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BMW X1 Crossover Review

BMW X1 Crossover | Braman BMW

Sports utility vehicles and crossovers have overtaken sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, trucks, and coupes as America’s favorite ride and a top choice for families, busy professionals, and adventure-seekers alike. And for good reason: these vehicles are practical, roomy, and, when you choose the right model (and the right roads!), they offer an incredible – and often exhilarating – driving experience. Fortunately, when choosing, you cannot go wrong with the BMW X1 Crossover. A spunky, sport compact Sports Activity Vehicle, the X1 will get you where you want to go – and ensure you love every second of the journey.

The Vital Stats

Braman BMW offers a variety of BMW models, one of the most popular of which is the X1. Let’s take a quick look at the crossover in several areas that are most important to drivers:


(Specifications for the base model X1 xDrive28i)

Engine 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder
Horsepower 228 hp
Torque 258 lb-ft
Transmission 8-speed STEPTRONIC Automatic with Sport and Manual shift mode
Drivetrain All-wheel drive
0-60 Acceleration 6.3 seconds
Top Speed 131
Seating 5
Fuel Economy 22 city / 32 highway
Cargo Capacity 27.1–58.7 cubic feet

Where do we start? The power? The performance? The handling? The space? The efficiency? The advanced technology and safety features? This compact Sports Activity Vehicle has it all. And then some.

So let’s start with the start. The gutsy crossover achieves 0-60 in just over 6 seconds – faster than many sedans. As soon as you engage the accelerator, you’ll feel all 228 horses chomping at the bit.  The inline 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine features High Precision Direct Injection, Valvetronic and Double VANOS technology. Even if you are  not mechanically oriented, you know this means one thing: power.

From there, the 8-speed STEPTRONIC transmission provides smooth and seamless gear transitions – and the ability to operate the X1 as a manual adds yet another layer of nuance and control to your experience.

Should you find yourself on a snowy mountain pass, a twisting turning urban road, a slick city street, or another adventure-in-the-making, the BMW X1 Crossover has you covered. It’s not just equipped with all-wheel drive. It’s equipped with intelligent all-wheel drive. When the system detects slippage in the wheels – whether due to rain, ice, or uneven conditions – it automatically redistributes power to the wheel that has the surest footing.

This smart crossover also features other BMW innovations, such as Dynamic Stability Control and Dynamic Traction Control. If the former senses over- or under-steering, it keeps your vehicle on course and maximizes stability and traction. The latter gives your X1 a firm grip on the road in low-friction situations (e.g. ice and, more common in Florida, wet pavement).

Add run-flat tires, which resist deflating, and there is no terrain that you cannot tackle and no weather conditions that will sideline your plans. Your world just expanded.


Safety Is Always A Top Priority

Regardless of power or performance, any vehicle is only worth as much as its safety features. Rest assured, this Sports Activity Vehicle  ensures ultimate safety for each passenger.

The X1 was awarded the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick+ and earned an Advanced front crash avoidance rating (with optional front crash prevention).

Adventure comes with peace of mind with features such as front and rear anti-roll (stabilizer) bars, front and rear Head Protection System, front-seat-mounted side-impact airbags, impact sensor that automatically disengages fuel pump and unlocks doors, anti-theft alarm system, BMW Assist eCall, driver’s and passenger’s front airbags with dual-threshold, dual-stage deployment, knee airbags, and front-passenger-seat sensors designed to prevent airbags from deploying unnecessarily.

Not only will each passenger be safe, they’ll be comfortable. Some crossovers sacrifice space for power. Not the X1.


Room for Adventure. Or Groceries

Whatever your objectives when you slide behind the wheel, the BMW X1 Crossover is ready and willing to accommodate. From simple trips to the market and acting as chauffeur to your children’s soccer team to exploring new destinations, you have the power you want and the space you need.

While technically a “subcompact,” there is nothing cramped or confined about the X1’s cabin or cargo capacity. With the seats folded down, it offers a class-leading 58.7 cubic feet of space. Convenient storage compartments, 40/20/40 rear folding seats with sliding and reclining functions, 39.4 inches of rear headroom, there will be no fighting over seats as every one is as comfortable as the next.

Load up the family, your friends, your pets, your gear – and go. When you’re driving the X1, nothing can hold you back. And with super efficient 22 city/32 highway mpg, you won’t have to waste time filling up at every pump.


