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  • Interior view of the BMW i4 with brown leather and black accents.
    Hybrid cars have become a staple in the automobile industry, with sales accounting for over 28.4% of total car sales in 2022, according to research from Statistica. With these cars having increasingly high-tech features, better performance, and lower prices, sales will surge even further in the coming years. Perhaps this is because more people are
  • 2023 bmw i4 features

    Meet the 2023 BMW i4

    • January 19, 2023
    The 2023 BMW i4 features give off a Gran Coupe style, with quick acceleration, great speed, and an amazing driving experience. This BMW i4 has a comfortable interior, battery powertrain, and refined sporty driving dynamics. Luxury car enthusiasts near Jupiter can find the 2023 BMW i4 in three models: eDrive 35, eDrive 40, and i4
  • bmw ix
    BMW is at the top of its game when it comes to EVs – and to acknowledge this, one only needs to test drive the BMW iX. The iX is the new flagship EV for BMW, and while it may not appear grandiose from the exterior, it is a solidly built EV with many high-tech
  • BMW iX2 Electric Crossover | Electric BMW X2 | Braman BMW of Jupiter, Florida
    BMW has made a strong commitment – and has been an industry leader – in luxury hybrid and electric vehicles. The X2 was introduced in 2017, and it’s spunky crossover appeal made it an instant favorite. The iconic brand will be adding several electric models to the family in the coming years, including the i4
  • BMW iNEXT | BMW Electric SUV | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

    What Is BMW iNEXT?

    • August 08, 2019
    The BMW iNext has a 2021 launch date, so it won’t be available until the 2022 model year. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t excited about the opportunities here! BMW has already suggested this BMW electric SUV will offer a 435 mile range as well as Level 3 Autonomous technology, and the prototypes many enthusiasts
  • BMW i4 specs, BMW electric car | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida
    What could you do with the latest BMW electric car? If the industry insiders are right about the BMW i4 specs, the answer is some pretty amazing things. BMW chair Harald Krüger confirmed speculation about the i4 at the Paris auto show last fall, and while BMW hasn’t officially published any details on the production,
  • BMW Supercar i8 Specs | Braman BMW of Jupiter, Florida
    Is a new BMW supercar on the horizon? Some have eyed the BMW i8 as a super star in the making. The technology behind the i8 may do a great deal to change our interpretation of what a supercar can be. The BMW i8 specs show a powerful vehicle with a more modern version of
  • BMW Crossovers BMW Hybrids
    BMW hybrids have seen massive success. There’s an appetite for hybrid and electric vehicles that can deliver on both the performance and environmental fronts. Other more recent successes have been BMW crossovers. The crossovers flawlessly blend the speed and handling of a car with the practicality of an SUV. Therefore, it was inevitable that we’d
  • Maybe you’ve had a chance to look at the new BMW i8. Maybe you’ve held off because you need to know more about this iteration. Here’s your chance. The futuristic head turner is a hybrid with a design that stops people in their tracks. The Battery What gives the new BMW i8 its “heart”? The