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BMW X5 M50i and BMW X7 M50i Added for 2020

We were extremely excited last year when we found out that BMW intended to add to the family with the BMW X5 and its big brother, the BMW X7. That’s why we were surprised that BMW is not only bringing back the X5 and X7 for 2020, they’re planning on making them even better with the BMW X5 M50i and the BMW X7 M50i. Both of these SUVs will fall under the M Performance brand BMW collection.

So what can we expect to be different with the new BMW X5 50i and the BMW X7 M50i? We’ve learned that the engine will be the same, a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that we can find in the 50i. Both of the M50i BMWs will put out 523 horsepower as well as 553 lb-ft of torque. This gives you a 67 horsepower and 74 lb-ft of torque enhancement. 

With new aluminum alloy, stronger pistons, iron coating on the walls of the cylinder and a brand new, extremely exciting viscous damper on the crankshaft owners can expect to have a powerful, smooth ride. Both the BMW X5 M50i and the BMW X7 M50i will have a new launch-control function and the X7 will have new air suspension as well.

We were surprised to learn that while the X5 will have the standard 20-inch, all-season tires, the X7 is going to have huge 22-inch tires, coming standard with the much loved summer performance tires. When it comes to the interior you can expect all the same luxury you’ve come to love from BMW including sport seats, driver-assist features, LED lights and a Harman Kardon sound system. Buyers can even opt for the Dynamic Handling package which gives you more driver-assist options as well as glass controls on the interior.

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2020 BMW 5 Series | 8 Series BMW | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

2020 BMW 5 Series to Have 8 Series Power

The BMW 5 Series is a much-loved group of driving machines. The M550i xDrive is so fast that it can hit 60 mph in just under 4 seconds. It’s hard to believe that BMW would make the 2020 BMW 5 Series even faster and more aggressive, but the rumors that we’ve been hearing for months have turned out to be true: the 2020 BMW 5 Series will have the power of an 8 Series BMW.

Recently BMW of Europe released a list of all of its 2020 model updates. The list showed that the upcoming 5 Series vehicle is going to have a significant power upgrade. BMW USA verified that the new 5 Series will have the N63 engine that we’ve come to love from the 8 Series BMW. So what does this mean in regards to horsepower? If you purchase your M550i near the end of 2019 and in 2020, for example, you’ll find that your new BMW has 523 hp instead of the normal 455.

Having an extra 68 hp may seem like a small amount, but we’re fairly sure that drivers will instantly be able to feel the difference. The M850i xDrive takes only 3.6 seconds to reach 60 mph. With the same engine, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if the new 5 Series is able to achieve the same level of speed – and then some. It may be speedier because it’s been proven recently that BMW is actually underrating their engines, which means it may hit 60 mph in just over 3 seconds. 

All the things we love about the 8 Series BMW paired with the sleek style of the 5 Series? It seems like a match made in heaven.

Stay tuned to the Braman BMW Jupiter blog as more details are revealed about the exciting 2020 BMW 5 Series.

BMW M8 Coupe | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

BMW M8 Family Reveal

New vehicles from BMW – could anything be more exciting? The BMW M8 family is nothing short of gorgeous, and the performance for each of these vehicles defines this brand more than anything else ever could. 

Perks Under the Hood

The BMW M5 made a splash with its engine, and the company has carried that over for this vehicle. Under the hood sits the same 4.4 liter V8 engine so many people were enamored with in the M5, even those great Grand Tour hosts. Expect 600 BHP at launch. A Competition variant should be available at launch, and it will come with 617 BHP. 

The BMW M8 Coupe should be able to hit 100 KMPH in just 3.1 seconds. The Competition model will do the same in 3.0 seconds. A ZF eight-speed Steptronic transmission and BMW’s xDrive AWD system should be standard throughout the family. The Competition variant comes with stiffer springs, harder components and 15.75 carbon ceramic brakes. It should have 600 HP and 750 Nm of torque on board.

