The Evolution of BMW Hybrid Cars: A Greener Driving Experience

September 01, 2023
Interior view of the BMW i4 with brown leather and black accents.

Hybrid cars have become a staple in the automobile industry, with sales accounting for over 28.4% of total car sales in 2022, according to research from Statistica. With these cars having increasingly high-tech features, better performance, and lower prices, sales will surge even further in the coming years. Perhaps this is because more people are embracing sustainability and a greener driving experience. The 2024 i4 is currently among the hottest BMW hybrids on the market.


Designed for Sustainability

The i4 is among the BMW hybrid cars focusing on delivering a greener driving experience. It is a pioneer in the brand’s lineup. The 2024 model has lower emissions and features recyclable and renewable materials in its interior, a lightweight but high-strength carbon fiber-reinforced plastic body, and a better range. 


Electrified Powertrain Revolution

BMW’s slogan is “sheer driving pleasure.” No car attests to that more than the 2024 i4. You have the option of one or two electric models. The eDrive40 version has dual motors, which output 395 HP and 443 pound-feet of torque. Conversely, the eDrive35 version has a single motor in the rear axle to give you either 281HP or 335HP, depending on your preferred model.


BMW Hybrid Cars: Embracing Green Luxury

BMW cars are known for their luxurious interiors, and the i4 lives up to that. The emphasis on sustainability extends into the exterior, where the i4 features sustainable yet deluxe cabin elements. Stepping in, you will understand why BMW is serious about sustainability. Whether it’s the door trim panels and dashboard made from natural fibers or the innovative BMW EfficientDynamics technologies, you’ll appreciate BMW’s emphasis on sustainable driving. 


Join the BMW Hybrid Revolution

With hybrid cars growing popular by the day, there has never been a better time to join the sustainable driving movement. BMW hybrid cars, in particular, allow you to balance green efficiency with the brand’s renowned automobile excellence. The 2024 BMW i4 is now available for sale at the Braman BMW Jupiter dealership. Check out our hybrid BMW inventory or contact us to test drive the all-new i4. 

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