All That and BMW “Extras”

BMW offers a host of value-added features to enhance your experience even further. From the LED cornering headlights that provide new levels of front and side illumination, enhanced upholstery, and a full color heads-up infotainment display to functions that increase efficiency – e.g. auto stop/start and xDrive – each element is carefully designed and meticulously executed to ensure you receive nothing but the best experience from your BMW X1 Crossover.

This is doubly true when you visit Braman BMW. You will not only find exceptional vehicles, you will find stellar service and deals. Every aspect of your X1 ownership should be convenient, smooth, and seamless – and that includes purchasing or leasing it. With professional, no-pressure experts to help, you’ll soon be driving towards your next adventure.

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2017 BMW 6 Series Redesign

BMW 6 Series | Braman BMW

Buckle your seatbelt: it’s about to get fast and furious in the luxury auto world. Diehard fans of the BMW 6 Series have been eagerly awaiting the line’s redesign for years; as the release date draws closer, anticipation is ramping into high gear. According to industry experts, the updates and upgrades will transform the 6 Series Coupe, Cabriolet, and Gran Coupe into powerful “Porsche rivals.” What can we expect from the redesign? And will it be worth the wait?


Codename: G15

The first 6 Series, the E24, rolled off the production floor in 1976. Since then, it’s undergone a variety of changes. The most recent iteration – the third generation – is built on the same platform and with the same engine as the 7 Series and the 5 Series. BMW also added a four-door coupe, the Gran Coupe, to the family. The brand describes it as their “most exclusive offering, embodying the spirit of elegant grand touring in a most modern fashion.”

And there’s no doubt that this full-size luxury car is a stunning head-turner. Sleek and refined, it does the BMW name proud. At the same time, discerning drivers may have noticed a flaw or two in the 6 Series. A bit heavy. A tad soft in terms of performance. A little less than razor-edge handling.

While these qualities do not detract heavily from overall driveability and enjoyment, they certainly do present areas on which the iconic brand could improve. And so, they did.

The new 6 is, for the time, known as G15 (for the Coupe; the Cabriolet and Gran Coupe are codenamed G14 and G16, respectively). And you can expect a faster, lighter weight vehicle that is primed and ready to go. As former BMW Chairman Norbert Reithofer (who served during the redesign’s beginnings) said, this will be a “proper Porsche fighter.” Further,  it will embody the excellence and innovation of the BMW brand.


Lean, Mean Ultimate Driving Machine

Early reports indicate that engineers have used modular architecture to slim the 6 Series down. They have likely incorporated extra-high strength steel parts for stability and safety, as well as carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium, and aluminum alloy accents to cut weight. The result: nearly a 500 pounds gone.

In addition, the redesign team reduced overhang weight (overhang is the length of the car that extends beyond the wheelbase at the front and rear) and width and lowered the center of gravity.

The more streamlined physique of the BMW 6 Series will elevate cornering capability to a much higher level than its predecessors. Engineers promise that these changes will  make the updated models a great deal more agile – and even more exhilarating to drive.


Get Your Motor Running

BMW has already confirmed the engines that will power their new 6 Series. According to Car Magazine:

  • BMW 640i: 3.0 L inline 6 cylinder, 347 bhp
  • BMW 640d: 3.0 L inline 6 cylinder, 333 bhp
  • BMW 650i: 4.4 L V8, 476 bhp
  • BMW M6: 4.4 L V8 bi-turbo, 600 bhp

Do you have your new BMW 6 Series picked out yet? Whether you’re leaning toward the ultra powerful performance model or the smaller but mighty 3.0 L, you will undoubtedly be thrilled with the results of this massive redesign.

It’s likely that an eight-speed auto transmission system will be standard, and it will come with paddle shifters, spunky rear-wheel drive, and optional xDrive. Efficiency should be at the top of the class: the 640i, for instance, should achieve 20 mpg city and 31 mpg highway, while the 650i pulls 17 mpg city and 25 highway. In the world of high-performance luxury autos, these are terrific numbers.


Inside and Out

While details remain sketchy as yet, it’s likely that the new BMW 6 Series will feature exterior and interior updates that emphasize the slimmer, more streamlined mechanics. Whether that means narrow taillights in the style of the i8 or motorsport -inspired seats, we can only wait. And hope!

We can be reasonably certain that the updated models will be fully-stocked with BMW-class features, such as iDrive, Driving Assistant Plus, advanced navigation, intelligent energy management, Comfort Access, Intelligent Emergency Call, Concierge Service, and much more.

While the 6 Series is a completely solid, absolutely luxurious vehicle, one complaint that could be made is that it wasn’t quite sporty enough to be a true “sports car.” Problem solved. The redesign promises to address this concern and reveal a car that can not only compete against the Porsche – it can create a class of its own.

