Test Out the BMW X5 and X3

September 27, 2014

Test Drive The All New BMW X5 and X3

When you finally decide that a BMW is the right kind of car for you, your next quest will be to find out which model suits you best. There are certainly a lot of them to choose from, all of them stunning and exciting. The BMW X5 and X3, however, are definitely worth giving a closer look.

The BMW X3 and X5 both have a sportier, more SUV-like styling, transforming them from what most people are used to seeing from BMW into something with a little bit more muscle. This can be ideal for people looking to blend luxury and power in a way that you can’t get with other luxury brands. There’s a lot that can be said for both the X3 and X5 – each of them have an engine with plenty of torque and horsepower so you’re never wanting when the going gets tough. Gripping power and handling for these vehicles has received plenty of praise, and you’ll be able to see for yourself the moment you get behind the wheel of either of these for a test drive.

When it comes to the interior, both the BMW X5 and BMX X3 deliver in every way. From the detailed inlays to the heads-up display, the leather seating to the safety features, and the amazing surround-sound and integrated technology – all of these things combine together to create an interior that is impossible to forget once you’ve experienced it.

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So – which one will you choose?

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