The M Performance sport brake pads have gotten quite a bit of press lately, and for good reason. They’ll offer drivers a much shorter braking distance as well as improved response times. They may even mean a higher thermal resilience on the road. They were developed from the long distance racing pads, which could make even the average driver feel a racing-style steering shift. 

Performance Even Inside the Vehicle

Inside, you’ll find so much more than you expected. The steering wheel has carbon fiber shift paddles as well as a carbon fiber leather trim. The shift symbols stand out in bold red to help emphasize the need to push it every time you get into this vehicle. You can even get easy-grip M performance floor mats with this vehicle that are non-slip and made of velvet velour with a leather-style trim. 

Carbon Fiber Parts Designed For This Vehicle

The M Performance parts were designed specifically for this vehicle series. Carbon fiber is the name of the game here, and the line is dotted with options like carbon fiber mirror caps. The radiator grille and the side decorative grille are going to look amazing flying down the road thanks to the elaborate hand-crafting carbon fiber that pulls the look of the vehicle together. 

Vehicle Pricing

This vehicle should start at $133,000 for the M8 Standard, and that means a lot to those looking for a cheaper GT alternative. The Cabriolet will run $142,500 while the Competition model will begin at $146,500. You can expect to see them available in early 2020. 

BMW iNEXT | BMW Electric SUV | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

What Is BMW iNEXT?

The BMW iNext has a 2021 launch date, so it won’t be available until the 2022 model year. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t excited about the opportunities here! BMW has already suggested this BMW electric SUV will offer a 435 mile range as well as Level 3 Autonomous technology, and the prototypes many enthusiasts have seen on the track suggest the company has much in store for potential buyers with this one. 

i Aspirations

One of the most noticeable features of this vehicle is that it looks like current BMW i models, and that’s to be expected. In spy photos from the test tracks, you can clearly see the i8 slim LED headlight design and other typical i series features like the dashboard design. You can also echoes of other BMW crossover vehicles, as the rough shape and size seems to be the same. 

It does, however, sport a flat hood design the others don’t, as well as a shorter grille. The unique panoramic windshield many have come to expect has been placed on this version of the vehicle. 

BMW iNext Display Possibilities

A huge curved display will likely separate this vehicle from its counterparts, as BMW works to refine their infotainment concept. It will likely be more driver oriented and feature the instrument cluster and that infotainment system in one, clean piece. It could literally look like it’s floating, something no other vehicle manufacture has managed to this point. Non-reflecting glass will be a must with this one, as that will help to ensure designers don’t have to create a hood to help reduce any possibility of glare with this model. BMW has suggested it will be held in place by a small magnesium bracket.  

Given the fact that it’s still very early in this process, much of this is likely to change over the next few months, but it’s getting harder not to speculate about this electric crossover. As electric vehicles continue to dominate markets today, this one will be a hot concept once enthusiasts finally get a look at its more finished form.

New BMW 8 Series Review | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

New BMW 8 Series: Behind the Wheel

The Munich design team has outdone themselves – again. The new BMW 8 Series is refined and elegant with a powerful, aggressive twist. This is the car for people who love to drive. Or those who want to fall back in love with driving. Either way, the 8 is poised to meet your highest expectations. 

According to a BMW 8 Series review by Tatler, this Beemer can take on the powerhouse Mercedes S Class Coupe and Porsche Panamera. It is, they say, a “BMW that looks like a driver’s car” and seamlessly combines power, performance, and comfort.

The 8 is available only in the M850i xDrive trim in your choice of coupe or convertible. A powerful 4.4 liter V8 churns out 523 horses and 553 lb-ft of torque, and the eight-speed automatic transmission offers a seamless driving experience. You’ll find outstanding power and grip – do take it out on those winding roads – plenty of speed, and significantly reduced wind and road noise.

One great feature is that the new BMW 8 Series offers ample room for weekend adventure gear. The trunk offers 15 cubic feet of space, and you can fold the rear seat backs down as well to increase it even more. That said, the back seats are not designed for luxurious comfort. In fact, we’d rather not ride back there. They’ll do, of course, in a pinch, but the 8 is very much designed for the driver – and one passenger!

