BMW iX is Making Waves

May 05, 2022
bmw ix

BMW is at the top of its game when it comes to EVs – and to acknowledge this, one only needs to test drive the BMW iX. The iX is the new flagship EV for BMW, and while it may not appear grandiose from the exterior, it is a solidly built EV with many high-tech features.


Rather than build a standalone EV, BMW has decided to integrate the i-drive electrification into all its mainstream models. Besides the BMW electric sports activity vehicle, there is an i4 sedan, an iX3 EV SUV, and numerous other electrified models to come soon – all designed to compete with its archrival – Mercedes. With such serious competition ahead, let us look at the iX.


First, the BMW electric sports activity vehicle is visually attractive and has great aesthetics – to each their own, but we like the look. The huge grille is flashy and dominates the front. Besides the bold narrow face, the overall appearance is chiseled with a tapered beltline and a relatively large rear overhang. Secondly, depending on the version of iX you purchase, you will get between 340-392 miles in range, which is not bad, considering that most luxury EVs only offer up to 300 miles


But it is the interior where you see most of the changes. Without compromising function, many of the redundant interior elements seen in the older models have been removed or minimized. BMW has integrated the Shy Tech approach that includes the silver of grainy wood with buttons for navigation and media imprinted on the surface and the clip pad on the center armrest. In addition, there is also a delicate crystal glass iDrive controller. And on the doors, you will also see that crystal has been utilized for the adjustable seat buttons. The entire setting of the BMW iX is that of serenity, comfort, and solitude. The less is more approach is everywhere; instead of door handles, you have buttons. And to uplift your mood, you will find dignified and elegant colors on the doors. The optional panoramic sunroof comes with an electrochromic glass, which becomes opaque at the click of a button.


The hexagonal steering wheel looks quirky but is functional. The optional sound audio system by Bowers and Wilkins is cleverly concealed throughout the cabin. In the end, the BMW iX comes with all the razzmatazz that you see in the latest Apple iPhone – everything appears delicate and expensive. But there are no two ways about it, this BMW electric sports activity vehicle is head and shoulders ahead of Tesla when it comes to the interior finish.


Power-wise, the BMW iX powertrain consists of a single-speed automatic transmission and dual electric motors that offer a combined output of 516 horsepower, with a maximum hp of 610. You will not be shortchanged by the 2023 iX M60 when it comes to acceleration; it can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4.6 seconds

If you want an EV that is imposing but at the same time less confrontational, test drive the BMW iX. The luxury car is impressive, with its interior making it stand at the top of all other luxury cars. Contact the BMW experts at Braman Motorcars in Jupiter at 1-561-609-0144 to learn more.

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