Buy a BMW and Have Access to the BMW’S Comfort Access System

July 12, 2016

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When you buy a BMW, you get so much more than a gorgeous car that performs like a dream. Of course, you do get that! But it’s the many “extras” that make owning a Bimmer even more of a pleasure. The Comfort Access System, for example, brings you a new level of ease and convenience. One that will leave you loathe to go back to “ordinary” vehicles.

Comfort Access

Imagine that you’re walking through a dark parking garage by yourself or through a nearly empty parking lot. You want to get your keys and get into your car as fast as possible. But where are they? In your pocket? In your purse? In your briefcase, messenger bag, or duffle? Digging around takes crucial seconds – and if you’re disorganized, it’s a constant pain!

With Comfort Access, you only need to step within 1.5 meters of your BMW and touch the door handle. The vehicle’s sensors recognize your unique key, allows you entry, and then senses you’ve entered the cabin. You only need to press the Start button to drive away in complete convenience and safety.


Convenience – Even At the End of Your Journey

Your BMW key is more powerful than standard keys. When you arrive at your destination, press the exterior door handle to lock your vehicle. More convenient still: if you’re carrying a heavy load of groceries, your gym gear, or work necessities, the key doubles as a remote for the tailgate. Open Sesame… And Close Sesame.

Also use the key to store driver preferences, including positioning of seats, mirrors, steering wheel, heads-up display, and, importantly, favorite audio system settings. Depending on your model, these can be stored and activated upon entering the vehicle. Ahh… your customized driving experience awaits.

Comfort Access allows you to access your BMW in the most simple, convenient way possible. Save time, increase safety, and make life just that much easier. Visit your BMW dealer to see this great feature in action.

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