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2019 BMW X7 Luxury SUV: Deep Dive

The 2019 BMW X7 luxury SUV is the brand’s largest sports utility vehicle ever – and we believe it! The imposing 203.3 inch long, three-seater beast certainly cuts an impressive figure – but its speed and performance set it apart from competitors that are merely bulky. What does the 2020 SUV of the Year contender have to offer drivers (and six of their friends or family members!)? 

The X7 features a 335 horsepower six cylinder engine (base model) and smooth eight speed automatic transmission. It glides from zero to 60 in 5.8 seconds (besting the Mercedes GLS 580) and hits a top speed of 130 mph. An impressive feat considering its size.

But fuel economy must be a nightmare, right? No. Surprisingly, perhaps, the X7 hits 20/25 mpg city/highway and has a range in excess of 500 miles.

While some may not love the X7 design, slow power-folding second row seat, or tendency towards body roll, the 2019 BMW X7 luxury SUV more than makes up for these issues with a host of exceptional features, including:

  • Exquisite comfort for all passengers. Yes, even third row riders will have nothing to complain about. 
  • Heated seats
  • Optional second row captains seats (do it; it’ll eliminate the concern over the slow folding second row and provide easier access to the third row)
  • Wood trim
  • Second row leather headrests
  • Power backrest controls
  • Separate climate control zones
  • Sunroof 

The cabin is remarkably quiet and luxurious, ensuring that not only will you enjoy the ultimate driving experience – your passengers will enjoy the ultimate riding experience! 

The 2020 SUV of the Year contender is not only BMW’s largest SUV, it is one of the best in its class when it comes to speed, power, performance, and comfort. Whether you’re taking a long family vacation or going across town, you’ll do so in complete luxury. 

Largest BMW SUV | BMW X7 Interior | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

Inside the Largest BMW SUV

The 2018 LA Auto Show saw BMW introduce some captivating new vehicles. This includes the largest BMW SUV ever made, the new X7. Sure, sometimes you need a Bimmer to rocket around a track. And sometimes you need one that still has superb performance and also gives you the largest amount of cargo space or seating in the entire make. The BMW X7 interior doesn’t just make you more capable, it’s also elegantly refined, comfortable, and delivers a considerable amount of technology.

Adaptability to Spare

The BMW X7 focuses on giving its drivers something very rare in a vehicle today: flexibility. A third-row comes standard, and it’s incredibly spacious. The problem with many SUVs that offer a third row is that those furthest back pretty much need to adopt the fetal position to ride anywhere. With the BMW X7, those in the back can stretch out comfortably.

Not only this, but the comforts of the largest BMW SUV ever made extend to this third row as well. The glass panoramic roof goes all the way back, offering a beautiful view to all.

Impressive Measurements

The X7 offers 48.6 cubic feet of cargo space. That easily surpasses the X5’s already spacious 33.9 cubic feet. Fold the second and third rows down and that expands to a whopping 90.4 cubic feet. Again, compare it to the X5’s impressive 72.3 cubic feet with its back seats folded down.

Focus on Comfort & Relaxation

The BMW X7 interior delivers clean lines and impressively streamlined design. What’s truly impressive is how the X7 is designed to make the world around you feel large and spacious, too. There’s something about the way it presents the outside world as you drive or ride in it that seems inviting. BMW’s delivery of the technology is, as always, very focused. Gone are the thousand buttons and dials other makers seem intent on confusing you with; the X7 makes its tech easy to use and master.

The BMW X7 seems most focused on making your life easier. Adaptability makes planning less stressful, and the sunny, spacious, streamlined ride makes your day more comfortable.

BMW X2 Dealership | BMW X2 Specs | Braman BMW Jupiter

How Is The BMW X2 Different than the X3

The BMW X series of SUVs had a strange gap for a while. We saw every model between X1 and X6 except the X2. It’s a little bit like X-Men movies – easy to lose track of which one takes place when. It was mildly infuriating, but we are finally been able to say we’re a BMW X2 dealership!

As for BMW X2 specs, we’ll start with the price, which falls squarely between the X1 and X3. That makes it a good option between the two, although we particularly like the X2’s attitude. It comes across like a tall and roomy performance car rather than a straight-up SUV or crossover. It seems unique.

