW wants its customers to get exactly what they want, which means you have endless options at your fingertips.
  1. Technology – Only the best of the best graces luxury cars. It’s as top of the line as you can get. Companies like BMW work directly with software and hardware manufacturers to ensure each component is top notch.
  1. Power – No one is going to deny the power waiting under the hood of a BMW. From the engine design to the torque to the horsepower, test driving one in at a BMW dealer in South Florida says it all.
  1. Superior Comfort – Comfort levels hit high for luxury vehicles, and not just in terms of heated seats or atmospheric packages. Many luxury cars also allow for great customization, making your car a comfortable place for people, pets, and even snug spots for your items, whether you have camping gear or a lot of luggage.
  1. Prestige – It’s hard not to notice when a BMW pulls into the lot.
  1. Impeccable Interior – Hand-sewn leather, gorgeous polished wood, shimmering metallic accents… Only the best materials and highest craftsmanship go inside of a BMW.
  1. Safety – Any BMW for sale offers a fantastic safety rating. BMWs may be known for their superior speed and style, but safety is a very important factor when each car is made.
  1. Maintenance – The Braman BMW dealer in South Florida can tell you this one, easy. Their technicians don’t work on every car out there – they work on BMWs and they know them inside out.
  1. Resale Value – Expect top dollar for your BMW when you bring it back to the BMW dealer in South Florida. These vehicles just don’t depreciate like lesser brands, so in the long run you’ll find yourself saving money.
  2. Quality – BMW is all about quality, top to bottom. You can rest easy knowing you are driving a vehicle of superior workmanship and style that won’t fade.

Buy a BMW and Have Access to the BMW’S Comfort Access System

BMW Dealer | Braman BMW

When you buy a BMW, you get so much more than a gorgeous car that performs like a dream. Of course, you do get that! But it’s the many “extras” that make owning a Bimmer even more of a pleasure. The Comfort Access System, for example, brings you a new level of ease and convenience. One that will leave you loathe to go back to “ordinary” vehicles.

Comfort Access

Imagine that you’re walking through a dark parking garage by yourself or through a nearly empty parking lot. You want to get your keys and get into your car as fast as possible. But where are they? In your pocket? In your purse? In your briefcase, messenger bag, or duffle? Digging around takes crucial seconds – and if you’re disorganized, it’s a constant pain!

With Comfort Access, you only need to step within 1.5 meters of your BMW and touch the door handle. The vehicle’s sensors recognize your unique key, allows you entry, and then senses you’ve entered the cabin. You only need to press the Start button to drive away in complete convenience and safety.


Convenience – Even At the End of Your Journey

Your BMW key is more powerful than standard keys. When you arrive at your destination, press the exterior door handle to lock your vehicle. More convenient still: if you’re carrying a heavy load of groceries, your gym gear, or work necessities, the key doubles as a remote for the tailgate. Open Sesame… And Close Sesame.

Also use the key to store driver preferences, including positioning of seats, mirrors, steering wheel, heads-up display, and, importantly, favorite audio system settings. Depending on your model, these can be stored and activated upon entering the vehicle. Ahh… your customized driving experience awaits.

Comfort Access allows you to access your BMW in the most simple, convenient way possible. Save time, increase safety, and make life just that much easier. Visit your BMW dealer to see this great feature in action.

Buying The Right BMW from the Right Dealer

Buying The Right BMW from the Right Dealer

When you decide to buy a luxury car, it needs to be from the right place. That’s because the right dealership will mean employees you can trust, cars that are in the best condition and well taken care of, and endless service. If you’re hunting for a BMW Jupiter, Florida dealer, then you should pay close attention to several things.

First, there is the matter of experience. A good dealership will have extensive knowledge not only of the cars on their lot, but also of the brand itself and models that have come before it. Braman BMW Jupiter is one of the select few – if not the only one – that qualifies for the kind of experience you’re looking for. Braman BMW has over 30 years of experience in the world of luxury vehicles, including BMW. They know their vehicles inside and out, and can answer all your questions. If the person you’re talking to doesn’t know the answer to one of your questions, they will find someone who does. That’s because it’s not just about selling cars, it’s about forging good relationships with customers and finding them the right vehicle for their lifestyle.

Buying The Right BMW at Braman’s 2014 Year End Model Event

Of course, you should also pay attention to both selection offerings and price. Quality BMW Jupiter, Florida dealerships should provide you with an excellent choice of BMW vehicles, as well as good price points and even a few extras to sweeten the deal. Braman BMW is yet another great example of this – they offer over 400 2014 BMWs for you to choose from and have a $500 Instant Online Savings on their selection. Think about that – over 400 current BMWs to see! That’s the kind of selection other dealers dream of having.

Take some time to wander through Braman’s amazing array of 2014 BMWs and get your extra $500 savings to top it all off. Chances are when looking for a good BMW Jupiter, Florida dealer, you’ve found the right one.

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