BMW EV Popularity Is Rising

  • bmw ev charging
    BMW’s 2023 sales figures are already impressive, with 12% first-quarter sales growth year over year. As 8% of those sales are fully electric, it’s clear that the BMW EV popularity is making the German manufacturer a major contender in the wider EV market. What’s Driving BMW EV Popularity Up? BMW’s gone to great lengths to
  • bmw baby racer
    BMW has long tread the line between serious driving performance and the thrills of the open road. But the open road isn’t for everyone, because many young enthusiasts, years away from their first driver’s test, stick to the sidewalk. The fourth-gen BMW Baby Racer is here, and it’s perfect for your young ones. Not your
  • bmw m setup rpms
    Nothing says “let’s go for a spin” like taking your BMW M out on the track. On any open road, throwing it in Sport and putting it through its paces will bring your driving experience to a whole new level. The BMW M setup feature provides granular controls over various high-performance settings, and in this
  • bmw x7
    When it comes to luxury SUVs, BMW and Range Rover are up there at the top. But how does Range Rover’s new fifth-generation model compare to the highest-grade 2023 BMW X7? We’ve taken a look at the BMW x7 vs Range Rover showdown, and needless to say, they’re each remarkable machines. Read on to see
  • best color for the bmw xm
    The BMW XM stands apart from the rest of BMW’s models with its one-of-a-kind design. It’s perhaps the most divisive-looking BMW since the E65 7 Series. BMW has often been known for its stylish colors perfectly matching the body styles of its vehicles. And people are saying this color, sapphire black, might be the best
  • gesture control leaving the BMW X5
    2023 X5 Gesture Control is No More BMW’s Gesture Control was a feature that allowed drivers to control certain functions using simple hand gestures. This technology provided a convenient and intuitive way to answer or reject phone calls, adjust volume, and set navigation directions, among other functionalities. Despite that, the Gesture Control system wasn’t a
  • bmw idrive subscriptions
    The already impressive BMW iDrive system has just become even more advanced. The new and improved system now offers a wide range of BMW iDrive subscriptions, making it easier than ever to stay connected while on the go. Let’s take a closer look at how subscription services are now included in the BMW iDrive package.
  • bmw DEE
    Have you ever wondered what the future of automotive technology looks like? The BMW Dee is a revolutionary step into the future of personal transportation. This futuristic BMW is an autonomous electric car that has the potential to revolutionize your daily life. Not only does it come with all the advanced safety features you’d expect from
  • 2023 bmw i4 features

    Meet the 2023 BMW i4

    • January 19, 2023
    The 2023 BMW i4 features give off a Gran Coupe style, with quick acceleration, great speed, and an amazing driving experience. This BMW i4 has a comfortable interior, battery powertrain, and refined sporty driving dynamics. Luxury car enthusiasts near Jupiter can find the 2023 BMW i4 in three models: eDrive 35, eDrive 40, and i4
  • bmw xm interior
    M division has done it again with another completely unique model, the BMW XM. This road beast has set new standards with its sheik design, unique concept, and innovative drive technology. In this article, we want to focus on the BMW XM interior. Let’s take a look. The BMW XM SUV has raised eyebrows and