Look: The X2’s low-slung roofline is sleek, but through clever design it’s still very spacious. The BMW engineers are pulling a few visual tricks to give us an SUV that doesn’t just perform with sportier specs, but looks the part, too. (We like it in red.)

Handling: This model offers a little more room to stretch out than the X1. The wheelbase is longer. At the same time, the length is a bit shorter. This combination also gives it some of the best handling out of the X Series, especially when compared to either the X1 or X3. With the wheels so close to each corner, there’s very little top-heaviness impeding responsiveness and handling.


The X3 has a slightly larger wheelbase, but it’s also heavier and taller. The X2 is a smart approach to handling the driver a great deal of control, and it’s clearly superior in handling to the X3.

Acceleration: The X2 is 0.3 seconds faster than the X3 when going 0-60 mph. They both boast the same eight-speed automatic that’s given BMW SUVs their seamless shifts at speed.

Cabin Space: The X3 does offer a few inches extra height, being a more prototypical SUV. The X2 has nice room to stretch out, while the X3 has nice room to stretch up. It’s a matter of taste.

Cargo Space: While the X2 maintains nice cabin room, it sacrifices some storage space for its superior performance. It’s the difference between taking a week-long road trip with the X2 vs. a week-and-a-half with the X3.

Overall, a BMW X2 dealership should give you a look at both options. We’re loving the X2; it’s fun to drive and keeps you engaged with the road on both short and long trips.

BMW Crossovers BMW Hybrids

BMW Creating Hybrid Crossovers?

BMW hybrids have seen massive success. There’s an appetite for hybrid and electric vehicles that can deliver on both the performance and environmental fronts. Other more recent successes have been BMW crossovers. The crossovers flawlessly blend the speed and handling of a car with the practicality of an SUV. Therefore, it was inevitable that we’d soon see BMW start making hybrid crossovers.

How Many Models?

What should we expect? Well, BMW has already reserved the rights on the following model names: i1, i9, iX1 and iX9. That may seem like Roman numerals gone mad, but it really does mean something. The “i” prefix designates BMW hybrids, while the “X” prefix is used for BMW crossovers. That means we’ll see at least two BMW crossovers that are hybrids – the iX1 and iX9.

BMW has declined to comment this early, but we can confirm one thing: the upcoming X3 has been described as “X” and “i” coming together. Whether that means we’ll get an X3 and/or an iX3 might just be a matter of semantics. This information together all but confirms at least three Bimmer hybrid crossover models.

Benefits of BMW Hybrids and BMW Crossovers

The advantages of BMW hybrids are clear. Electric motors can be used for local driving such as running errands, going to nearby jobs and shuttling children from activity to activity. The appeal of BMW crossovers is blending the room and usefulness of an SUV with the agility and handling of a performance car. This makes BMW crossovers fun to drive on camping trips, road trips and family vacations.

Having the advantages of BMW crossovers combined with the responsible features of BMW hybrids will be phenomenal. It will allow the best of multiple worlds: performance and SUV, gas and electric, etc. The technology inside only boosts the driving experience, with large, responsive touch-screens and head-up displays allowing you to check important driving information without taking your eyes off the road. This is the future of luxury crossovers, and we’re excited to step into it.

The BMW X7 is Due for an M Series Makeover

BMW Crossovers | Braman BMW in Jupiter

The BMW X7 is becoming a reality; fans are eagerly anticipating its 2018 debut. But BMW doesn’t like to always sit back and consider themselves satisfied or “done.” Not when something else can be done. An improvement. A new idea. This is what is happening with the BMW X7. If it can be made a little sportier – then why not?

Once people realized that they could find a BMW SUV for sale, they couldn’t get enough of the luxury sports activity line. The X Series has worked out rather well for BMW, which means they’ll continue on the same course. With the X7 slowly becoming the next version available, the excitement continues to grow. What’s next for the top of the line BMW crossovers? An M model. Yes, the X7 is going to get the marque’s super-performance treatment.