The new BMW 6 Series, by all accounts, is going to be well worth the wait. 2017 will be here before we know it; looking into BMW lease specials and offers so you can be ready to ring it in with a gorgeous, high-performance driving machine.

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2016 BMW i8 Review

BMW i8 Specs & Review

2016 BMW i8 Specs & Review

Do you remember when you used to get up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons – which would then morph into afternoon sci-fi marathons? Many car lovers fondly remember watching those shows and coveting the gorgeous futuristic vehicles. Some could fly, some could go underwater, and some could almost break the speed of sound. Nobody ever thought that they’d see these vehicles come to fruition in their lifetime, however. They were a dream to while away a few enjoyable weekend hours.

While the 2016 BMW i8 can’t go underwater, can’t fly, and can’t break the speed of sound, it does look so futuristic that you would swear by just glancing at it that it could do all three. This luxury model has caught the attention of car lovers and experts alike, and for good reason. With amazing power, gorgeous lines, and a look that simply cannot be beat, it makes sense why so many people are looking for a BMW i8 for sale.


Let’s Talk Style
While there’s plenty to discuss under the hood of this beauty, almost anyone who finds a BMW dealer in Florida will stop and stare at this vehicle – not because of its power (at least not initially!) but because of its look. It’s true that there’s nothing that looks quite like the 2016 BMW i8.

Straight out of a sci-fi movie, this powerful 2016 luxury vehicle gives car enthusiasts a reason to have a huge grin on their face once they see it. The birdwing doors are always a favorite for car aficionados. Not all vehicles look good with this type of door. They manage to make the futuristic feature look dated. However, the 2016 BMW i8 is the perfect match for them, offering a fresh 21st century take.

The exterior of the vehicle is sleek and streamlined. Shaped to be as aerodynamically sound as possible, the hood gently slopes back to form the windshield.  The roof is subtly contoured, and it it slopes back to the end of the car to complete the space age vibe. This vehicle, no matter how you look at it or whether you love BMW or not, is a definite head turner.

The interior of the i8 doesn’t scrimp on style either. In order to match the design aesthetic of the exterior, designers took the sci-fi feeling and ran with it. Not to worry, though – it does not look like a future “themed” car. The bucket seats in the front of the vehicle are extremely thin, leaving more room in the rear of the vehicle than you would typically see in a luxury sports car like this.

While it is only a two-door vehicle, you can easily fit two more people in the rear of the car, which is fitted with stylized bucket seats on its own. The dashboard is completely digital, and the vehicle also has a heads up display that features all of the technological gadgetry that we love to see in a car.


Let’s Talk Power
Of course no vehicle, no matter how gorgeous it is, is hardly worthy of the classification “luxury,”if it doesn’t have power behind it. The 2016 BMW i8 has more than enough power for not only the casual car owner but also for the true enthusiast or collector.

The i8 is actually the first BMW in the company’s line to use the 1.5 liter turbocharged three cylinder engine. This beauty of an engine is lightweight, which helps the car to glide over the road, and has 228 horsepower as well as 236 pound-feet of torque. The six speed automatic transmission is as smooth as glass during transition.

There are actually three driving modes that you can select from when you drive the 2016 BMW i8: Comfort, Max E-Mode and Sport. Both the Comfort and Max E-Mode modes were created to help the driver increase the vehicle’s efficiency. It caps the acceleration of the vehicle and brings down the power to other unessential functions. Comfort mode, however, actually uses the powertrain in an extremely efficient manner so that, once the battery of the car is depleted, it can run like a hybrid.

When Car and Driver tested the vehicle they found that the transmission, engine, and electric motor all worked together beautifully creating a seamless and comfortable ride. They found that there was no lag, no surging, and more power than the average driver would ever need to have access to. Able to hit 60 MPH in only 3.6 seconds when you do a launch-control start (which the vehicle will let you do) you can better understand why so many people search for a BMW dealer in Florida. They just want to get their hands on one of the most powerful, sleekest vehicles that they can.

The biggest reason why so many will look for a BMW i8 for sale the price. Luxury vehicles are never cheap; nor should they be. When you pay for anything, you want quality, and the BMW line never fails to delivers. The i8, however, delivers even more efficiency, quality and style than even most BMW lovers expect. Even so, the price on the i8, is more than competitive, especially since the only other vehicle that Car and Driver could compare it to was the Porsche 918 Spyder. The i8, though, has a much lower price tag. It is just as attention-grabbing, if not more so, than any other sports luxury car on the market.

