View From The Driver’s Seat: BMW 2 Series Convertible

June 01, 2015
New Blue BMW 2 Series Convertible For Sale

‘Romp’ isn’t a word that usually comes to mind when describing how a car drives, but it somehow suits the striking new BMW 2 Series Convertible for sale now at your local Braman BMW dealership. Cars, like people have personalities, and the immediate impressions you get from the 2 Series are ‘young’, ‘perky’, and ‘energetic’. And that’s the way it drives; put the top down and you feel like a kid skipping along without a care in the world.

BMW 2 Series Options

Part of that feeling comes from what’s under the hood, in this case a 240 horsepower, turbocharged 4-cylinder mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. If you want something more muscular, order it up with the turbocharged 6-cylinder and you get 320 horsepower and zero to 60 in less than five seconds.

The ‘sport’ button gives you even more get up and go, when you want it, and for still higher levels of performance – and safety – the 2 Series is available with BMW’s outstanding all-wheel drive system, X-Drive.

The 2 Series BMW Convertible

While the 2 Series is available as both a hartdtop and convertible, in an environment like we have here in Palm Beach, well, there’s not a feeling in the world better than cruising around on a sunny day with the top down. Just push the button and twenty seconds later you’re enjoying ocean breezes and adding to your tan.

If it starts sprinkling, or gets too hot, you can put the top up while the car is in motion – at speeds up to 30 miles an hour. And when you do, multiple layers of insulation make it really quiet and snug inside.

There are all kinds of options for customizing your 2 Series, like the high-end keyless entry system that lets you put the top down before you even open the door. Also the Sport Line and M-Line option packages that include larger wheels and tires, sports seats and sport-tuned suspension. There’s even a track handling package if you have some race driver fantasies you’d like to indulge.

So if a car that can go from sunshine beach cruiser to snarling sports racer sounds like it should have a place in your garage, stop by Braman BMW dealer in Jupiter, FL and tell them you want to romp around in the ‘perky’ one – they’ll know what you’re talking about.

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