Need A Warranty on Your BMW? Braman BMW of Jupiter has Got You Covered

June 13, 2016

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Whether you’ve just bought a brand new BMW or you have recently realized your current BMW may still be under warranty, Braman BMW has you covered – in many ways!

For example, perhaps you’re looking for BMWs for sale. You decide to purchase one and then ask about the warranty. The experts at Braman can answer all your questions about the warranty that would apply to your new purchase. From the mileage to the terms, what the warranty applies to and what it may not, and of course how Braman can help fulfill any warranty-related requests. You can rest easy knowing that your gorgeous BMW has an added umbrella of protection, should you ever need it.

But what about your BMW now? Is it still under warranty? What if you’re not sure? You can easily go to the Braman BMW website and look at the BMW service and warranty books section. From there, you can choose your year, model, and then download the PDF straight to your computer to read.

How long does the warranty last? How many miles? Do any of the terms apply to your current car? You may be surprised to learn that your 2013 5 Series 535i xDrive Sedan could still be under warranty – lasting for 4 years or 50,000 miles. Or that it includes BMW roadside assistance and the BMW maintenance program. There is a lot in a warranty and it’s well worth the read.

Whether you are searching BMWs for sale or just checking out the Braman BMW site to learn about your current warranty, it’s certainly something that you should look into in order to fully understand all the benefits you get with a BMW. Need extra help? You can always ask a Braman BMW representative to inform you about the warranty options and give you the peace of mind you want and need.

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