You will also find the latest version of iDrive, Apple CarPlay, advanced safety features, and driver friendly assistive features.

The new BMW 8 Series is a stunning addition to the Bimmer family. Visit Braman BMW in Jupiter, Florida to learn more about this exceptional driving machine.

2019 BMW 3 Series | Top Safety Pick | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

2019 BMW 3 Series Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick+

When you’re navigating city streets on your daily commute, winding over back roads on your weekends off, bringing the kids to soccer practice, or running errands, you want to enjoy the thrill of exceptional handling and performance. But all that means nothing if the vehicle you are driving is not safe. With the 2019 BMW 3 Series, you can ride easy. It has earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s highest recommendation, earning the Top Safety Pick+ designation.

The previous BMW 3 Series earned the highest “Good” score in every crash test it was put through. The new edition improves on this with forward collision prevention, which improved to a “Superior” score for both standard models and those with optional equipment. The 3 comes to a complete stop at both the 12 and 25 mph test speeds, unlike its predecessor which only gave a forward collision warning.

The 2019 BMW 3 Series also adds improved headlights and child seat anchors. The previous edition earned only a “Poor” rating for headlights (except for their highest end optional ones, which received an “Acceptable.”) BMW improved this to “Good” for the optional curve-adaptive headlights from the Executive Package. Child seat LATCH anchors also improved from “Marginal” to “Good.”

To receive the Top Safety Pick+ designation, a vehicle must earn “Good” ratings in several categories:

  • Driver-side small overlap front
  • Passenger-side small overlap front
  • Moderate overlap front
  • Side
  • Roof strength
  • Head restraint tests
  • Headlights

AND an “Advanced” or “Superior” rating in front crash prevention.

The BMW 3 Series clearly excelled in front end crash prevention, a feature which will bring peace of mind to drivers (and their passengers).

Your safety is the top priority. And when you can combine safety with refined features, all the better! The 2019 BMW 3 Series excels on all fronts.

BMW Art Cars | BMW i8 | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

BMW Art Cars: A History

At 2019’s Coachella Festival, celebrities were spirited around in a fleet of gorgeous, custom BMW i8 models. The i8 is sleek and sexy in its own right, but these were even more special: they were created in collaboration with R&B superstar Khalid. The whimsical, adventurous, fresh i8s are the latest in a long history of BMW art cars.

In 1975, BMW invited artist Alexander Calder, best known for his abstract mobiles, to collaborate on the exterior design of a 3.0 CSL that was running the Le Mans 24. The car didn’t finish the grueling race, but it did start the tradition of BMW art cars.

The iconic brand went on to work with the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Ernst Fuchs, Esther Mahlangu, Jenny Holzer, Jeff Koons, and Cao Fei. Giants in the art world, they helped create works of art that are moving on all levels! While scores of major artists approach BMW about the opportunity to create using a highly-engineered canvas, BMW tasks an independent jury of international museum directors to choose who receives the honor.

The brand’s cultural ambassador Thomas Girst says, “We do not consider ourselves sponsors, which would imply a mere transaction of budget from A to B. We consider ourselves partners; our long-term commitment is important. This is a true interaction! And do keep in mind, in pre-Socratic times you had one word for artistic achievements and those in engineering: (I)techné(I). We’ve just come full circle with the Art Car series.”

While Khalid was the first musical artist tapped by BMW for this prestigious partnership, his entry into the art car hall of fame stands with its peers as a fresh take on the interaction of art and engineering.

You can argue that every BMW is a work of art in itself! We couldn’t agree more.

BMW M135i | BMW 1 Series | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

New BMW M135i Sneak Peek

Many automakers, particularly high-end brands, are notoriously secretive about their new designs. BMW is no different, and it has tried to keep the newest iteration in its BMW 1 Series, the BMW M135i, under wraps. A few details and photos, though, have managed to escape. Let’s take a sneak peek at this beautiful new addition to the family.

