Observations From the Driver’s Seat – BMW 750 Li

December 04, 2013

When I tested the BMW 750 Li kindly provided by Braman BMW, it had been several years since I was last in a similar car, and that was a 12-cylinder 7-Series I tested for the Palm Beach Daily News.

I’ve always been a ‘no such thing as too much horsepower’ kind of guy, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the V-8 version we used for the test drive… but, in point of fact, it drives beautifully and you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two under most circumstances.  It feels balanced and eager and up-on-tiptoe, like an athlete.  The interior is bright and comfortable, and it does what a big luxury performance car is supposed to do… make you feel good behind the wheel while separating what’s outside into two distinct categories… the part you want to let in (the beautiful views) and the part you want to keep out (the noise, the heat, the potholes, etc.)

All the on-board electronic systems are a little daunting at first, but you quickly get used to the controls, and the services they offer… night vision cameras that look beyond the range of your headlights for a pedestrian crossing the road, front and rear cameras that look sideways and tell you if traffic is coming, a system that shakes the steering wheel to get your attention if the car senses you dozing off and drifting out of your lane… you can tell yourself that you “don’t need all that stuff,” but live with it for a few days and you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever got along without it.  And you don’t have to learn it all at one time; come back to the dealership anytime and the Braman BMW sales guys are happy to give you another lesson.

A really nice car… that has the added virtue of being a BMW.  And it comes with full maintenance so all you ever have to do is drop it off at the dealer and you get it back running like brand-new.  I’m just old enough to still love high-performance sports cars, but appreciate the muscular serenity offered by the 7 Series.


The BMW 750 Li is a big, muscular, elegant car that showcases all the best characteristics – and all the latest technology – that BMW has to offer.  And it does such a good job of keeping the outside world out, and creating a serene atmosphere inside, that you’ll find yourself taking it for a drive just to clear your head and put some distance between you and the day you just had.

For more information on any of our BMW model vehicles, including the 750 Li, visit our website at www.bramanbmwjupiter.com or you can visit us at 1555 W. Indiantown Rd. in Jupiter, Florida.

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