It’s hard to say right now just what the M version will look like of this particular BMW SUV for sale. Assuming the standard version of the X7 has a combination of 6 and 8 cylinder engines, it might also be powered in the same fashion as the F90 M5. Still, much of what surrounds the X7 is speculation. Plans are that the X7 will be launched sometime in 2019, which means that the business case for a X7 M model won’t be officially due until 2018.

So it looks as though we’ll all have to wait until there is official word from BMW about their potential plans. As with any BMW crossovers, things can change – but with BMW, it’s they will always change in a very impressive way. Until then, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye and ear out on the news for teasers and sneak peeks.

BMW X5 Special Offer | Braman BMW Jupiter

Find Great BMW X Series SUV Lease Deals on at Braman BMW Jupiter

Are you ready for a deal? How about several deals? How about deals on the BMW X Series? Braman BMW Jupiter has these deals, and they’re definitely worth a long look – both online and in person. With so much to choose from, it can be an exciting way to spend your day. Especially if you’ve been hoping to drive home a 2015 BMW X5. Unless, of course, you spot something better.

BMW X5 Special Offer | Braman BMW Jupiter

The BMW X Series SUV lease deals at Braman are always exciting. They provide you with a nice long term – 36 months – after which you can decide where to go from there. Keep the car? Lease something brand new? You can always consider your options once the term is up. But for now, it’s time to take a look at all the different choices in the X Series lineup.

Perhaps you have indeed been hoping for a 2015 BMW X5. How about the X5 sDrive35i for only $2,359 down and then just $649 per month after that? Or maybe you’d like the X5 xDrive35i at only $3,500 down and $589 per month. There’s always the X5 xDrive50i that you could take home for only $4,500 down and then just $899 per month. Decisions, decisions.

Maybe you’re not looking for the 2015 BMW X5. Maybe you want something simpler, such as the X1 xDrive28i. Not a bad choice when you can drive it home for less than $3,000 down and then only pay $589 per month. Or maybe you want the best of the best when it comes to the BMW X Series lease deals. You want the crème de la crème. The BMW X6 xDrive50i. You can take it home after only $4,500 down and then only pay $949 per month.

Spend some time checking out all the offers on the Braman BMW Jupiter website. Use their online chat to have your questions answered, and then head to the dealership and let them know just which X Series car you want to drive home that day.

The BMW X Series for sale now at Braman BMW in Jupter, South Florida

Incredible BMW X Series Lease Specials in South Florida

Are you ready for some excitement? Any time a BMW X Series car is involved, it’s bound to become a party. And now is the best time possible to jump on the chance of bringing a 2015 BMW X6 home – unless another X Series catches your eye.

There are several models from the BMW X Series to choose from, and each one is more impressive than the last. But as you take your time to examine them and speak with a knowledgeable representative at Braman Jupiter, you’ll soon be able to narrow down your choices and pick out the right BMW for your lifestyle. A lease is also an excellent choice because it gives you the chance to really enjoy a BMW for a few years before heading back to Braman for something just as exciting and brand new.

How would you like to have a 2015 BMW X6 in your garage? The BMW X6 sDrive35i is available for just $3,500 down and then only $769 per month for 36 months. Impressed? Just wait – the deals get even better. How about the X6 xDrive50i for only $4,500 down and then $1,019 per month for 36 months?

Maybe the 2015 BMW X6 isn’t quite what you’re looking for. There are still plenty of X Series models to choose from. You could always start at a comfortable place with the X1 sDrive28i for a jaw-dropping $2,780 down and just $289 a month for 36 months. And Braman sweetens the deal with $1,000 Build-Out Cash included in payment. Or maybe bump things up to the X3 xDrive28d at only $3,000 down and $499 per month.

Any BMW X Series is bound to put a little pep in your step – and Braman has the kind of specials that make putting one in your garage easier than ever.

Braman gives you a chance to get a BMW from a dealership near you! With two BMW dealerships in South Florida to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

Tons of BMW SUV vehicles for sale at Braman BMW in Jupiter, FL

Check Out Braman’s Large Selection of BMW SUVs

If you haven’t yet visited Braman on your search for BMW SUVs, then that is the very next place you should go. It’s more than just another place to check out new BMW cars – it’s a dealership that offers far more than you might have expected. From amazing customer service to the perfect BMW, there’s a lot waiting for you at Braman.

