The BMW X7 is Due for an M Series Makeover

December 29, 2016

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The BMW X7 is becoming a reality; fans are eagerly anticipating its 2018 debut. But BMW doesn’t like to always sit back and consider themselves satisfied or “done.” Not when something else can be done. An improvement. A new idea. This is what is happening with the BMW X7. If it can be made a little sportier – then why not?

Once people realized that they could find a BMW SUV for sale, they couldn’t get enough of the luxury sports activity line. The X Series has worked out rather well for BMW, which means they’ll continue on the same course. With the X7 slowly becoming the next version available, the excitement continues to grow. What’s next for the top of the line BMW crossovers? An M model. Yes, the X7 is going to get the marque’s super-performance treatment.

It’s hard to say right now just what the M version will look like of this particular BMW SUV for sale. Assuming the standard version of the X7 has a combination of 6 and 8 cylinder engines, it might also be powered in the same fashion as the F90 M5. Still, much of what surrounds the X7 is speculation. Plans are that the X7 will be launched sometime in 2019, which means that the business case for a X7 M model won’t be officially due until 2018.

So it looks as though we’ll all have to wait until there is official word from BMW about their potential plans. As with any BMW crossovers, things can change – but with BMW, it’s they will always change in a very impressive way. Until then, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye and ear out on the news for teasers and sneak peeks.

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