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BMW Supercar i8 Specs | Braman BMW of Jupiter, Florida

Will BMW Build a New Supercar?

Is a new BMW supercar on the horizon? Some have eyed the BMW i8 as a super star in the making. The technology behind the i8 may do a great deal to change our interpretation of what a supercar can be. The BMW i8 specs show a powerful vehicle with a more modern version of the supercar: a mean-looking, plug-in hybrid with fearsome performance.

The BMW Supercar Has Changed

The i8 fits some definitions of a BMW supercar, and bucks other traditions. Some critics have found the interpretation appealing, while others say they love the BMW i8 but it does too many new things to fit the supercar mold precisely.

Whether the BMW i8 is a supercar or something altogether different, will BMW make one that fits more traditional definitions of “supercar”? BMW’s research & development chief Klaus Frohlich told Drive that he’s pushing hard to make it happen during the life cycle of the i8.

A Cinematic Aesthetic

The BMW i8 itself boasts aesthetic design that’s remarkable. It features butterfly doors that lift upward and out of the way when getting in and out. The low-slung design features an aggressively swept greenhouse that gives the car its mean, assertive look. The car always looks like it’s angry with someone and out for vengeance, which lends it a cinematic flair. It looks like it should be in constant chase scenes.

BMW i8 Specs

The i8 features a 369 horsepower combined powertrain that delivers 420 lb-ft of torque. It can achieve 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds.

It holds the road well and offers remarkable braking power and precise handling. This makes it a great car to, as Car and Driver puts it, “fling around corners”. The roadster version offers a convertible variation with a very cleanly operating top.

Charging is a breeze, using a plug that can take advantage of BMW’s network of charging stations or any other public option.

BMW will come along with a new supercar at some point, but don’t take your eyes off the i8 as the BMW supercar that exemplifies a different take on what this category can be. The BMW i8 is a powerful and stylized plug-in hybrid interpretation of the supercar.

2019 BMW 3 Series Release Date Redesign | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

2019 BMW 3 Series Release Date Unveiled

The 2019 BMW 3 Series release date is one of the most anticipated of the season. BMW’s kept the date itself under wraps, but showed the car itself at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. The 2019 BMW 3 Series redesign they unveiled was very aggressive. It retains so many marks of what makes a BMW a BMW, while also reshaping elements of its aesthetic in some exciting ways.

Re-Imagined Looks

Precision in design gives the 2019 BMW 3 Series redesign a sharper, bolder look. The kidney grille is pronounced, while the headlights look ferocious. The look is of a car made to chase down prey, like a leopard caught mid-stride.

It’s not just the aesthetics that have changed, though. The wheelbase and track widths are both slightly extended, and the car’s a little wider, longer, and taller, too. Many of these adjustments are made for balance and handling. The redesign has a lower center of gravity and 25% more rigidity in the suspension. Combined with its lower weight and wider stance, these contribute to exceptionally precise steering and the best 3 Series agility yet.

Superb Improvements

Rethought underbody sealing even makes the 3 Series redesign more aerodynamic than the 3 Series of the past. With the BMW 320d xDrive, you also get BMW’s exceptional all-wheel drive system that helps compensate for any loss of traction, returning more control to the driver. For a more classic BMW feel, you can still get the rear-wheel BMW 320d, without the xDrive system.

The interior is exceptionally clean-looking. In an age of luxury performance cars having ten thousand buttons up the center console, it’s refreshing that BMW keeps things reasonable. You should be staring out the beautifully swept front windshield, not getting lost in the controls at your elbow. That said, no functionality is lost – BMW just designs interiors and controls in a very efficient way.

What About That Release Date?

About that 2019 BMW 3 Series release date: Right now, the 3 Series is undergoing testing at Nurburgring Nordschleife. You should see the BMW 320d and 320d xDrive on sale starting March 9, 2019.

BMW Model | BMW Car Features | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

Which BMW Model Is Right for You?

Which BMW model is your perfect match? Decide what features you want, what feel you want. BMW car features include a wide variety of top luxury and performance elements. It can be a tough choice. Get a feel for what each series can offer, and go to the dealership with a set of desires you need your BMW to fulfill.

BMW 1 Series

The 1 series is what you might call an entry-level BMW. It’s a great choice to see some of what the make has to offer. The design offers a taste of BMW’s legendary driving experience as a family option with plenty of features and options.

BMW 2 Series

Here’s where BMW gives you that stylish, aggressive coupe you’ve been looking for. BMW models in the 2 Series are sleek and feature dynamic driving mechanics. These are athletic cars that really start to give you the most of BMW car features and reliability.

BMW 3 Series

The 3 Series is a versatile series. Its models fill many jobs and are made to be flexible. That’s one reason the 3 Series is BMW’s most popular. Comfort and luxury abounds, as do powerful technology features. It’s a very popular company car because of its room, comfort, economy, and capability.