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2016 BMW 528i Review

Review of BMW 2016 528i

Review & Specs of the 2016 BMW 528i

There’s a mistaken belief among the younger generation that any “family” vehicle that you get, be it a crossover a van or a sedan, has to be unattractive and lacking in power. The BMW corporation, however, has proven that not only can you purchase a sedan that looks gorgeous, you can also purchase one with more than enough power for the average driver.

The 2016 BMW 528i is the perfect balance between a luxury vehicle and a family car. It has all of the high quality materials that you want to find in a higher end model while maintaining a price point that is more affordable compared to many other luxury cars. Before you look for BMW 528i lease offers, however, it’s a good idea to learn a bit more about this luxury sedan.

The View From the Outside
Let’s start with how the outside of the sedan looks. One reason why many search for a used BMW for sale is that the style of the BMW is, and always has been, high class. This 5 series sedan is perfection on the outside, starting with the sleek lines. The hood gently slopes up to the top of the car with an inconspicuous front grille and a gently sloping, yet shorter, rear. When you see this vehicle the first thing you may imagine is a celebrity relaxing in its sumptuous seats, and that makes sense. It’s the right size to allow you to drive five people to their destination comfortably and in serious style.

The View From the Inside
Inside of the vehicle, you’ll find the same high standards of quality and luxury that you find on the exterior. The word for the interior of the 2016 BMW 528i is “refined”. The understated design looks simple but the effect is maximized thanks to the use of industry-leading materials. The interior is reminiscent of most of the BMW line but the 528i certainly has its own sense of style.

The 14 way power-adjustable seats come standard in all of the 5 series, and every driver will easily find the right fit. The front seats are heated and ventilated; that may be standard in many vehicles, but what about the rear passengers? This model offers heated rear seats, so everyone rides in ultimate comfort. The height of the rear seats are, as well, designed to be roomy enough for even tall adult passengers.

The dual-zone automatic climate control and push button start are two pieces of technology that every driver can enjoy, but it’s the classic BMW iDrive that tends to make tech lovers happy. This system is simple to use, and the 10.2” central display is large enough to view easily when you’re driving.

The iDrive also recognizes both numbers and letters that are written with your fingertip, making it easier than ever before to control the program. The interior of the vehicle also features a 16 speaker Bang & Olufsen surround-sound system, along with a dual-screen entertainment system in the rear of the car, which is just the beginning of the amenities that makes this the ideal family vehicle.

Driving and Power
The 2016 BMW 528i is unique among sedans in that it offers a number of features that any driver will enjoy, starting with the driver-selectable vehicle settings. The 528i has standard 17” wheels, automatic and adaptive xenon headlights, a rearview camera, and power trunk lid that all come standard.

What you likely are concerned with, however, is the performance. The power behind the 2016 BMW 528i is a turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. This robust engine packs 240 horsepower and is also able to bust out 260 pound-feet of torque. Have you ever seen a traditional sedan that’s able to hit 60 mph in only 6.4 seconds? The 2016 BMW 528i can thanks to the lightweight design and the high quality engine. Does anyone still think “family” cars are dull?

If you judge the 2016 BMW 528i on simply how it drives, you would likely find yourself rushing to find BMW 528i lease offers; there’s nothing quite like being behind the wheel of a BMW sedan. The engine takes the vehicle to well above its weight class and it has better fuel economy than a number of other sedans on the market that are comparable. The ride quality is smooth and luxurious. The 528i is the ideal luxury option for your daily drive as you’ll never feel “trapped” inside of your vehicle.


The Verdict
When it comes down to it, you can never go wrong when you opt to drive a BMW. Power, performance, and luxury are top reasons why so many look for a used BMW for sale when they’re contemplating a new vehicle. But the 2016 BMW 528i stands apart from other models on the crowded sedan market. From the amazing safety features and the gorgeous aesthetics to the smooth, powerful ride, it appeals to serious drivers – who are also serious about comfort and practicality. Once you try it for yourself, you’ll see why it’s one of the most popular sedans on the market today.

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2017 BMW X1 and 2017 BMW 2 Series Earn Top Safety Pick

2017 BMW X1 | Braman BMW Jupiter

Style, performance, speed, comfort, and technology aren’t the only things that BMW focuses on. They know that safety is a high priority amongst drivers as well, and why shouldn’t it be? Anyone inside a BMW should feel totally secure, and the top brand wants nothing more than to make sure that every occupant is as safe as possible every time they get in and buckle up. Not surprisingly, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the 2017 BMW X1 and 2017 BMW 2 Series as Top Safety Picks.