Unlike the previous rear-wheeled edition, the new M135i is an all-wheel drive model. It uses the FAAR architecture, which is found on several MINIs. The engine is expected to be a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder, generating 302 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. It’ll feature an eight speed automatic transmission and the same drivetrain that we see in the BMW X2 M35i.

The word is that the new M135i will have fewer horses under the hood than the rear-wheel drive version (about 30hp less); however, with the all-wheel layout, we’ll experience similar levels of performance.

In leaked images of the newest edition to the BMW 1 Series, we see a sporty, athletic looking front end. The blue shown on the model is vibrant – just like the performance we can expect to see from the M135i. Sprinting from zero to 60 mph in less than five seconds is just fine in our book!

BMW will likely unveil the M135i at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of 2019, so all our questions will be answered definitively. Until then, we can dream! Or visit Braman BMW Jupiter to look at other stellar Bimmers for sale or lease. Our expert team is ready to answer all your questions and ensure that your car buying experience is just as rewarding as your car driving experience. Come and see us in Jupiter today!

BMW i4 specs, BMW electric car | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

BMW i4 Specs and Speculation

What could you do with the latest BMW electric car? If the industry insiders are right about the BMW i4 specs, the answer is some pretty amazing things. BMW chair Harald Krüger confirmed speculation about the i4 at the Paris auto show last fall, and while BMW hasn’t officially published any details on the production, some really exciting buzz has developed in the industry about what possibilities this model could hold.

A Very Different Four-Door Coupe

This vehicle will look very much like a four-door coupe, but this isn’t your parent’s electric family car. Instead, it’s likely going to be a liftback with a hatchback opening. At first glance, you’ll see a decklid with a ducktail spoiler and a sloped hood. It won’t, however, have a carbon-fiber structure.

Beyond that, the BMW i4 specs available are a little slim. The concepts for this model had a battery range of 373 miles. That may, however, depend on which model you purchase. Current market speculation suggests that BMW will offer both 60 and 80 kWh battery packs for models, so you’ll have to choose which best meets your needs.

While speed isn’t always the key concern when you buy a BMW electric car, it may at least cross your mind before you make the purchase. The top speed seems to be about 125 mph, and you can zoom from zero to 62 mph within about four seconds.

You may also have the ability to choose your drivetrain with this model based on your preference. The i3 came in only rear-wheel drive, but the i4 will likely give you a choice between the standard rear-wheel drive option or the xDrive.

BMW is working hard to take on the electric car market, and with the i4, it looks like it may have a fighting chance against companies already making headway with customers looking for something a little different.

2019 BMW 330i | New BMW 3 Series | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

Behind the Wheel of the 2019 BMW 330i

There’s a lot of hype around BMW, but not much of it focuses on the 2019 BMW 330i. The new BMW 3 series may not be capturing the headlines, but it is certain to capture the hearts of many thanks to its well-rounded features that have helped define this brand since its inception.

Under the Hood

The 2019 BMW 330i comes with a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine. At four-cylinders, not many enthusiasts are chomping at the bit, but the reality is that it’s perfect for most driving conditions you might encounter. It has 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, which makes it plenty quick. It can hit 60 mph in around five seconds. An eight-speed automatic, you can choose between both rear-wheel drive and xDrive all-wheel drive.

A Marked Design Shift

This model is based on the CLAR platform, and the goal here was to increase chassis stiffness with the model. BMW wanted to feel far more solid than previous models, and those fortunate enough to drive it have said it achieves that goal, giving it a more stable, agile platform to work with, which helps to improve driver-chassis communication.

Lift-related passive dampers were overhauled with this model, which means bumps just aren’t a factor. In fact, you may get a bit worried that you’re so comfortable as you drive over rough terrain.  The variable steering ratio also got an overhaul with this model. That aspect means sharper, more responsive steering that remains balanced and neutral, no matter how much the road ahead may wind.

Because the variable ratio steering rack has been redesigned, you may notice a more linear rate of progression. It’s lock-dependent now, so the more lock you use in a given situation, the faster the ability to steer becomes.  

The 2019 BMW 330i may only be an entry-level model, but this is one entry-level that you certainly want to consider.