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New BMW i3 and i8 Electric Cars For Sale in Jupiter, FL

If you’ve been looking for a way to help the environment, your chance to get a jump on one has just arrived.

2015 BMW i3 | Braman BMW Jupiter

The new BMW i3 and i8 electric cars are here at BMW Jupiter, finally allowing you the ability to drive around town with little to no emissions whatsoever. The new BMW i3 and i8 allow you to run entirely on electricity, utilizing various charging stations around the city in order to recharge your battery and continue driving. The i3 is all electric for complete and utter emissions-free driving. The i8 gives you a little more room if you need it, acting as a hybrid so you can utilize the small gas tank for extra miles when you need them.

The cars are both sleek and fun, with an almost futuristic look to them. The aluminum chassis and body structure are crafted from carbon-reinforced plastic; this is the stuff used for Formula One cars and stealth fighters. So maybe it isn’t too far off to say these are the cars of the future!

The cooling system inside the car ensures that the battery remains at an ideal operating temperature. This means improved performance for the car, as well as a longer life for the battery itself. Both cars are quite exciting, with the i3 acting as the urban commuter vehicle and the i8 as the sexy sports car. BMW Jupiter has them both, and they’re waiting for you to come and see which electric car is more your style.

Check out the new BMW i3 and i8 for yourself. Examine every inch of these stunning cars, discover the internal systems, take a peek at the inner workings, and talk with the experts at BMW Jupiter to discover much more. A test drive is definitely a must so you can find out just what it’s like to drive a car that runs on nothing more than pure electric power. You might be surprised.

Introducing The New 2016 BMW Models At Braman BMW Jupiter

The all-new Braman BMW Jupiter, your prestige BMW new and used car dealership in Jupiter, Florida proudly introduces the exciting new 2016 BMWs in South Florida. Once again, BMW sets the standard and blazes new trails of innovation, performance, luxury, and sheer driving pleasure with these exceptional race-bred sports luxury vehicles. Today, we showcase two new 2016 BMWs that are emblematic of the marque’s German-engineered heritage of crafting some of the most remarkable and fun-to-drive vehicles on the road.

2016-bmw-2-series-228i-sports-coupe-braman-bmw-jupiter Continue reading