In order to receive such a designation, a vehicle must receive a “good” rating in all five crash tests. “Good” is the best rating that a vehicle can achieve, and BMW once again does so with aplomb. In fact, the X1 has been awarded this designation for a second time in a row, earning praise for its body structure and design. All that and the X1 offers more space, increased efficiency, and better technology than ever.

Many cars struggle with the IIHS ratings; “Good” is difficult to achieve in certain tests, and plenty of vehicles receive subpar ratings. The small overlap front test, for example, is by far the most difficult to pass. However, both the 2017 BMW X1 and 2017 BMW 2 Series were able to pass with flying colors. Well done, BMW engineers and designers; drivers can breathe a big sigh of relief whenever they slide inside.

If safety is one of your biggest vehicle-related concerns, BMW has your back – and front and side. Talk to a Braman representative about all the safety features that the 2017 BMW X1 and 2 Series have to offer. You’ll feel completely at ease when you drive away in a Bimmer, knowing that you and your friends and family are in good hands.

BMW M2 and BMW M4 GTS are Car of the Year Contenders

BMW M2 for Sale | Braman BMW Jupiter

So many amazing cars have debuted this year, but BMW has certainly been at the head of the pack. In fact, BMW has more than one vehicle in the running for Car of the Year.

The first is the BMW M2 for sale at your local BMW dealership. The M2 was a stunning addition to the BMW lineup and has earned high praise for its technology, comfort, and impeccable style. It’s been compared to other supercars such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. That’s certainly some tough competition, but the M2 is more than up for the challenge.

The second contender is the BMW M4 GTS. The M4 GTS received rave reviews from many critics, making it a stronger competitor than the M2. EVO Magazine, for example, had the opportunity to put the cars in contention through their paces. Many of its judges simply loved the performance that the BMW M4 GTS brought to the table. Nimble and stylish, the M4 aims to please, and many drivers are happy to say that it does indeed deliver on that score.

So will the M2 be the coveted Car of the Year or will that honor go to the M4? We’re not telling, but suffice to say that any BMW car eligible to be considered as such is certainly worth looking into. And both the M2 and M4 are sure to provide the perfect balance between exhilaration and practicality.

The next time you find yourself in the market for a great vehicle, consider the BMW M2 for sale or perhaps the M4 GTS. A quick test drive will quickly show you why these are some of BMW’s top cars – and why they’re neck and neck to win Car of the Year.

Things to Know About the BMW 5-Series Driver Aids

BMW 5-Series | Braman BMW Jupiter

Getting around town has never been easier, thanks to all the amazing driver aids at your fingertips when you’re piloting a BMW 5-Series. Let’s take a quick look at some of the exciting features you can expect from this stellar lineup:

  1. Available Parking. While several vehicles come equipped with self-parking capabilities, BMW’s On-Street Parking Information (OSPI) provides you with information about available parking spaces in your area. That’s right. Searching for a good spot? Now your BMW can tell you where it is. It is only available in select states, so double-check before getting too excited!
  1. 18 Months Into the Future. The BMW 5-Series is officially 18 months ahead of the 7-Series when it comes to the development of technology. The 5 is even better, less buggy, and as up-to-date as can be.
  1. Autopilot. Yes, if you are in the right conditions, the car will in fact handle itself. It can accelerate, brake to a stop, start up again, switch lanes, inform you of speed limits, and even help get you out of possible collisions.
  1. Adaptive Driving Mode. In case you weren’t yet looking at BMW lease specials, here’s another reason to start. The adaptive driving mode will keep a constant monitor on the steering, gearbox, throttle response, and other elements and adjust them as needed to suit your driving style. Pair it with Professional Navigation, and it can prepare you for whatever’s coming down the road by analyzing conditions.
  1. Car Communication. BMWs will be able to send information to one another, such as weather and traffic issues, giving other drivers the most up-to-date information on the road. This isn’t fully functioning in the 5-Series – yet. But it will be here before you know it.

With the BMW 5-Series, driving is intuitive; your vehicle will take great care of you on every trip, and through every mile.

BMW Announces Partnership with IBM

BMW i-Series | Braman BMW in Jupiter

BMW isn’t content to sit back on its laurels while other companies such as Tesla move forward with innovative technology. The BMW i-Series is hot on the trail of all things fantastically futuristic thanks to a new partnership with tech giant IBM. So what exactly does this mean for the vehicles you might find at your South Florida BMW dealer soon?