BMW 4 Series

The 4 Series appeals to driving enthusiasts looking for a spacious coupe. Its room and capabilities make it a surprisingly practical option, while its performance and handling offer up a more tailored experience.

BMW 5 Series

Business customers flock to the 5 Series because of its unparalleled refinement. Both inside and out find some of BMW’s most attractive designs, and the 5 Series features some of BMW’s best optional upgrades.

BMW 6 Series

The 6 Series reaches toward the height of perfection in luxury. These coupes are extremely comfortable, which can really bring out the driving feel in a remarkable way. There’s no feeling like blazing down the highway while in the lap of luxury.

BMW 7 Series

These are superior BMW models, flagships that demonstrate everything a BMW can be when it comes to innovation and luxury. This makes these models perfect for a luxurious daily drive or as advanced executive cars.

BMW X Series

This series of crossovers and sport activity vehicles boast some of BMW’s most powerful and versatile models. Some perform like overpowered coupes while others offer unparalleled BMW space, and they all deliver on off-road capability and a full technology suite.

BMW i Series

BMW is always forward thinking, and the i series offers electric vehicles that are futuristic, comfortable, economical, and extremely fun to drive. These cars cut down on emissions and gas costs while still delivering the performance you’ve come to expect from BMW.

Which BMW model is right for you? Visit Braman BMW of Jupiter, Florida and test drive your way to an answer!

BMW Vision | Intelligent Vehicles | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

What Is the BMW Vision iNEXT Project?

You’ve probably heard a lot of news about driverless cars. These intelligent vehicles are capable of being fully automated. Yet where are they? Are they on the road yet, or are we still talking about the future? The BMW Vision iNEXT may be on the road in the sense that a prototype is being tested, but it won’t go into production until 2021.

One Giant Leap

Why such a long delay between prototype and production? Intelligent vehicles are a big step forward in the way we drive. There’s a great deal of attention that must be given to making driverless operation as safe as possible. That means an incredible amount of development and testing, more so than has gone into any other vehicle in BMW’s history.

Chauffeured Driving for All

The goal of the BMW Vision iNEXT and other intelligent vehicles is that the cars should be able to take over driving in any situation. This chauffeured mode gives you more time back in the day. Instead of a daily slog to and from work, you can let Vision drive and focus on some phone calls, watch a sports show, do a crossword – whatever helps you relax and de-stress. Instead of a traffic jam, you get some you-time. Text with a friend or check your social media while the Vision drives.

Take Over When You Want

At the same time, you should be able to take over driving when you wish. Even in an automatic car, you may still want to enjoy the thrill of driving on the open highway now and again. In Vision’s case, this delivers BMW sport activity vehicle performance.

Giving Us Back Our Drive Time

Essentially, drive the BMW Vision when you want. Stop driving and let the Vision drive when you want. You can pick and choose when you choose to drive and still get where you’re going on-time. No more yelling at other drivers making a bad choice, or getting angry at a red light. You’re too busy enjoying some other part of your day. Intelligent vehicles offer the possibility for all of us to be chauffeured.

We can’t wait either!

BMW Car News | BMW Z4 | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

BMW Car News: The 2019 G29 Z4

BMW car news is always exciting, and the 2019 G29 Z4 may be one of the most anticipated models yet. Exceptionally low to the ground, the BMW Z4 gallops through corners without losing a step, all while maintaining a composure you might describe as gliding.

From the Ground Up

The BMW Z4 is designed essentially from scratch with a renewed focus on sports performance. This isn’t just a luxurious cruiser, it’s an agile sports car that reflects M-level sharpness in its handling. A number of elements that are featured in the M3 and M4 are present in the BMW Z4, including actively controlled limited slip differential for added traction.

The BMW Z4 M40i is powered by a 360 hp six-cylinder. Now this is the same engine as the BMW X3 M40i, a crossover with some height and athletic heft to it. It can easily power the smaller roadster design of the Z4.

Precise Handling

A number of details give the driver utmost control over the road. There’s a real sense of connection to the drive – the seat is low so you can really feel every move, but maintains good overview so you can anticipate. The center of gravity is similarly low, so that you feel on level with it every moment. This lends a remarkable sense of control through corners. There’s zero sense of roll or lost traction.

The different performance modes are well thought out, tightening or loosening up the steering as you need it. The handling is tight enough to start, and when you really have a nice stretch of curving road, the precise response of the Sport Plus mode lends superb road feel. There’s an incredible zone where it feels like you barely need to think of what you want to do before the BMW Z4 is doing it. The Z4’s responsiveness in Sport Plus is rare and exceptional.

