Luxury Car Color Statistics that May Surprise You

March 31, 2016

BMW Specials | Braman BMW Jupiter

Heading out to BMW Jupiter? Thinking of getting yourself a new BMW 6 Series? Or maybe you’re more of a 3 Series kind of person. Whatever the case may be, have you decided on a color yet? A lot of people tend to shy away from certain colors, worried that zipping down the causeway is going to attract unwanted attention – whereas other folks buy those very colors simply for the attention it garners. One might think that red is always a popular color when it comes to luxury cars, or even bolder colors such as vibrant orange or bright green.

But the numbers may actually surprise you. Whether there are BMW specials going on or people who just want a beautiful new BMW, the top overall three colors for cars in general are, in fact, silver, white, and black. Surprising? It gets more interesting when the category is narrowed down further into strictly luxury cars. Silver is still in the top tier, followed up by white metallic, then white, and then medium to dark blue. The percentages afterwards get smaller, with an interesting smattering of different colors: black, medium/dark gray, medium red, gold, medium/dark green, and finally brown.

Black actually used to be the premier color in luxury vehicles. Ask some of the senior representatives of Braman BMW Jupiter and they’ll be able to tell you what they’ve seen roll off the lot. Black is now at its lowest place in years.

There’s no way to account for the change in color choice. From the new BMW 6 Series to the tried and true 3 Series, each one brings something different to the table, but the color decision is yours alone. Make the most of BMW specials and decide – be a part of the top statistics or go bold with something else entirely!

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