BMW is interested in bringing Watson into the fold. Watson is IBM’s artificial intelligence platform. You may have seen a commercial or two about it. The goal of adding Watson to BMW i-Series cars (and who knows – perhaps others as well) will be to provide drivers with “intelligent assist functions.”

In essence, this will allow you to communicate better with your car. You may even be able to have some semblance of a conversation with it. An example? Let’s say you were to visit one of these Watson-equipped BMW i-Series cars at a South Florida BMW dealer. The instruction manual for the car would be a part of it. So, instead of flipping through a book, you could actually ask the car questions about itself.

If you were to buy the car, Watson – a true learning machine – would eventually become familiar with your driving habits. It could then make suggestions for you, such as how to save on gas or provide tips to ensure that you are safer on the road. And of course, it will also continue to deliver the sort of information we’re used to seeing/hearing about at this point, such as driving conditions, traffic, weather, and more.

The pairing of BMW and IBM means that we’re stepping closer to the era of innovations such as vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Drivers will have much more insight into their cars than ever before – and vice versa. It’s an exciting time to visit your South Florida BMW dealer.

Which BMW Best Suits your Style?

BMW LEase Specials | Braman BMW in Jupiter

In the past, BMW had only a small selection of cars to choose from. But time and innovation has drastically changed all of that. Now BMW offers an impressive range of cars, allowing people from all walks of life to find what they want. You can even choose a sports activity vehicle, if you like. BMW continues to listen to what their customer base asks for and create new concepts. So out of all the BMW lease specials and purchase deals available to you, which model should you choose?

Some cars are great – voluptuous even. These would include lineups such as the BMW 7 Series. If you need a lot of space, something that can handle mountain roads with aplomb, then one of the SUVs is likely what you’re looking for, which means the X series is more your style. But what if you need something small, sporty, and fun?

The BMW M Series for sale is what you should be looking at. Each M model is ready to rock the road in its own way, hugging curves and speeding up from 0-60 in mere seconds. Even within the M series, you can make choices based on which one is best for you. The M3 and M4 might have too much power for you – perhaps you want something sporty and enjoyable, but not something that’s going to slam you into your seat every time you touch the pedal. An M2 could be the ideal choice.

Check out all the BMW lease specials available when you go on your search for the ideal car. Check out some of the BMW M Series for sale if that’s the model you’re most interested in, but always ask about the car itself, as well as take it for a test drive. In the end, if the drive feels right, then that car was meant for you.

10 Reasons to Buy a Luxury Car

BMW for sale | Braman BMW in Jupiter

Do you have the ability to purchase a luxury car, but you’re still wondering if it’s really worth it? Consider the following – and maybe you’ll discover that once you purchase, you will never regret it.

  1. Individuality – Customizing a BMW for sale can be as simple as asking a Braman representative. BMW wants its customers to get exactly what they want, which means you have endless options at your fingertips.
  1. Technology – Only the best of the best graces luxury cars. It’s as top of the line as you can get. Companies like BMW work directly with software and hardware manufacturers to ensure each component is top notch.
  1. Power – No one is going to deny the power waiting under the hood of a BMW. From the engine design to the torque to the horsepower, test driving one in at a BMW dealer in South Florida says it all.
  1. Superior Comfort – Comfort levels hit high for luxury vehicles, and not just in terms of heated seats or atmospheric packages. Many luxury cars also allow for great customization, making your car a comfortable place for people, pets, and even snug spots for your items, whether you have camping gear or a lot of luggage.
  1. Prestige – It’s hard not to notice when a BMW pulls into the lot.
  1. Impeccable Interior – Hand-sewn leather, gorgeous polished wood, shimmering metallic accents… Only the best materials and highest craftsmanship go inside of a BMW.
  1. Safety – Any BMW for sale offers a fantastic safety rating. BMWs may be known for their superior speed and style, but safety is a very important factor when each car is made.
  1. Maintenance – The Braman BMW dealer in South Florida can tell you this one, easy. Their technicians don’t work on every car out there – they work on BMWs and they know them inside out.
  1. Resale Value – Expect top dollar for your BMW when you bring it back to the BMW dealer in South Florida. These vehicles just don’t depreciate like lesser brands, so in the long run you’ll find yourself saving money.
  2. Quality – BMW is all about quality, top to bottom. You can rest easy knowing you are driving a vehicle of superior workmanship and style that won’t fade.