Pushing New Territory

Where the previous Z4 generation could sometimes have some difficulty on bad roads, the Comfort mode and rethought suspension gives the BMW Z4 a smooth ride on rough surfaces while maintaining its precise handling.

There’s something special about an open-top roadster that performs like the best BMWs in history while simultaneously pushing the envelope even further into new territory.

2018 BMW 3 Series sedan | 2018 BMW 320i | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

Why Drive a 2018 BMW 3 Series?

BMW has flagship luxury and performance cars, technologically superior crossovers, and futuristic experimental vehicles that look like Steven Spielberg dreamed them up. Every automaker needs what brings them home again, though. You’ll find that in the BMW 3 Series. The 2018 BMW 3 Series sedan holds true to many classic BMW design choices, while also offering an incredible range of powertrains to adapt to any situation.

BMW’s Iconic 3 Series

The 2018 BMW 3 Series sedan maintains a classic BMW look that’s always stayed in style. It communicates a car connoisseur’s taste. Best of all, it does so in an affordable way. The 3 Series has long proved that you can own an iconic BMW without breaking the bank.

Start with the 2018 BMW 320i. This highlights how the series is focused on powerful, classic, performance sedan designs. The Hofmeister kink, kidney grilles, and sleek lines all scream BMW as you zip by slower traffic.

There’s more to the 2018 BMW 320i than just the exterior. BMW prides itself on its engineering excellence. The 3 Series boasts a near-perfect 50-50 weight distribution that few other cars approach. This ensures a smooth, stress-free driving experience centered on easy handling and precision response. You’ll feel the difference when you take a corner at speed and hug it perfectly.

Powerful Customization

You can also step up to the 320i xDrive for complete all-wheel drive that will help you master bad roads and stay extra safe in inclement weather.

The customization options are impressive. The number of powertrains available in the 3 Series is substantial, and high quality customizations can be made to the exterior highlights and interior finishings.

Not only this, but the 2018 BMW 320i and its fellow 3 Series cars feature some of the latest and most powerful BMW technology. The 2018 BMW 3 Series sedan is distinctive because it brings so much classic BMW features forward to today, marrying what’s always worked so well with what will work beautifully tomorrow.

What Does xDrive Mean in BMW | BMW xDrive Explained | Braman BMW Jupiter, FL

What Does xDrive Mean in BMW?

BMWs are aggressive cars, and BMW engineers can be a little aggressive when they name their babies. Confused by strings of letters and numbers? Well, we’ll clear up one mystery: what does xDrive mean in BMW?

BMW xDrive Explained

xDrive is the next technological step beyond the all wheel drive system. It advances how all-wheel drive systems operate through the use of cutting edge sensors that read the road and make incredibly detailed adjustments. The system reads and anticipates changes in the road that could be hazardous: from a slick patch to a gaping pothole to a complete change of surface texture.

It also reads what you’re doing as a driver, and what you need in order to do it. Are you angling into a tight turn? Are you accelerating on a wet road? Or is there an emergency? Are you stamping on the brakes or swerving to avoid an accident in front of you?

Returning Lost Control to the Driver

The xDrive system re-distributes power between the front and rear axles to handle different situations. Normal distribution is 40 percent power to the front axle, 60 percent power to the rear. Face a slick hill and more power will be distributed to the rear axle for additional traction – even up to 100 percent. If you’re oversteering on a turn, more power will be directed to the front axle.

More than this, xDrive interacts with other methods of control in additional situations. When you’re parking, the clutch will be opened completely so you have increased maneuverability at a low speed. By adjusting power distribution and other factors, xDrive returns control to the driver.

Solving a 100 Year-Old Problem

What does xDrive mean in BMW? It means as much driving control is given to the driver as possible – even the kind of control over handling that has always been lost before to bad roads and bad weather. After 100 years of all wheel drive technologies in cars, BMW xDrive solves one of the most important factors affecting stability.

New BMW X4 | Mercedes GLC Coupe | Braman BMW Jupiter, FL

New BMW X4 vs. Mercedes GLC Coupe

How does the new BMW X4 stack up against the Mercedes GLC Coupe? Let’s see.

Look and Feel

The X4 updates offers an impressively roomy cabin and delivers a very tactile driving experience.With a playful, bold exterior, it really communicates the coupe design well, and the drive feels low to the ground even with solid clearance to handle off-road situations.

The Mercedes GLC coupe looks more car-like but also sacrifices visibility and cabin room. There’s a little bit too much attention to jazzing up the exterior. It looks too busy.

Interior and Visibility

The GLC has a lot going for it, but the interior isn’t one of those things. That there’s such a cramped area for visibility in pretty much every direction is a serious design oversight and makes the cabin feel claustrophobic. The dedication to a rounded look also makes the rear seats cramped.

