Audi A5 vs BMW 4 Series

April 13, 2021
2021 BMW 4 Series

If you had the money, which coupe would you buy? The BMW 4 Series or the Audi A5? Read on for the comparisons between the two vehicles.

Audi A5 vs BMW 4 Series

First, both cars have good aesthetics and have established themselves as reliable vehicles. Both vehicles are considered luxury cars that will put a smile on your face while driving.

The Audi A5 is an ultramodern Sportback with features of a hatchback complete with five doors. The BMW 4 Series has a reputation of excellent handling around corners. Which car is the right one for you?


When comparing the Audi A5 vs. BMW 4 series, both vehicles are stylish and functional, which means that you will be able to use the car for both short and long journeys without any compromise in comfort, speed, or power.

Both may appear slightly small on the exterior, but the interior is roomy with ample space for luggage in the trunk. Both cars come with a powerful 2.0-liter diesel engine with a four-wheel drive.

While both cars have matching acceleration, the one difference is that the A5 has a rapidly shifting 7-speed automatic transmission, whereas the BMW 4 Series has a sturdy 6-speed manual transmission.

There is an option to have an 8-speed automatic transmission in the 4 series for a few extra dollars, which results in smoother and improved performance. On-road performance between the two is similar with the series 4 showing better handling around corners.

For long-distance driving, the A5 is a great cruiser for comfort and also has a much quieter engine.


The interior of both cars are similar; the controls are all within easy reach, but the A5 does feel more luxurious, whereas the Series 4 has a more modern design with a compact dashboard, precise-feeling switches, and modern trim.

The infotainment system in both cars is user-friendly but the Series 4 doesn’t offer Android auto smartphone or Apple car play features, which are standard on the A5.

The series 4 has slightly more legroom in the rear, but the A5 has more headspace and a larger space under the front seat.


When comparing the Audi A5 vs. BMW 4 series for cost, there is not much difference. Between the two, the Audi is perhaps a few hundred dollars more expensive.

Overall, the decision to buy an A5 or a series 4 is strictly based on personal preferences. Both cars offer good value, are reliable, and hold good value even as used cars.

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