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  • best color for the bmw xm
    The BMW XM stands apart from the rest of BMW’s models with its one-of-a-kind design. It’s perhaps the most divisive-looking BMW since the E65 7 Series. BMW has often been known for its stylish colors perfectly matching the body styles of its vehicles. And people are saying this color, sapphire black, might be the best
  • BMW x7
    The 2019 BMW X7 luxury SUV is the brand’s largest sports utility vehicle ever – and we believe it! The imposing 203.3 inch long, three-seater beast certainly cuts an impressive figure – but its speed and performance set it apart from competitors that are merely bulky. What does the 2020 SUV of the Year contender
  • Largest BMW SUV | BMW X7 Interior | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida
    The 2018 LA Auto Show saw BMW introduce some captivating new vehicles. This includes the largest BMW SUV ever made, the new X7. Sure, sometimes you need a Bimmer to rocket around a track. And sometimes you need one that still has superb performance and also gives you the largest amount of cargo space or
  • BMW X2 Dealership | BMW X2 Specs | Braman BMW Jupiter
    The BMW X series of SUVs had a strange gap for a while. We saw every model between X1 and X6 except the X2. It’s a little bit like X-Men movies – easy to lose track of which one takes place when. It was mildly infuriating, but we are finally been able to say we’re
  • BMW Crossovers BMW Hybrids
    BMW hybrids have seen massive success. There’s an appetite for hybrid and electric vehicles that can deliver on both the performance and environmental fronts. Other more recent successes have been BMW crossovers. The crossovers flawlessly blend the speed and handling of a car with the practicality of an SUV. Therefore, it was inevitable that we’d
  • The BMW X7 is becoming a reality; fans are eagerly anticipating its 2018 debut. But BMW doesn’t like to always sit back and consider themselves satisfied or “done.” Not when something else can be done. An improvement. A new idea. This is what is happening with the BMW X7. If it can be made a
  • The BMW X Series for sale now at Braman BMW in Jupter, South Florida
    Are you ready for some excitement? Any time a BMW X Series car is involved, it’s bound to become a party. And now is the best time possible to jump on the chance of bringing a 2015 BMW X6 home – unless another X Series catches your eye. There are several models from the BMW
  • Tons of BMW SUV vehicles for sale at Braman BMW in Jupiter, FL
    If you haven’t yet visited Braman on your search for BMW SUVs, then that is the very next place you should go. It’s more than just another place to check out new BMW cars – it’s a dealership that offers far more than you might have expected. From amazing customer service to the perfect BMW,
  • New 2015 BMW X5 Special Offer at Braman BMW Jupiter Florida
    The new BMW SUV models are exciting in every way. BMW is constantly seeking out ways to improve every vehicle’s performance, while enhancing the driver and passenger experience. The BMW SUV isn’t listed as such, but rather is the X Series lineup of vehicles, ranging from those styled slightly more like a wagon, while others