The X4 could have more room for rear visibility, but it’s still preferable to the GLC. In every other way it gives you a clear and spacious line of sight. The interior is classy and simple. It uses smart exterior design to lend the rear a more rounded look than it actually has, suggesting a strong curve while maintaining nice head room in the rear seats. The ergonomic design of console and dashboard are appealing.

Cargo space is comparable between the two, with the X4 getting the edge on the GLC, 19 cubic feet to 18 cubic feet.

Power and Scaling Up

When it comes to performance, each model has a range of different specifications. The new BMW X4‘s entry option has a 248 horsepower engine, the GLC a 241 horsepower engine. That will get you similar zero to 60 mph times around 6 seconds, but the X4 boasts more powerful models that can get your zero to 60 mph time down to 4.4 seconds. The GLC doesn’t come close, even when scaling up.

The Mercedes does have a nice, agile feel to it, but that agility outpaces the rest of its performance. The new BMW X4 combines sharp driving with more substance.

Mileage on both comes down to the same 21/28 mpg city/highway measure.

That leaves us with a pretty clear picture. These comparisons are sometimes a tighter fight, but the new BMW X4 seriously outpaces the Mercedes GLC Coupe in nearly every category.

BMW X4 M40i Specs | 2019 BMW X4 | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

The Scoop on the 2019 BMW X4 M40i M Performance

BMW has a way with letters and numbers. Look no further than the 2019 BMW X4 M40i M Performance. It’ll go zero-to-60 faster than you can say it. That makes the 5-seat crossover with room for luggage and gear incredibly impressive. It’s not every car that lets you transport passengers and gear like an SUV, and still zip to 60 in just 4.6 seconds.

What M Performance Brings

The 2019 BMW X4 is already an impressive car fit for city and off-road driving. When you add an “M40i M Performance” to it, those little words carry a lot of weight. The BMW X4 M40i specs are impressive. The crossover gets an inline-6 that delivers 355 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. It makes hauling easier for those with a boat or trailer.

Handling and Safety

It’s also the safest version of the X4, with M Sport brakes and adaptive M suspension that gives the driver their best control when the roads get slick and rough. BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system helps compensate for any slipping by providing extra power to wheels with the most traction. They read and react millisecond by millisecond, again delivering that extra control a driver needs to handle tough situations or to just be more comfortable on the road.

Family Comfort

The 2019 BMW X4 isn’t just practical. BMW knows how to deliver comfort on any drive. The moonroof is panoramic – larger than the regular X4. The crossover also offers 3-zone climate control. That means less complaining and arguing on long road trips!


The seats are luxurious, designed specifically for the M Performance model of the X4. The steering wheel is soft and smooth in sport leather. The interior’s beautifully accented with aluminum and chrome.

When you look at the BMW X4 M40i specs, you see an accessible crossover that finally joins together SUV family driving needs with the driving experience of a performance car. That’s incredibly exciting, and it opens up the world of weekend trips and comfortable, long drives to you.

New BMW 8 Series Coupe | 2019 BMW 8 Series | Braman BMW Jupiter, FL

New BMW 8 Series Coupe Makes Its Debut

The new BMW 8 Series coupe relaunches the grand tourer line after a 20-year hiatus. This fall, you can expect the 2019 BMW 8 Series to wow in showrooms across the U.S.

Sculpted to Perfection

The new BMW 8 Series coupe is long and sleek. The front and rear are uniquely sculpted to deliver a rare silhouette that puts a new, aggressive spin on BMW styling. The front grille juts out. The lights are narrow – BMW’s slimmest in history – but their LaserLight technology makes them bright. The center channel recalls the lines of classic racers. It all comes together to make a car that looks like it’s leaning hard into the wind, even when it’s perfectly still. It has a constant sense of movement, like a race horse impatient for the starting gate to fly open.

Unrelenting Power

The engine is a beast that backs this single-minded need for speed up. The M850i xDrive performance model is the flagship, and it offers a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 at 523 horsepower. This produces a monstrous 553 pound-feet of torque. Combined with eight-speed automatic, rear-biased torque-vectoring all wheel drive, paddle shifters, and launch control system, and it can make driving to work feel like you’re counting down for lift-off. The 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds helps.

Luxury Built Around the Driver

As is standard for BMW, the 2019 BMW 8 Series will focus on luxury. Merino leather is set off by contrast stitching, and the wide center console offers a 10.25-inch touchscreen and complete control suite. BMW’s outpaced other makers when it comes to making the whole control suite focus on driver ease-of-use.

The number of bells-and-whistles is impressive, from head-up display, 16-speaker sound system, variable color ambient lighting, and four years of telematics standard, to options such as ventilated seats and the BMW digital key that allows you to start and unlock the car from your phone.

The new BMW 8 Series coupe is available soon. Make sure you lock one down before someone else leaves with yours.