You can start by checking the Braman BMW website. There you can view all of their new BMW cars and BMW SUVs. Narrow down your search to the specific SUVs that you want. There will be plenty to choose from. Do you want a specific color? Have a specific price range? Are there features you’re looking for in your future SUV? You can always contact Braman first with their online chat. By speaking directly to a representative you can already get a sense of what to expect the moment you step foot at their Jupiter location.

When you’re there, you’ll be greeted cordially and, once you’re ready, escorted to the BMW SUVs that hold your interest. Feel free to ask questions about the vehicles you’re examining. Braman isn’t about selling you cars they want to sell, it’s about selling you the car that you want. Be sure to go for a test drive in order to see how your selection handles on the road. Though it may be hard to decide – after all, these are top quality cars.

You’ll be pleased with what you find at Braman, both in the people and in its selection of BMW SUVs. When it comes to new BMW cars, Braman should be the first place to look, always. From various leasing options to financing, they can help make your dream of owning a beautiful BMW come true, and the process will be simple, fun, and have you on the road in your new BMW in no time.

New 2015 BMW X5 Special Offer at Braman BMW Jupiter Florida

Had Your Eye on the New BMW SUV Models?

The new BMW SUV models are exciting in every way. BMW is constantly seeking out ways to improve every vehicle’s performance, while enhancing the driver and passenger experience. The BMW SUV isn’t listed as such, but rather is the X Series lineup of vehicles, ranging from those styled slightly more like a wagon, while others take on the classic SUV look. Each one has something different to offer, which means there are plenty of options available to you depending upon your needs.

From the laid back BMW X4 to the well-muscled BMW X5 M to the racetrack-ready BMW X6 M, a quick look at each can tell you a surprising amount about the car. Want it to be able to work for you, but don’t need a lot of extra additions? The BMW X3 could be a perfect match. Looking for something a little sleeker, but still with some growl to it? The BMW X6 is a prime choice. Braman BMW Jupiter is ready to assist you in your search for the perfect BMW SUV. A skilled representative can answer your questions, let you take a thorough look at the car, and, of course, enjoy a test drive to discover how the car accelerates, handles, and brakes so you know if it’s to your liking.

Don’t sit back and debate about whether or not to invest in a BMW SUV. There are simply too many reasons to head out right now and take advantage of summer sales. Not sure you want to buy an X Series car outright? Ask Braman BMW Jupiter about leasing deals. You still get a brand new BMW but at only a fraction of the price. Take your time. Check out the different vehicles Braman BMW Jupiter has available. There are plenty to see, and you’ll never feel pressed to make a choice. These are great cars, and they deserve a driver who loves to drive them every single moment.

Braman BMW dealership X1 special offer in Jupiter FL - August

Incredible BMW X Series Specials in South Florida

The BMW X Series is well worth the look. If you’ve ever considered a BMW, yet still needed the utility power of an SUV, then the X Series is the perfect blend of sophisticated BMW style and satisfying strength. The BMW X Series Specials that Braman brings can give you the chance you’ve been looking for to finally put a BMW X Series vehicle in your garage.

Summer savings are still here in time for you to make the most of your money and your dreams of owning a BMW. Lease a 2015 BMW X1 and put absolutely nothing down and pay only $379 per month. Looking for an even lower monthly payment? Then put down $3,550 and only pay $299 per month. Enjoy the X1 for 36 months before returning to Braman to decide what BMW you want next. Remember, you can always come in to take advantage of Braman BMW service as well, ensuring your X1 is always in pristine condition.

The BMW X5 is a powerful vehicle that won’t let you down, all while saving you money and giving you the chance to drive a brand new 2015 for 36 months. You have the choice to put down $5,985 and only pay $659 per month, or you can opt to put $0 down and pay just $759 per month. No matter what, you save, become a member of Club Braman, and enjoy a brand new community of BMW and luxury car owners with access to Braman BMW service for the best in assistance and knowledge.

Move quickly on these offers before the summer ends. Schedule a VIP appointment, or if you have questions, you can always chat with a representative online first. No matter what, at Braman you’ll feel at home and you’ll go home happy thanks to their BMW X Series specials.