The New BMW 328i for Sale at Braman BMW

January 02, 2015

A BMW is a thing of beauty. The idea of finally obtaining one and seeing it in front of your house waiting for you to drive it every day is an exciting prospect. And with the new BMW 328 for sale, now is an excellent time to get one. If a bright, shiny, new BMW 328 at a great price doesn’t send excited shivers down your spine, who’s to say what will?

BMW 328 Deals

Remember, this sale is only for a limited time. Right now you can lease the BMW 328 for $189 per month with only $4,189 down. Even better, you only pay for 36 months! By then, who knows what BMW may have been released into the wild for you to enjoy next? The 328 is also available in a diesel form if that’s more your style, which provides you with interesting options when you make your leasing choices.

Whether you choose the new BMW 328d or BMW 328i, both will offer you a smooth ride, amazing infotainment options, such as touchscreen capabilities and GPS navigation power, beautiful exterior colors to choose from, classic BMW style and form, amazing comfort in leather seating, and so much more. You truly need to test drive a BMW 328 in order to discover how beautiful it is and realize that this may easily be the car for you. The power under the hood will have you cruising down the road in mere seconds, and you’ll feel perfectly at ease with every control right at your fingertips.

With the new BMW 328 for sale, you can save yourself some money all while putting a brand new BMW in your hands. This sale only lasts until 1/31/15, so be sure to hurry and get out to Braman BMW Jupiter soon and take a look at the numerous vehicles they have waiting for you. In fact, you may be surprised to discover just how many possibilities are available. Now your final question will be – do you want the BMW 328 or the BMW 328i? If you have questions, you can always ask the Braman BMW associate for clarification – they can help you feel comfortable with your final choice and drive away happy with your brand new BMW.

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